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Solving the homeless crisis in America in 2021!.

So the homeless crisis is out of hand in America in 2020.

And for us to wait for politicians to come up with proper solutions to this problem, is waiting for something that will never happen.

We have to solve this crisis on our own, we can expect to help from the government or state government.

Almost every idea they come up with , ends up in a disaster.

There is a lot of really good people out there on the streets that should not be out there.

Homeless angels taking care of street pets.

Many people that are living on the streets are kind and good hearted people, some have developed a drug or an alcohol addiction problem while being out on the streets.

So we need to start classifying the homeless population in America by looking at the people that do not have mental issues and can be re-housed quickly again.

And then the people that needs to get treatment against addiction and then can be re-housed.

And then we have the difficult situation with people with serious mental illnesses who needs institutional care.

Having worked with many homeless people over the years we can say with certantity that many people end up homeless way to easy.

You lose your job, you lose your home because you can not pay the rent, it is difficult to get new housing and find a long-term job when you are out on the streets trying to survive.

Homeless guy taking care of his dogs on the street!.

So there is a way to fix the homeless problem, and we just need politicians to wake up and support private initiatives from private citizens and private businesses.

So in every city and town across America people have spare rooms, or an unused garage or room out back to put up a tiny home on the lot.

Let the government pay every home owner who rents out a room with board to a homeless person and their pets a sum of around 1500-1900 dollars a month in compensation, depending on the location in the country.

Rooms empty in many US households.

The win-win-win here is enormous for everybody involved.

The government will save huge amounts of money on lowering crime rates and lowering emergency care costs and what ever-else you can think off that the homelessness actually costs the government and states.

The person that is homeless can get a room and board to get their life back on track, and having a place to stay and food, gives the person a possibility to get back into the workforce and maybe inside 1-3 years have their own place again.

The renter gets help with the mortgage by renting out a room to a person and their pets, and can keep their house in the process.

Of course the only people who will rent out a room or a garage, lot space will be people who needs the money, and that is fine!.

Of course the landlord has the right to ask that the tenent in this case stays way from drugs and alchol while living there.

So many homeless tenants will need 60 days of addiction treatment before going into a room and board situation.

So this is as good solution as anythig-else that we have ever heard of.

Trying to build apartments for every homeless person or family will never work.

We have seen Los Angeles trying to build apartments over the past years, and that has ended up costing over 700.000 dollars per apartment for the homeless, which is just insane in itself.

But we have empty rooms in many homes around America that could be used to get people back up on their feet.

There is no perfect solution to this problem , but we will never have the perfect solution to offer the homeless, but we need to start fixing this problem now, and not kick the can further down the road.

2021 is the year when we need to start addressing the homeless problem for real in America.

Take care.


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Our society shames addiction, and this is why we are no closer to solving that issue!.

So we are living in a society that shames addiction and addicts.


And this approach is the one we have tried to implement for the past 50 years time and it has gotten our society absolutely nowhere.

Yes there has been tries to not punish addicts, but they have been wrong in their own way.

A good example of this is the huge homeless population in America that is addicted to either alcohol or drugs, and sometimes even both, they dont in many states get punished anymore, but they get to help either to get clean.

Not to mention that many homeless people suffer from mental illness also, and the same thing here almost no help is available due to the costs.

We should judge our society based on how we treat our week sisters and brothers and how we treat animals.

A mentally strong person tries to help a week person, and does not look down on that person, when they are on their knees!.

We are building new prisons where we house addicts and the core problem never gets solved.

Addicts need treatment and not incarceration, and any half smart doctor can tell you that.


So we have lost countless lives to the Opiod crisis in the US for the past 20 years time, and maybe, just maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel with this crisis.

But it will be another 10 years until we know for sure.

So there is a Swedish study of petty crime and low end crimes in our society and it goes like this.

After studying 5000 criminals committing burglary, steeling from cars and other not so monetary wise big crimes and without any violence linked to them.

Here is what the study says, over 98,8% of the people studied between 1995-2000, where addicted to drugs.

The study was made at Lunds university in Sweden by a professor called Gyllengren, we can not find the study right now to post here, but we remember it well.

So basically we could stop these small types of crimes by treating these addict and stop 98,8% of those crimes in the future.

These where generally good people , but they committed crimes to support their never ending addiction.

So what do we do today?, so basically most of the times we lock the person up, and they serve 3-18 months and they come out and they start to use again and they commit the same type of crimes all over again, and the viscous cycle never gets broken until they are dead in most of the cases.

We know that a criminal that is a drug addict will cost the society over 4 million dollars in their life time, while a citizen not hooked on drugs will bring in money to our society as a productive member of said society.

So when we talk about treatment being more expensive than prison , this is only true when you look at the short term costs.

We have to look at the long term costs for our society and for the individual!.

And we have to take the shame factor out of it.

Everybody can become and addict, and it can be drugs, alcohol or gambling you name it!.

We treat only gambling addicts at Mrlifeadvise but we are tight with other experts that are treating alcoholic’s and drug addicts on a daily basis, so we have some insight into this also.

Shame is a powerful feeling.

So when we just focus on building treatment programs , massive state run facilities for many people that is the key to fixing many of these issues in our society.

Some people get scared when they hear state run treatment program’s, but we have so many addicts in our society that we need to build up a bigger program than normal privatized treatment centers can handle.

So as long as we can not accept that people who are addicts need our help and not look down on them we are getting nowhere.

California and Oregon has stopped punishing drugs users and people using, but that does not solve anything if they do not also get the help they need , true treatment programs.

So the step is a good one, that we dont keep locking up the same person over and over again for their own drug use.

But then we also need to be bold enough to build up a large scale treatment program than can handle a 1 million people a year true the doors.

So of course bad people should go to prison, we are 100% for that, to keep our society safe, but when we send massive amounts of non violent offenders to prison on a regular basis for drug possession, that is where are acting 100% wrong, since we are not fixing the core problem in our society with our addicts!.

Take care out there.


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Slowing down our brain just for 48h a week, what a difference that makes to our overall health!.

So we introduced 3 months ago a recommendation to our clients to slow down your brain for 48h , and WOW what a difference that has made for so many people.

So this all started with Rick one of our top consultants at Mrlifeadvise and his meeting with a brain surgeon at a coffee shop in the hospital 4 months ago.

Rick has always been very Intune with his mind spirit and body, and the rest of us have always looked up to him in these special segments.

But we have sometimes also told him that you might take things to far.

So Rick has had this idea for the longest time that we are overworking(overloading our brains) by being online every single day of the year, or watching tv.


And the way Rick has been doing this slowing down your brain is that from 22.00 pm on Friday night to 22.00 pm on Sunday night, he does not go online and he does not watch tv for even a single minute, like just checking his emails.

He keeps his phone on and he talks on the phone if it is very important or non job related, but otherwise he tries to also stay off the phone.

The rest of us have been online all weekends and so has all of our clients also, for at least the past 10 years time, for some maybe even 20 years time.

Broadband was the game changer for being online all the time.

We who are over 40 years of age, we remember a time where you where not online more than maybe a few hours each week.

This is of course almost 20 years ago but still.

Now we and our younger members of society is online 24/7 even when we sleep our mail and social media accounts are open, and when we wake up in the morning this is the first thing we check, our online presence.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and a presidential election around the corner our brains are working overtime.

Most of us are worried about our future, regardless if is job, family or health related issues that we are worried about!.

So what Rick has done is that he has had a Saturday morning hike with his dog Rock every weekend and they have used the forest to recharge their batteries.

Dog walk.

What you might not know is that if you walk inside the forest you pick up a lot of really good oxygen for your brain and lungs.

Because the trees in the woods sends out oxygen in a way that you can not get by walking in an urban area.

So going back to Ricks meeting with the brain surgeon, he really explained to Rick for over 2h time, how the brain truly works and why we have forgotten how to really wind down on the weekends that we did in the past.

Simply put it, we have forgotten how to relax and how to unwind from horribly busy work weeks, where we have emails coming all hours long, when we are online.


So we sent out a bulk email around 3 months ago to all of our clients and asked them to join us in our slow down your brain weekends and it was really a big hit with our clients.

The most impressing thing with slowing down your brain over the weekend was that we did not feel tired in a bad way waking up on Monday morning.

We spent time with our kids and our grandkids, we spent time with our pets outside and we really just relaxed, without the need to be online or watch tv over the weekend.


So now you might ask what did we do with our down time when we spent time inside during the weekend.

We played board games like STAR OF AFRICA or MONOPOLY and many other fun board games.

Then we read some books, that we did not had the time to do in the past.

So the feedback from all of our clients have been overwhelmingly positive.

So we can really recommend this tactic to slow down your brain over the weekend, and just do not be Online, just for 48h a week.

As always this is our advice as advisors, you might have a situation that does not apply to this, and then you do you.

But our brain is so important AS A TOOLS FOR ALL OF US!, and we need to rest it more than we do these days.

Or until ELON MUSK comes up with something really clever for our brains.

Take care out there.


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9/11 memory.

So one of the things we remember when 9/11 came and went this year again, is that memories fade, we know that for a fact.

World trade centers 1 and 2.

So i was in New York in late August of 2001, and i was visiting one company in tower 1 just 2 weeks prior to the attacks.

So it really shock me, and the person i had a meeting with worked on the top floors and did not make it out.

The kindness we saw from people towards each other after the attacks for a period 3 months time give or take a few weeks, is a lesson well worth remembering.

So we will touch on a subject that you can use in your everyday life and that is that when you loose a relative or a friend, dont forget their family!.

So what do we mean by saying do not forget the family of your friend or relative?.

So usually in the first year you have some contact with the survivors and then slowly it gets less and less for each year that goes by.

This is very normal and happens in 99% of the cases.

But there is something that you can do to really honor and remember your friend or relative and that is to stay in touch with the family and specially if there is children involved that loses a parent.

And it is specially important if it is the father that passes away, that there is a male figure involved in the children life.

So we do not care if you disagree with this statement, it is a fact that children who grows up without a father figure and specially a good father figure has a an incarceration rate of 15 times compered to a child that has a father figure to look up to in the developing years.


So can you give one or two Saturdays or Sundays a month to children that has lost a parent and specially children that was lost a father.

So giving your time is so important and this is a great way of honoring your lost friend or relative by caring for their family.

And we know of several people who gives 2 Saturdays a month of their own busy schedule to bring passed away friends children to soccer games or Hockey games or other activities for a 5-6 h day.

And this makes all the difference in these children’s life.

There are some families who have a great social network of relatives who can step in and fill this role, but there is equal amount of families where for instance a single mother of two children does not have parents or siblings that can come and help out emotionally with the kids, and she is on her own to raise them.

So the advice here is that when you lose a good friend or relative, check in on the family and stay in touch and give of your time.

Because even if you have children of your own, there is always room to care for your lost friends Child/children also time wise, bring them with to your families activities and if you do not have children of your own you have even more time on your hands.

And dont say you dont have the time ,you do, it is just about time management on your part.

Stay in touch, care for others, this is the message you should take away from this article.

Take care.


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Hi,guys here is a client(KEN) his wife bought Nega from us and this is his story, he wanted to share, and he is more than welcome to do so.

Hello everybody, my name is KEN and i am 44 years old.

I live in Venice beach with my wife Meg who is 36 years old and my two teenage daughters Kim and Liv who are 14 and 16 years old.

So i work in my own small business i am an expert on plumbing and all new technologies that are available for today’s plumbing for both larger and smaller projects.

My story is that my father came from money, but he gambled on everything and ended up drinking himself to death in a small apartment in Santa Monica that my uncle paid for in his last 15 years.

He was 61 years old and this is more than 20 year ago.

So i saw as a child all the horrible situations my family was put in, me and my mother and sister due to my father always gambling away all of our money.

My parents divorced when i was in high school and i did not see my father very much after he moved out from our home in Hancock park.

I meet him a few times a year at the race track in LA and also a few times when we played cards together in some strange card place.

But his life was gambling 24/7 and he bet on the horses,sportsbetting and he played poker and even the slot machines.

I never thought that i would walk a mile in his shoes, but that is exactly what happen to me and my family.

I was not really betting or gambling until around 2005, i started to get a lot of work in the Las Vegas housing boom in 2003 and in 2005 i was one night taken by a client to a casino and i manage to turn 500 dollars into 8250 dollars, i remember that devilish sum so well, since it is this win that started my journey towards what the Nega program calls gambling hell.

So then it became second nature for me to visit the casinos after i was done working.

Usually i arrived on Wednesdays in Vegas and i did not leave until Sunday afternoon.

I could have driven home on Friday afternoon but because i wanted to to stay and gamble so i did not even care to go home over the weekend to my family, just so i could gamble instead 18 h a day.

Like for everyone else it usually starts with a win that triggers your brain to thinking that HEY i won last time , maybe i can do it again, and then the ugly cycle has started like it usually does for most people.

So i started to drop 10.000 here and 12.000 there, and it took around 10 years from 2005 to 2015 until i had emptied all of my families savings including my daughters college funds.

My wife found out and she was very upset which she had every right to be, i had betrayed my own loving family, by emptying out our savings.

So a long story short, we went to couples counseling and i promised not to gamble ever again.

So then 2016-2017 went well and we started saving again, a bit here and a bit there, and i felt that hey i have no gambling problem what so ever.

In January 2018 i am in Vegas again and i am meeting a client who likes to party so we visit a casino, which i have stayed away from by living in Motels not on the strip for the past 2 years time, when i work in Vegas.

I get drunk that night and i start to bet again that evening and now i am hitting my all time low for the next 22 months time.

Between 2005 and 2015 i have lost 700.0000 dollars, but between 2018 and late 2019 i lose another 924.000 dollars on sportsbetting and slot machines in Vegas.

So i have emptied my 401K to get access after penalties to 968.0000 dollars and 924.000 dollars is the sum that i lost in 22 months time.

The last two weekends in Nov 2019 i lost 232.000 dollars in two weeks time and that was it.I remember i had two 50.000 dollar paralys on NHL and NFL with two games in on both out of three and then i missed the third game on both parlays.

In Nhl i had two teams over 2.5 goals in, and then the third team Minnesota scored two goal in the first period and then they lost the game 2-4, so they had 40 min and 7! powerplays and still they did not score one mire that i really needed.

In the NFL parlay i missed by 2 points when my team misses a very easy field goal attempt in the last quarter.

Because i was so behind financially that i did not even bet on single games i did parlays instead to try and win more.

So that Sunday morning waking up in Vegas , then and there i had hit rock bottom, i had lost all of my money and my families money in the process, and i had let everybody down, including myself.

When i drove home from Vegas to LA there where many dark thought during that car ride.

So my wife found out that i had cashed in my 401K and she lost it, and she went online and found the NEGA gambling treatment program , and i was skeptical at first that why should i as a grown man need to hand over all financial decision and access to funds to my wife.

But she made it it crystal clear there and then, either i accept help or she would divorce me, the choice for me was easy i love my wife and my family i can not lose them.

Now almost 6 months later i feel a relief that i have no access to money or funds and i really do not even think about betting or gambling at all right now, i have also cancelled all sport channels and i do not even follow sports anymore, if there is some sports on tv i change the channel.

DAMAGE!, So i have created mayhem for my family, and my kids will not be able to attend college until they are 23 instead of 19 as we had planned.

So my kids will work for 4-5 years time full time and pick up as many extra shifts as possible and we will save as a family towards college for 5 years time.

Then i am hoping that at the age of 50 i can start to fill up my 401K again.

But i will be working to 70-75 years at least, because of my gambling addiction.

I am lucky to have a loving family that supports me and that my wife has not left me!.

But my advice to you, young people out there is this, do not play with fire like gambling truly is in every sense of the word.

Take it from me and from many other before me/you that you can not build large casinos or offer sports book if the house does not always win in the end.

The player/gambler will gamble so much that the house always win over time.

So do yourself and your loved ones a huge favor, do not ever start to gamble and if you have already started then please stop!, immediately, before you do to much damage to your life and to your finances.

Take care,


Mrlifeadvise response: so this story is very typical it starts with a win and then the brain gets hijacked, and after awhile it has a life of its own, when the gambler is chasing his or her losses until-it all comes crashing down financially and emotionally.

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You have to stand behind you social media posts!, do not write a post in anger,ever!.

So usually people that get themselves into trouble with social media posts are writing a post in anger.

This is really stupid, and you should be able to always stand behind your social media posts.

So make sure that you can stand behind what ever post you put out there on social media.

Also make damn sure that you know what your employer will allow you to post, so you do not lose your job like some real idiots have been doing for a while now in this BLM mess.

Do not threaten people, do not call them names, debate and post in a smart way.

Then be also smart, if you work for a company who hates republicans ,then do not post about politics, it will just get you into hot waters with your employer.

A lot of people talk about the first amendment(freedom of speech) rights that our founding fathers came up with hundreds of years ago.


If you know that you have problems with controlling yourself when in comes to social media posting, then delete all of your accounts, at least for awhile.

So it is funny to see people like Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder getting axed from Vanderpump rules the bravo hit tv show.

And it is quite funny to see people like Andy Cohen being so casual with the cast being fired years after some altercation with another co-star.

So there are no real friendships in the Vanderpump rules cast, it is just cold hard cash that is the religion for these so called tv-stars.

And the host Andy Cohen shows his true colors when he trows Kristen and Stassi to the wolfs.

Now we do not take sides in this story with the co-satar on Vanderpump rules,simply because we do not know the full story of the incident, but it is the firing for something that happen years ago, that is quite funny actually, and really shows how the hysteria has taken over in Hollywood.

This shows you if nothing else that the reality tv is complete BS the so called friends will not have your back one bit, if push comes to shove.

So in this purge that is going on in the media and on social media you truly get to see the true colours of people.

There is those who stand by you and then there are those who trows you to the wolfs the first chance they get, to save their on behind.

So this purge will go on for a few more months then it will die out when hard working honest Americans have had enough of this BS, but take notice to how your co-workers and bosses and so called friends behave around you.

Do they have your back or not?.

It is in times of crisis that you can see with your own eyes, who you can trust and who you can not trust going forward with your life.

Take care out there and be safe.


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The panic has crashed the world economy into bits and Pisces!.

Hi,Guys, Maria your in-house relationship expert here at mrlifeadvise.

So the panic and fear that we see around the world has crashed the world economy into bits and Pisces.

So let me just start by saying that i dont really underestimate the COVID-19 pandemic.

But i together with a lot of other people in the world , questions how long are we gonna crush the world economy for a death rate of 0.6%.

What about the other 94.4%.

So let me give you an example that we had this week at mrlifeadvise, a long time client who owns one 40 room hotel and two family restaurants.

And he has been building these business for the past 30 years time, and he has put in sweat blood and tears into his businesses.

By law he has been forced to shut down all 3 businesses and also to lay of 50 people in the process.

He was used his saving to pay all employees two months wages from his own savings.

But he is out of cash in around 14 days.

So the summer season is the busiest for the hotel and the restaurants so this will be really a make or break year for him.

What is saving him is that , he owns all three properties where the restaurants and the hotel is located.

But he is questioning opening up one of the two restaurants since it has been only breaking even for the past 10 years time!.

The thing that he is struggling with is laying off 12 employees by closing this one restaurant.

He is one of the lucky ones, because he has been smart enough but also lucky enough that he has been able to acquire the properties along these 30 years that he has been operating.

He says that maybe he can employ 3 out of the 12 people that will be laid off for good if he closes one of the restaurants.

But what about the other nine employees,

This is what keeps him and i am sure millions of other employee up all nights, thinking about what to do and if they will ever open up their business again.

Or does it make more business sense to not re-open a break even establishment.

Most people outside of the resturant industgry do not now that the profit margin is often 2-3% after taxes.

So there are a lot of companies that survive on pretty much the break even concept.

And many do not think about the situation that many of the business that where around prior to the finanical crisis of 2008-2009 never came back.

There is a risk that we can lose more than 200 million jobs world wide for every month that the world is closed down or in a lock down.

At some point we need to start living again , because the cost for the society will be huge when in comes to suicide and alcohol and mental health issues.

It really saddens me that i have to write this upcoming text, but i am pretty sure that America will have the highest unemployment percentage wise since the great depression or even higher inside the next 6 months time.

And there is a pretty good chance that the unemployment level will be two digits for the next 2-3 years time at least.

And this is really bad news for the US.

So President Trump saying that he will have to make the biggest decision in his life in the upcoming weeks, is no joke!.

He needs to make the decision to either save 99% of the populations future or to save 1% or less of the population , and sacrifice the other 99% in the process.

We simply have to understand that life is fragile and it always had been.

And we can not keep the economy locked down for much longer, if we are gonna be able to climb back inside 5 years to where we where before the lock down.

I do not believe that the medical community understands the mental problems that this lock down creates for business owners world wide.

It is sad to see life come crashing down in front of our eyes, but this is what we are witnessing right now.

It is time to get back to the new normal inside the next two weeks time.

The absolutely latest day based on all data at we have gathered at mrlifeadvise is 1 Th of May, and if we do not open up the world again our grandchildren will suffer financially for our fear, that many feel right now.

It is so important to understand that we need to live our lives without fear.

Fearing things are often 10 times worse that actually living true the things that you fear.

So we understand the fear and panic many feel about the COVID-19 virus, but what about the fear of the unemployed people and their fears about putting a roof over their children heads and also putting food on the table for the same children.

So please be safe, but try and accept that life is fragile and it always has been!.



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2020-2030 new age of life!

So we can pretty much say that the world has changed a lot in the past 60 days.

And there is no going back to the life we had prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now most of us, who have been around for awhile have been waiting for a corona virus outbreak for some time.

And we know that several other strains will hit us in the next 15 years to come.

But of course when it happens it is not fun to go around and say to people i told you so!.

And we are not doing that at all!.

So we have made some models of how life will look like in the next decade to come from 2020-2030.

And here is a few things that we have come up with.

No1: Air travel both for pleasure/vacation and business will go down more than 50% from the the year 2019 levels.

No2: More people will use Microsoft teams and similar video conference tools to connect with customers, suppliers and co-workers.

No3: More people will leave the big cities like New York to live in smaller less dense cities and towns across America.

No4: The economy will be in a recession for the next decade to come.

There can be some spikes here and there, but in general the middle class that was not wiped out in the 2008-2010 financial crisis will be almost ex-stint with this first convid-19 outbreak.

What will happen is that more and more companies will automate as much as possible since robots do not get sick!.

Basically every other desk in an office will disappear.

And there is two ways an employer can do this, the first is that the person that gets to keep his or her job will have to do two peoples jobs with the same pay as before.

and this will mean that the person will have to work also on the weekend but from home to be able to keep up with the added workload!.

And the second is that everybody gets to leave the office and then half of the staff will get rehired at basically half the salary and perks.

This will of course affect the GDP spending from private consumers a lot in the next decade.

No5: The bond market has lost 6 trillions in less than 30 days and will lose another 6 trillions in the next 60 days, and this will be the beginning of the end for cheap consumer credits in Europe but most likely also in the US.

No6: The real-estate market will look much different in 10 years compared to how it looks today.

Meaning that most markets will see a drop and more families will live together in generation living.

So you will see that there will be the working parents the grandparents and the youth and the children all in one home.

Because this will be the most cost effective way of living when the middle class turns into working class.

No7: Many companies will not have a physical location like today in one place.

You will see co-workers scatter around the country and the world.

And this will be the end for a lot of commercial real-estate globally, why have an super expensive office building when you can work on video-link and similar added products.

There is a reason why Carl Icahn, has shorted the commercial real-estate market heavily these days!.

No8: Large parts of the professional sports and concerts will not be with live crowds, but they will be televised as we see many new corona virus outbreaks with different strains than the COVID-19, that we see today.

No9: Colleges and higher education will be shifted from on-sight campuses to online school.

And this will be the beginning of the end for the over priced universities.

The ivy league schools will still have on sight classes but these schools will be closed in, and the students will have to return after breaks into isolation for 2 weeks, after returning from leave.

This will end the student loan crisis for new students , when education will be 1/10 of the normal cost today when it will be online instead of on campus.

I hope that i will be around for the next decade to see all this for myself.

But i can say that this is a changed world, and it will be a changed world out there for many years to come.

So be very prepared that the life that you know has changed for good, and it is not coming back.

Take care of each other.

Thank you for reading.


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Life and business coaching at its best!

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Relationship crises because of the Covid-19 pandemic!.

Hi,Guys Maria your relationship expert here at mrlifeadvise.

So in these days a lot of couples go true a terrifying period in their relationship.

If there was anything wrong in the relationship prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, that has just been magnified by 10x.

So a lot of guys will find out that when your business goes under so will your relationship also.

There is a lot of guys in America who is involved in a sugar daddy type of relationship, but they are not really aware of that fact themselves!.

So i am gonna give you an example of a successful man in a sugar daddy relationship that he was not aware of himself until it was too late.

I will give you an example from,John a client of mine, a really nice guy that learned the hard way,about what kind of relationship he was in.

John had a semi-successful real-estate business in the LA area in the early 2005.

John was at this time 41 year of age and he used to visit a local sports bar frequently and he meet a bartender named Gina, she was 24 years of age at the time.

She started coming on to him and she was a 9 look wise, and no offense towards John, but he is 50 pounds overweight and also bald and is very normal looking.

So this whole thing felt to Johns friends very odd that she was hitting on him so aggressively.

And like a lot of men it is very difficult to defend yourself and keep your guard up when a women that is normally out of your league starts to hit on you.

This is the same issue you see on the tv-show 90 day finance that most of the American men have there have the same issues that John had that the woman was looking for something very different that LOVE!.

So John and Gina start dating and she moves in with him, and all of his friends can see what this relationship really is to Gina (John is a cash cow to her) and she spends happily 10.000 dollars a month of Johns money and he leases a BMW to her, what John does not know is that Gina has a boyfriend on the down low, on the side.

Fast forward 3 years, the subprime loan crisis hits the US real-estate market and John loses his business in less than 4 months time!.

What then happen is the same thing that happens now all over the world with the COVID-19 crisis that these sugar daddy relationships ends in matter of weeks!.

As soon as the money dries out for the man so does the honey from the woman!.

So in Johns case Gina left him inside 6 weeks and , John was left heartbroken for many years after this whole thing ended.

Gina moves in with her down low boyfriend as soon as she realizes that John can no longer support her lavish life style.

John did a calculation after the relationship ended that he has spent almost 450.000 dollars on Gina over a 3 year period.

So Gina took John for a ride and so many gold-diggers do the same world wide.

Los Angeles is known for this sugar daddy relationships where the guys are not aware of this fact.

But it happens everywhere world wide not just in LA.

So what i usually recommend guys/clients who are successful or semi-successful business owners that if a younger women starts to hit on you, you have to think long and hard if this is something that you should give in to IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I understand the allure of a hot women hitting on you, but sometimes you need to think that if you are punching over your weight class, that are there really real feelings involved or is there something-else behind this behavior from the women.

Because a lot of younger but also older ladies are very good at smelling a mark, when they see one.

And these ladies are full blown sociopaths and psychopaths make no mistake about that.

Female sociopaths and psychopaths are often more scary than the male version, since they can hide behind a very innocent look!.

So what i do recommend is that after the first few dates, if you want to continue to see this lady that you ask a PI (private investigator) to dig very deep and keep them on for awhile so you have some background information to go on.

Because money is a huge motivator for a lot of ladies and as a man you can get really hurt if you are not careful both emotionally and financially.

I know a few men that has lost their businesses in a divorce because they did not do a proper background check on the person they first dated and then fairly quickly married.

So over the next 9 months time this year 2020 a lot of guys will find out the hard way that when they lose their business, they will also lose the fake relationship they are in.

So as a relationship expert i am always horrified when i see successful men who are so sharp in the business world and so stupid almost borderline clueless with their personal relationships.

So the one recommendation i can give to smaller and medium sized business owners globally that please make sure that your relationship is actually (real) and not just a fake relationship due to you having business success.

So take care you all, and hopefully we get pass this COVID-19 pandemic in a five months period, at least the first wave of this flu.

Thank you for reading.



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We have 30 days left to re-open everything, otherwise we are gonna be in a 10 year long recession!.

So this is a blog post that we never thought we would have to write.

But here it is, the world has gone into a hysteria that we have never ever seen the magnitude of in the past.

And we have exactly 30 days from today March 20th 2020, to April 20th 2020, to get everything to re-open again.

(We know that many restaurants and mom and pop mortar and brick stores will never ever open again!.

Because once they have now closed they will not re-open again, and these are the companies that have been joggling for more than 10 years after the 2008 financial meltdown.

These are companies that did not have enough money to close for 30 days, they had money for 14 days.

And many have already been closed for almost a week now!.

This is a pandemic with less than 1% kill rate, and still we are treating it like it would be EBOLA that has a 25-90% kill rate(mortality) in infected patients.

So we understand that the triage that will be done now around the world, is horrible at the moment.

But millions of people die of the fly each year, and we dont really pay much attention to that.

We have in America today an opioid crisis that has been killing on an average of 60.000 people a year.

Now we are shutting down the world economy for a few thousand deaths!.

So there is no reason for this shutdown, what so ever.

The way this should have been handled is that people who are in the risk group like elderly people with several underlying diseases should have been protected, the best way possible and the rest of the world should have gone on like any other normal day in early January!.

So we are sinking the world economy like the Titanic to save less than 1% of the population, most likely the kill rate would be 0.4-0.5%.

So we have 30 days to come to our senses, and start to live our normal lives again, because if we do not do that, it is game over for a very long time.

And the 1929 stock market crash and the great depression will look like a breeze compared to what we have going on right now!.

Our world economy is so tied together today compared to what it was in 1929.

And in 2008 it was the subprime loans and overspending that created that crash.

But we never corrected the mistakes and issue on the markets from 2008 we swept them under the rug, and we have had almost free money to everybody in low interest mortgages and car loans for 10 years now, and this was a huge mistake by all the decision makers, not to correct the issues 10 years ago.

So to all the people in the world, mark our words we have 30 days to correct this mass hysteria and if we do not do so, we are completely screwed for a very long time to come.

We would almost go so far that we will most likely have a lost generation.

If you lose your job or home, do not abandon your pets , they will love you even if you live in a tent for one or two years to come.

And buy a 50 dollar or similar gps for your cat or dog, so if you get separated for any reason you will find you beloved pet again!.

Stay safe and help each other out, in anyway you can.

Thank you for reading.