Mrlifeadvise is a business consulting company that specializes on smaller and medium size businesses.

So let us say from the single business owner who wants affordable help.

This could be an import/export type of company or similar.

We also often work with production companies that has anywhere from 10 to 200 employees.

And the services we provide can be support to the management/CEO or helping by going over what does not work for the company as a whole.

It is always easier to look in to a company with a fresh set of eyes, that to look out from a company that you have been personally emotionally invested in for a very long time.

We have worked with a companies in the US in China/Asia,Australia and Eastern Europe,Europe and Scandinavia of course, since we are a Scandinavian company.

So production and import/export all of these things is our expertise and as a company which management has created over 10.000 lasting jobs world wide in the last 50+ years, you get a lot of bang for your buck with us.

So with us there is not a lot of fancy add ons, and window dressing but the content and experience we bring is absolutely world class in our field.

And you as a customer will rather have great support for a affordably price, rather than us spending huge amounts of money of fancy widow dressing for our business.

And as always if you are not satisfied with our referens we will refund your money up to one week in to your consulting contract with us.

So once again welcome to mrlifeadvise the one stop shop for business consulting and business advise.