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We have 30 days left to re-open everything, otherwise we are gonna be in a 10 year long recession!.

So this is a blog post that we never thought we would have to write.

But here it is, the world has gone into a hysteria that we have never ever seen the magnitude of in the past.

And we have exactly 30 days from today March 20th 2020, to April 20th 2020, to get everything to re-open again.

(We know that many restaurants and mom and pop mortar and brick stores will never ever open again!.

Because once they have now closed they will not re-open again, and these are the companies that have been joggling for more than 10 years after the 2008 financial meltdown.

These are companies that did not have enough money to close for 30 days, they had money for 14 days.

And many have already been closed for almost a week now!.

This is a pandemic with less than 1% kill rate, and still we are treating it like it would be EBOLA that has a 25-90% kill rate(mortality) in infected patients.

So we understand that the triage that will be done now around the world, is horrible at the moment.

But millions of people die of the fly each year, and we dont really pay much attention to that.

We have in America today an opioid crisis that has been killing on an average of 60.000 people a year.

Now we are shutting down the world economy for a few thousand deaths!.

So there is no reason for this shutdown, what so ever.

The way this should have been handled is that people who are in the risk group like elderly people with several underlying diseases should have been protected, the best way possible and the rest of the world should have gone on like any other normal day in early January!.

So we are sinking the world economy like the Titanic to save less than 1% of the population, most likely the kill rate would be 0.4-0.5%.

So we have 30 days to come to our senses, and start to live our normal lives again, because if we do not do that, it is game over for a very long time.

And the 1929 stock market crash and the great depression will look like a breeze compared to what we have going on right now!.

Our world economy is so tied together today compared to what it was in 1929.

And in 2008 it was the subprime loans and overspending that created that crash.

But we never corrected the mistakes and issue on the markets from 2008 we swept them under the rug, and we have had almost free money to everybody in low interest mortgages and car loans for 10 years now, and this was a huge mistake by all the decision makers, not to correct the issues 10 years ago.

So to all the people in the world, mark our words we have 30 days to correct this mass hysteria and if we do not do so, we are completely screwed for a very long time to come.

We would almost go so far that we will most likely have a lost generation.

If you lose your job or home, do not abandon your pets , they will love you even if you live in a tent for one or two years to come.

And buy a 50 dollar or similar gps for your cat or dog, so if you get separated for any reason you will find you beloved pet again!.

Stay safe and help each other out, in anyway you can.

Thank you for reading.