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The real truth behind the unemployment numbers in America!.

So as many of you have seen that the politicians loves to talk about the unemployment numbers and wall street keeps an keen eye on the numbers every time they are being published.

But there is a sad truth behind these unemployment numbers that often tend to move up and down between 4-11%.


And what you are not being told is that in a good economy where the unemployment numbers are anywhere from 4-6% there is still almost 27% of the workforce that is being counted into the numbers that still can not make a living wage from their job.

And then you have a lot of people that are not even being counted into the stats, due to them having stopped looking for work, or being employed a few hours each week or even a few hours each month.

So a homeless person living on the streets will not be counted into these stats, since most of them are not actively looking for work.

Unemployed and homeless.

So what does a living wage mean?, it means that you can live on your salary(paying your rent or mortgage, paying for your car and utilities and everything that counts into normal living).

So if your one job pays 10 dollars and hour and you work 160 hours a month, that is not even 20.000 dollars a year after some taxes have been adducted.

That means that this is not a living wage in America in 2020.

So then you need to pick up another job for 10 dollars an hour, with another workload of 160h a month.


So now you are working 16h days 5 days a week to make 40.000 dollars a year.

And maybe you even need to pick up a weekend job with another 70-80 hours a month to get up to 55.000 dollars pre tax.

So what people are not understanding to read between the lines of these numbers that many Americas are working themselves into early retirement by burning themselves out by working way to much.

And missing so much time with their families when both parents are trying to keep a roof over the children’s head and put food on the table.

You can work 16 hours days for 15-20 years when you are younger, but it will take a Toll on you when you get older, no doubt about that.

So we have a huge underlying problem with millions of Americans who have to work anywhere from 2-4 jobs to get themselves a living wage.

We are seeing that the labor market has exploded since the 2008 financial crisis, that these minimum wage jobs and jobs with no benefits what so ever have become the new norm in a lot of trades.

So what happen after the financial crisis back in 2008 that actually was lingering for another 6 years after up to around 2014, we saw that companies that had laid of people making 80.000 dollars a year in 2008, was re-hiring at a level of close to half the pay for the same job a few years later.

And basically the workers got stripped of almost all benefits when they got re-hired again back to into their old job, doing the exact same thing for less than half of their old pay.

So this is one way that a big part of the middle class in the US became working class, just inside a few years between 2008-2014.

So why do people accept to work in 2020 for half the pay they had in 2008 and prior to the financial crisis of 2008-2014?.

This one is quit simple actually, they have no choice they are stuck in the rat trap.

They have a mortgage to pay that was often taken out in the good years before 2008 and if they where able to hang on to the property they have done everything in their power to keep their home and life going.


So people are sacrificing and working 2.5 times more to keep getting the same pay they had prior to 2008.

And this is why the American dream have died in many ways.

There are in many places in the US today 25% high to medium paying jobs, and then you have 75% of the jobs paying very little.

So you have a crushed middle class, that has become working class in less than 10 years.

This is why also so many families are leaving California, and going to Texas where if you make 70.000 dollars a year you can live on it.


You can not live on 70.000 dollars in Los Angeles of San-Fran these days.

And now in Covid-19 times there is most likely 55%+ of the workforce that can not make a living wage in America.

So when you hear politicians say we have record low unemployment today, rather ask them how many of the employed people can actually make a living wage from their ONE job!.

The politicians do not like getting that question.

Now some people will say this is the capitalistic world, deal with it, we believe that if you work a full time position in the US regardless of the job you are doing, you should be able to make a basic living on that ONE JOB.

And if you can not, then the system is broken!.

Take care out there.


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Life and business coaching at its best!

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What are the similarities between a successful tv-show and a successful company?.

So this example is something we often use at Mrlifeadvise when we meet corporate clients that are in the age range of 35-45 years, when we are pitching ourselves for management consulting gigs in person.


So the similarities are quite easy to see for a trained eye, between a successful company and a successful tv-show.

And that is the cast and the employees, both will make or break the tv-show or the company.

So let us give you an example of a very successful tv-show that many might remember and that is Dawsons creek, that was filmed in Wilmington North Carolina.

So a show without the beautiful back drops of LA or NYC, that many shows has often taken advantage of.

But they built the cast 100% right from day one, and that is what made this tv-show so successful that we see people talking about it even 20 years later.

So if we look at some of the cast members that we could call management in a company, we have James Van der Beek as Dawson, we have Joshua Jackson as Pacey, we have Michelle Willams as Jen and of course Katie Holmes as Joey.

So this is your CEO, COO,CFO and head of HR in these 4 people.

Then you have the support cast that would be mid level management in a company. And here you find actors like Mary Beth Peil as Evelyn Grams Ryan, we have Kerr Smith as Jack , we have Mary Margret Humes as Gail Leery and of course Busy Philipps as Audrey Liddell.

Not to forget the underrated Meredith Monroe as Andy McPhee, who was by far the oldest of the so called high scholars on the show, she was almost 30(29) when she starred on her first episode in Dawsons creek.

Then comes what we would call the workers of the company, and we can see the same in the cast of Dawsons creek like Dylan Neal as Doug Witter, we have Nina Repeta as Bessie Potter, these actors played the older brother and sister to Pacey and Joey.

And then you have the guest stars that came in for awhile to improve the show like Sasha Alexander as Gretchen Witter, these will be your employees that you are not goanna be able to hold onto for many years, but they will work for a year or two and improve your business and then move on to bigger and better things.


But then you see on the reunions that it is the lead cast together with mid level management that counts, the rest is just supporting actors.

And that is the same in many companies that it is the management and mid level management that you see and here from.

But this is what makes 1 out for 50 tv-shows on the same topic to become a world wide megahit!.

While out of the other 49 tv-shows many only have one or two season before being cut for week viewer ratings, and very few people remember them 20 years later.

And the same thing goes for start up companies that if they have the right cast (the right people) all in the same place at the same time, then it becomes that big success.

And this is how you need to look at building teams and the workforce of a company.

Figure out who your lead cast will be, figure out who your midlevel management will be, and then let them then hire the support cast (the workers).

So this is easy to say and understand, but it is really difficult to do in real life, when you are putting together either a tv-show or building a company.

You need a lot of luck to go with your hard work to get that hit!

And only time will tell if you where able to get it right or not.

Dawsons creek was lucky enough that they where able to keep the lead cast together for all 6 season.

Because keeping the lead cast together that works well with each other is the key to keep the ratings up as a tv show, and the same goes for a company, that losing key people early on or in the middle of growing your business is really hard to deal with.

And usually you can not replace these actors or people very easily.

Without going into to many other tv-shows, we can clearly see one other mega hit show that came out in 2003 called The O.C that had Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood and Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper in the lead roles as a modern Romeo and Julia story.

So this show was a mega hit for 3 seasons, but then Mischa Barton left the show in the last episode of season 3 and the season 4 was cut to only 16 episodes, before being axed.

So with tv-shows and with companies the best plan of action is to keep the team together for as long as possible, and you need to understand that high personal turnover is almost always bad for any tv-show or company.

So this is a way to easily identify the similarities between a hit show and a very successful company.

Take care.


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Life and business coaching at its best!
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The next mandatory US lockdown will take 5 million jobs of the market, period!.

So as business consultant mainly firm towards smaller and medium sized companies, the quotes from Doctor Osterholm of a 4-6 weeks mandatory lockdown has not gone over well within our client community.

The brutal reality is that 1/5 small and medium business wont make it past this year, they will stop operating because they got no working capital left.

Small business.

What happen back in March was that many small and medium sized business owners tried to hunker down for a what everybody hoped was 1-3 months of lock downs.

Now we are 8 months in already and we see conversations about another lock down looming when the advisers of the presumed president elect Biden comes out and says these things.

One of our New york clients emailed us this yesterday, Dear,Mrlifeadvise i am so confused on what i shall do in this situation going forward.

My small dry-cleaning and repair store, has a 18.000 dollar monthly lease and i have a lease for this year and true all of 2021.

Small store

My business have gone down 70%, and i have been forced to let all my staff go, so it is only me and my brother working their at the moment.

We have been able to pay all of our bills monthly including out rent on the store.

But we have not taken a paycheck since March, so we have been living on our savings and now we are running out in the end of this month.

Our father lives in Texas and he has promised to lend us money to open up a store there, if we leave NYC like so many others before us this year.

But we have been living in NYC for over 10 years time, and our friends and our lives are here.

One option for us would be to cash in our 401K and take the penalty cost which is high, what shall we do?, if there is another mandatory close down coming soon.

Since March/April 2020, there is no penalty to take out money in advance from your 401K account if you have a legit reason to do so, like lay offs and closing down businesses etc.

Empty street.

So the advise we have given other clients that are located in NYC or in California is to run for your life, there is just more taxes and other problems and burdens being put on you as a small business owner during 2021 and 2022.

One of our other clients brother got fined by an idiot city employee in NYC for having his bakery door open in July to let some fresh air in!.

So forget about NYC and California if you are small business, rather go to Texas or Florida and start over if you can.

Texas and Florida.

We also understand that it is emotionally difficulty to close down a business that you have put your heart and your soul into, not to mention your blood sweat and tears.

But dipping into your 401K even without penalty costs is crazy, since non of us knows if this COVID-19 pandemic will lingerie for another year into late 2021.

So the only time you should dip into your 401K account is if you know for a fact that saving your home or business is goanna be a better financial decision that losing them to foreclosure or bankruptcy, but do not gamble on the stock market with your pension savings at this ATH stock market.

So we talked from Mrlifeadvise with a CPA in Colorado yesterday who did an estimate that 5 million jobs will be lost if we close down for a 4-6 weeks period again this year.

And those jobs once lost, will not come back for at least 12-18 months

Because the companies that are scarping by(barley right now) will not survive anymore hits like a mandatory lock downs for another 4-6 weeks, that hit would be to severe to their small or medium size businesses.

So let us hope that cooler heads will prevail and we keep high risk people safe and the rest of us goes to work like normally with our masks and some social distancing when possible.

But quite frankly the people that have been working for 15 years now have had first the deep financial crash of 2007-2011 to deal with, and now on top of that a COVID-19 pandemic 10 years after the last serious financial crisis.

And many countries and companies where barley back in 2019 to the numbers prior to 2008 levels, from the last crisis with very small savings to take on another hit like this.

So take care everybody.


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Life and business coaching at its best!
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Most of our COVID-19 lock down predictions, have (unfortunately) come true for business owners!

Dear, Reader and dear clients of Mrlifeadvise, we are so sad to say that, most of our predictions made back in March 2020 have come true now in the end of October 2020 for the small and medium sized business owners.

We hoped that we where wrong when we told our readers and clients what the outcome of the lock downs would be on many small and medium sized business all over the world back in March 2020.

So this is not a i told you so article, this is just our way of laying down the facts for our readers and clients.

And also trying to give some really sound advice, yes we are not advising we are giving advice in this article.

For you who understand the difference between advice and advise, is that as advisers we give you are opinion and we ask you to make the decision, now we are actually advising you (urging) you to look at these matters very close for your own business future.

So we told you that small and medium sized business will not survive more than a maximum of 90 days close down of their normal business practices.

Because many small and medium sized companies are living month to month, with almost no savings.

And what ever credit limit they had with banks or lenders, they have maxed out that inside a 90 day period.

Many companies/clients)asked us back in March and April what they where suppose to do with their empty restaurant or coffee shop, hair shops, and similar establishments that is built on physical walk in customers.

Empty restaurant.

Our advice at that time was that be clear on that we are goanna see some support offers from governments, but many companies will not qualify for them, or even if they qualify for them they will not get the funds quickly.

So we told all of our clients that buckle down for at least 6-12 months of being shut down , or being able to operate at less than 50% of your capacity.

And we also told our clients that do not sign any personal liabilities for loans or credits and under no circumstance put your house/home up for collateral for the loans/credits.

Some people took our advice and let their business close in May/July and many of them will have the possibility to open up again a new business in the future.

But more than half of our clients, did decide to co-sign loans with private liabilities in April-July and they are now on the hook for several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are living in a world where air traffic is down over 95% since January, we have 95% empty hotel resorts and restaurants and coffee shops are closed for good.

The problem we have is that many tourist resorts are in big trouble as we speak.

Empty resort.

So we know that we have a financial nuclear winter coming our way in 2021, so how do we know that?, it is actually quite simple over half of our small and medium sized business clients will not survive with their businesses.

So it means that half of Mrlifeadvises global customers will not survive passed December 2020.

There is an illusion by mainly politicians around the world that has never ran a business in their life that you can shut down the society and hide in the basement and then you can re-open your business again, and maybe shut down again and re-open again.

Every sane business owner knows that this model does not work at all!.

More than half of all New York’s restaurant’s, coffee shops and brick and mortar shops will not re-open again in 2021, what does that tell you?.

So we are now facing as a collective world a tsunami of debt that has already started to snowball down a very steep hill.

So now we have talked about the issues, what are the solutions for business owners about to lose their shirts?.

So here is a few things that you can do as a small business owner when you are about to lose it all!

If you know that you will lose your home to foreclosure within the next 3-6 months time, you need to to figure out where your family is goanna live for the next few years while you regroup and put your finances back together.

Nr1: Family?, can you as a 5 member family move into your grandparents or siblings.

Some might be able to do so if their family has a bigger house that can accommodate a 5 person family and maybe even 2-3 pets.

If you have a family that can help, but you are not on speaking terms, this is the time to visit them and mend fences and also swallow your pride, for the sake of your family.

Nr2: Camper?, so this option might be the best option for a 5 member family with two or three pets.

A camper will allow your family to have a roof over your head, access to a shower and a toilet, and most of all you can move around and work in different places, where there is work even if it is seasonal.

The few rules here to follow is that make sure that it is on finances or that a family member owns the camper, so nobody can repo it from you.

Also make sure that your pets have a or similar GPS collar for your dog and for your cat, this way when they get lost you will be able to track them down in most cases, and find them again.

The cost is 50 dollars per collar and 80 dollars a year per GPS coverage per collar, and this is well worth the money to keep your family members(pets) safe, when you are living in a camper and moving around.

Second rule for living in a camper with a family of 5 is that you need to clean it every day for 30min, to make sure that you are living in a clean environment.

Third rule of living in a camper is that everybody works, including the children it can be a paper route it could be what ever minimum wage job they can find, before and after school, because everybody pitches in!.

We do recommend that if you stay put for a longer time in one area that the kids enroll into school , and if you will keep moving around that you home school the children in the camper.

Rule four is very important and that is that you stay together and you fight together as a family, true these tough times.

There is a few rules in life that you should take to hearth and that is that families stay together and business comes and goes, it is just the nature of the business of being a business owner.

So just because you lose your business and your home , you do not need to also lose your family.

Always remember when in self doubt, your children and your pets love you no matter what accommodation you live in at the moment as long as you stay together.

This is a sad article that we have to write today, but the cold heart truth is that we are goanna live true a tsunami of bankruptcies and foreclosures in the upcoming 18 months time, world wide.

So you will need all the friends and family you have access to and stay strong and never give up on your family or your pets, just because you go true financial hell!.

Take care out there.


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Life and business coaching at its best!

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Joe Rogan is goanna get censored by Spotify!.

So if you remember guys in our May 22 post, we told you that Joe Rogan was goanna move over to Spotify and the deal was great for both parties, Joe made over 100 millions dollars in the deal and the Spotify stock went up by 2 billion dollars at the time.

But we also told you our opinion having some insight into Spotify over the years and knowing several of their employees political views we told you that they would try to censor The Joe Rogan show.

Now several employees have tried to push the Spotify management to censor the Joe Rogan show.

And they want to see the script ahead of time and they want to have a mandate not to upload the show on to Spotify if they feel that it is not inline with their political views at Spotify.

The CEO Daniel EK is still standing behind Joe Rogan and the freedom of speech and this is all good!.

But what you do as a viewer or a listener think is goanna happen when 500+ Spotify employees starts to protest to the management and the Joe Rogan show start to impact the whole company.

We can tell you this much, as we have seen over the past decade that when a majority of the employees starts to protest it does not take long for the management to act in favor of the protesters.

Creating mayhem and protesting in large numbers seems to be the new norm to get your point across and to force the management’s hand to act in favor of your proposal or demand.

With a few rouge employees you can part ways with them, by firing them or buying them out of their contracts but when you have the majority of the employees demanding the same thing you are quite screwed as management.

So we told you that this can go two ways, either Joe Rogan is willing to let Spotify censor his show or he is not.

If he does not want to allow Spotify to censor his show then there is only one way out and that is that Spotify and Joe Rogan part ways and he goes back to You tube.

And most likely he will keep half of his money in the contract.

So this will be a very interesting case to watch going forward.

There is an illusion out there in the world that if you sign with a multinational company and you are promised creative right to continue you work, that the global company will honor that, so far it has never worked out that way for the artist.

Dont take our word for it, ask some artist who have signed some contracts with labels or companies how much creative control they have had left after the deal has been signed, no matter what they where told prior to entering that agreement.

Take care.


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Life and business coaching at its best!
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You can never win on online casinos over time!.

So this is an article that a lot of our clients have asked us to write for a long time.

And we done a 20.000 Euro test over a period of 90 days with more than 30 online casinos who carry games from Netent, play n go and no limit and many other providers.

And here is the result of this play true ,wait for it! , -MINUS 20.000 EURO.

Yes you heard us correct the loss is staggering 20.000 euro over a 90 day period playig the same 15 games at 30 different casinos all over the world online.

We used bonuses and we played without bonuses.

So with all bonuses we had over 40.000 Euro to play with and our max bet was 4 euro per spin and we played usually between 0.50 cents to 2 euro per spin.

We played millions of spin, and we where never over 3 times our deposited sum ,. which usually was between 400-600 euro per deposit and per casino.

So we all know that the RTP (return to player) is usually between 94-98% on online slots, meaning that you lose 4-6% on a 100 dollar/euro play true on average.

Slot machines

So the interesting thing with online slots is that all of your RTP is saved from years back and it does not matter where you play the same slot machine, the main computer for individual software providers know that you are playing that slot, regardless of which casino you choose to play with.

So let us give you a few examples so you know what we mean by this that the main computer knows where you are playing, take a very popular slot that is called Punk rocker from no limit and it is about the Sexpistols band out of UK.

If we play at Casino A online at 2 eur stake, and then we move on to casino B ,the stake starts at 2 eur there too, then at casino C the same thing happens.

Let us take the slot Motorhead from netent for instance , the same thing happens here if we play at a 4 eur stake at casino A and the same stake shows up at casino B and Casino C WHEN WE START PLAYING.

So this is why people are so confused when they win 1000 euro/dollars at one online casino and then they change casinos and they are ice cold and they end up losing this 1000 pretty quickly at the new casino.

The interesting thing in our play true test was that we where not able to win in a single session more than 2-3 times our deposit, and we where able play true and meet the bonus requirements in 42% of the times.

But the really interesting thing happen when we had meet the bonus requirement at a 300 Eur/dollar bonus and we got 300 Eur/dollars in bonus money, we had 600 Eur/dollars, not one single time where we able to go up to 900 euros/dollars or higher before the machines took it all back, regardless of what providers of slots we played at.

So one would think that if you win 500 Eur/dollars at netent slot machines you can switch to no limit , microgaming, ELK or play n go slots and you will not be punished for the win since you switched game providers, but we got robbed each time.

So we know for a fact that a lot of providers of online slots did upgrades on their slots in 2017 and 2018, and clearly based on conversations with long time online slot players, these upgrades made the slots much colder and many features where taken away(did not show up again) for the player that we have talked to that have played these same games for years.

So from Thomas a client of us out of Sweden for NEGA our gambling treatment program, he has 5 million spins on Motorhead slot machine from gaming provider Netent stored and he has shown us that not a single time did he get on the free spins features 5 ace of spades, and even getting 4 takes on an average 252.0000 spins,after this slot upgrade from netent in 2017/2018.

What is interesting with this is that he had so much information documented that we could see the Motorhead machine that he had lost more than 100.000 Eur/ dollars on over a 6 year period.

So on 5 million spins he had one big win with the 600 times the money which is the biggest win you can have on the slot which is a full screen of LEMMY the singer of the band Motorhead.

So clearly there are a lot of sings that the playing time on a 100 EUR/DOLLAR deposit is only 1/4 of what it was prior to the software upgrades from Netent and other providers.

The second thing that we have on record is that the average spin amount on no limit slots to get a free spins feature are 294 spins based up on 1 million spins at a stake of 1Eur/Dollar, and the average free spin win was 47 times the money.

So you do the math here on these machines and how impossible it is to win over time.

You can still deposit 500 Eur/dollars without a bonus and play it up to 1000 Eur/dollars and take it out and never ever play again online, and you have won, but if you continue to play after your first winm you are in for a rude awakening.

There is also an interesting fact base on Thomas 5 million spins on the Netent slot motörhead that after 2017 the free spin feature is coming in between 288-294 Spins now these days compared to 167 spins prior to 2017 software upgrades.

And the average win on motorhead free spins is 28 times your stake compared to 56 times your stake prior to the game software upgrades in 2017.

We do find it very interesting that it has gone down from 56 x to 28x which is exactly half of the win amount compared to pre 2017 software upgrades from Netent the slot provider.

This is very true, a lot of streamers of online casinos like the Bandit and others do hit these mega wins.

But you need to remember that they play sometimes over 24 h straight and probably they play 80+ hours per week on these machines.

So of course if you play this much you will have most likely one big mega win per week, that you can put up on you tube channel, and try and get people to sign up to casinos true their links to get money from the casinos back to them based on your losses usually, so called affiliate marketing for online casinos.

There also seems to be a correlation between casino streamer and big wins on online casinos, compared to normal slot machine players.

There are rumors that they get a better wins from casinos because they stream so much.

The one thing that we have never really understood is that for instance the UK casino streamer who we feel at least is honest about the risks with getting hooked on online slots, but every time almost when he is down 40.000 Euros at least he hits a 45.000 Euro win?!.

How is this possible with the random number generator that many casinos claim to have installed for honesty.

So from outside there are a lot of red flags for sharp business people when you look at online slots.

And the same thing goes for online casinos and sports betting, that if it was possible to win over time you would see huge hedge funds hiring people to play online all day.

And the truth is, that it is just a black hole for 99.99% of the players gambling on online slots.

So do not waist your hard earned money trying to win over time on online slots, the mathematical edge is not there for you so you will lose a lot over time.

What online casinos like is to give you weekly promotions so you deposit 50 Eur/dollars you get 50-100 free spins for instance and this is to keep you playing and keep you depositing every single week money into your account.

Let us say that you deposit 100 Eur/dollars every week and you lose that for 52 weeks in a year, this means that you have lost 5200 Euros/dollars over one years time.

Now let us say that you would buy gold for the same amount every week, what do you think is your chances of losing money on this over time is?, you guessed it, you will make money over time there is no doubt about that.

So what about saving 100 Euros/dollars each week in stocks on the stock market over many years time.

With diverse stocks you will most likely make money over time also on the stock market.

So online slots are like crack cocaine for your brain and they are designed for you to get hooked on them.

One thing that would be really interesting would be to see the real RTP/ROI for all the casino streamers and also to see what the last line on the spread sheet looks like December 31 th each year for them on the playing the slots, they do make most of their income in suckering in other players true there links and with special offers.

So we welcome any of you readers to give us your input into this matter with online slots, if you disagree with us on this topic.

We also know that a lot of the smaller casinos do not make a lot of money on players, usually most of the money goes to the game providers like the big NETENT for instance in cost of leasing these games from them.

But do not use bad language in the comment section since we are professional business people and we are used to having disagreements with clients or business partners but professional people deal with this in diplomatic ways, trolls and children they scream bad words at you and make a fool out of themselves each and every time.

If you have already fallen into a gambling addiction or a online slot addiction you can always buy a license for our gambling treatment program called Nega, you find the link here below.


So take care guys.


Life and Business coaching
Life and business coaching at its best!

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Joe Rogan moves to Spotify from Youtube!

So this is something that a lot of our clients have talked about during the last 24 hours time.

So we will break down the deal for you into detail here and give you our opinion on this move, both from Spotifys side and from Joe Rogans side.

So the deal is record breaking for both parties.

It is said to be worth a ball park 100 million dollar in total.

So here are the pros for Spotify in this deal.

No1: They get the biggest podcast out there and they get the full library material from the podcast,dating back almost 11 years.

No2: They get a guy with a lot of hardcore fans, and many of them will sign up for a Spotify subscription in the beginning.

No3: They are making a market splash with this kind of groundbreaking deal.

And here are the cons for Spotify in this deal with Joe Rogan.

No1: They are buying on the top so to speak, the podcast in peaking in everybody’s mind that knows showbusiness inside and out.

And it is very likely that the podcast in on its way down from this record breaking level that the podcast is on today based on viewer count, for no other reason than people get bored pretty quickly and that happens with everything sooner or later, and the feeling is that the show is peaking or even have peaked.

No2: The questions here is how many people will actually sign up for a Spotify subscription , even if they like the Joe Rogan show.

So this is a big gamble where the hope is that it will pay off but it is a 50/ 50 coin toss in our minds, because people do not like to pay even if the price is 10 to 15 dollars a month, if they are used to watching something for free on You tube.

No3: We do not believe that Spotify really understands that a lot of people just watch the JRE clips on You tube and not the full podcast that can be up to 3.5 h in some cases.

The risk here is also that if clips are allowed on to You tube, many of the potential subscribers to Spotify might just watch the clips of the JRE on You tube instead of signing up.

So giving the rights to JRE to put up clips onto You tube does not seem like a smart business idea from the Spotify deal makers side.

And the question here is based on certain things that Spotify has done in the past, have they really ran the numbers on how many are just watching the clips and how many are actually watching the whole podcast.

No4: Spotify takes a huge risk in paying Joe Rogan so much money that others will also ask for a raise.

Considering that Spotify is known not to pay the talent very well in most cases.

So it is a little bit like opening up the Pandoras box, when this kind of money comes into play.

No5: Booking new interesting guest?, because the podcast is on so much it becomes harder and harder to find new guests for the show.

And even if it is fun to see Bravo and Schaub from time to time, having them on so often also proves that it is difficult booking interesting guest also to the JRE show as well as for many other shows and podcasts out there

So here is then the pros and cons for Joe Rogan with this Spotify deal.

No1: SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!, so this one is quite simple actually this was to much money to turn down, Joe will create generational wealth with this deal and his grandchildren are set for life.

No2: He gets even more evidence that he is the king of podcasts right now in the whole world, which will boost his ego even further.

No3: You tube has started to demonetize his shows when the topic is sensitive in the mind of You tube.

And the hope that Joe has is that Spotify will allow him to make the show on his own terms, without having to take You tube into consideration, as it stands right now.

Now the chances for this is slim, since Spotify is a publicly traded company and they need to be very careful on what they put out there.

So Joe will be censored also on Spotify, and it will be subliminal asks, like do not talk about that topic PLEASE!.

No4: Joe will become more legit and that could mean more A-list celebrities onto the show.

No5: He can stop working for the UFC if we wants to, he has made f#ck you money.

Here are the cons for Joe Rogan with the Spotify deal.

No1: He will lose a lot of viewers, by moving from Youtube to Spotify this will be a guaranteed.

This is the same for all things that are free first and then later you have to pay for the same service.

No2: He will have to stop drinking and smoking on the show(he now works for a publicly traded company).

It simply will not be accepted, to continue doing so on the show.

No3: He will get issues getting certain people on to the show, who maybe came on because it was a bit underground ,but now when it is part of a large cooperation that might not interest all guests.

No4: Having bosses will be a difficult transition, because nobody and we mean nobody pays 100 millions dollars and does not get any control over the product, regardless what is said to the public when a deal like this is signed.

And these will be bosses that are anywhere from 10-20 years younger than Joe is.

No5: This is a big one, what happens? if there is a falling out between Joe Rogan and Spotify during the next few years.

Let us for the sake of the argument say that the viewers drop by 70% over a 3 years period, will Joe be able to buy his show out from Spotify and go back onto You tube on his own?.

So as the deal stand today, this is a good deal for both parties, but it has certain risk associated with it too, for both parties.

So there is no clear winner in this deal at the moment.

Both parties get what they want out of this deal, Joe gets generational wealth coming from a humble upbringing that is a huge thing.

Spotify gets to make a large splash on the market and this can drive up the stock price short term at least.

So no Joe Rogan is not selling out, he s cashing in at the peak of his career and he is giving up a lot of control over his life regardless f we understand that or not.

The one final note in all of this is that sometimes Spotify has issues with the layers of Audio, and this is a bit scary to us, when you consider how easy it is to just watch JRE on You tube these days with great audio from Young Jamie, as the sole technician behind the JRE show

Thank you for reading.


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The main reason companies do not have two months worth of funds saved up in the rainy day fund, and what you can do as a consumer to save you local mom and pop stores and restaurants.

So a lot of people who are not part of the business community wonders why smaller companies do not have around two months worth of funds saved up for a rainy day like the Covid-19 Pandemic has brought on.

The reason for this is pretty simple actually, and we will explain it to you.

So if the company what ever business type it might be like a restaurant,bar, production company that is older than 15 years today.

They went true the 2008-2010 recession and what ever funds they had saved up for a rainy day, was used at that time.

And they have never been able to restore that rainy day fund again.

Many companies would have gone under without savings then.

So by using them then and also by doing so they kept a lot of jobs going in the US for a 10 year period.

Make no mistake about this fact, there are many business owners who works 80 hour weeks for very little pay to keep their business open even in the best of times.

So now when we have an even worse recession 11 years later, there is no safety net in play any longer.

No rainy day fund, no bigger credit line coming from the bank, it is all over, for a lot of companies in America.

Many will try to give it a last chance in June-August, during the summer, but in the fall starting in September we will see a tsunami of bankruptcy’s and failed business.

Many companies in the hospitality industry have in the best of times low margins a few % profit per year.

And the owners do not draw a proper paycheck from the company, because if he or she would have done so then the company would have been in the red, or even more in the red.

So be prepared that many companies in America and elsewhere will try and re-open over the summer and then in the fall they will close for good.

Then we have the other segment is the newer companies who have been forced to either buy an expensive franchise or to invest everything in a family restaurant or small business in recent years.

They have never been able to put much money aside at all for a rainy day, they needed to put it back into to the business.

So this is why so many American and companies all over the world will fail in the fall.

So the one thing you can do when you spend your money is that try and support your local stores the mom and pop stores even if the price point is a bit higher compared to the global retail chains.

We have nothing against global companies, but it would be really boring if we have no small shops and no small restaurants in our neighborhoods and towns.

So if 1000 people decide, that i will support my local shops the mom and pop kind, it will go along way in saving those jobs and that store or restaurant business.

Even if you only spend 15 or 20 dollars there each week ,it will go along way to save some of the smaller mom and pop stores and restaurants.

So we can all do what we can to keep our local business owners open for as long as possible and try to keep the jobs in our community in the process.


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1/3 of all jobs are not coming back anytime soon.

So here we are 09-05-2020, after 53 days of the shut down, we manage to tank the world economy for decade to come.

Not even during the world wars did we see this kind of shut down.

Yes we did close the trading and our businesses artificially and not due to an economic meltdown, but now we have created an economic meltdown by listing to much to the medical professionals and fair mongers that does not know the first thing about running a business .

Make no mistake about this, the bigger companies will use this leverage to buy up smaller and medium sized companies for a 0.25 cents on the dollar over the next 18 months time globally.

A business owner in the production field that has worked all of his and his families life with building up a business that was a few months ago valued to over 10 million dollars will have an evaluation of 2.5 million today in May 2020.

So how could this be?.

It is quite simple actually the shutdown created a vacuum where larger companies who have piled up cash for a long time and normally used that for buying back their own shares have now been placed in a great positions as a liquid company to take over all smaller and medium sized companies for a 75% discount.

But why is that?, the reason behind this is that smaller and medium sized companies have for decades been forced to re-invest everything they make back into their business to keep them self relevant when competing with larger competitors for market shares.

And by offering a more personalized products/service at a better price point they have been able to compete.

But this has also meant much smaller margins and very little saved up in the rainy day fund.

So when we have a shut down like this regardless if the company qualifies for PP, paycheck protection they will have huge problems starting up again like nothing ever happen.

You will have huge issues for a year in many supply chains, which will affect the possibility for many companies to resume their normal business routines.

Layoffs of 1/3 of the personal staff will be forced up on business owners when the business is not operating at a normal capacity any-longer when we now start to re-open the world step by step again.

This will mean that 2/3 of the staff that will still have a job, will have to pick up the slack and cover the work load that the 1/3 that was let go, handled on a daily basis.

There will be a big risk that we will have to start working also 6 day weeks meaning that we will work also Saturdays with the same pay as before for 5 day work weeks.

At many larger companies people will be let go and then re-hired again with very disadvantaged terms, compered to what they had in the past, with the same company.

So it will look something like this, John had 80.000 dollars a year in base salary and two weeks of paid vacation and a 25.000 dollar yearly bonus.

Now when he has been let go, the same company will offer him a (new position) same job as before but with a different title to justify the pay cuts for John.

So he will be offered 60.000 dollars in base salary and a 10.000 dollar bonus and with one week of paid vacation and one week without pay.

So the company will save money, but for John he will be forced to cut all excess consumption besides the groceries and the mortgage and the car payment.

So for John there will be no high ticket items in his near future of consumption.

So this will also affect the American economy really hard.

There is no doubt in our minds as experience business advisers that the last of the middle class will be moved into the working class during the next decade so from 2020 to 2030.

And this will also mean that for the next decade the unemplyment numbers will stay at double digits overall.

Unless the minimum wage gets slashed even more, than it already has in many profession over the past two decades.

A lot of people do not seem to understand that many professions work 80% on tips, and they make a few bucks an hour from their employer without any benefits like medical or 401K , or anything.

There is a reason why many Americans have been forced to work 3 jobs already in a bull economy, so what happens when we enter into a decade of a bear economy.

So we are seeing a tragic future happening in-front our eyes as we speak.

Is there any hope for a recovery of the boom cycle economy that we have been having for the last decade.

Yes and no, it is simply put very difficult to tell the future based on a pandemic that will linger for a few years and come back in waves.

The silver lining here is that maybe we will start to produce items again in the US, and move back some jobs in the process.

But the problem with this is that many jobs can not be moved back because the items would cost 3 times as much to buy, as they cost to buy today.

And with more middle class workers being moved to the working class, the Walmart type of businesses that are based on import from Asia up to 80% of their items will be the big winners in this mega depression that we are heading into as we speak.

We will also see much less travel which will impact the tourist economies of New York and Florida and also California very much in the next decade.

There are a few reasons for this, reason number one will be that many people do not want to travel as much as before again due to them being afraid.

The second things will be that vacations will become an extrem luxury in the next decade, compared to how it has been in the last two decades where almost the whole middle class have made trips abroad globally every year.

The final punchline here will be that we will have to start helping each other out much more than we have done in the past.

In our families in our church group’s, sports teams and in general in our communities.

There will be much less time to be jealous of someone else´s life, and much more time to help each other out in many different ways.

The one good thing that can come out of this pandemic and economic meltdown will be that maybe we can focus on what really matters in life which is family,friends,pets and clean water and clean food and clean air.

Thank you for reading.


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Life and business coaching at its best!
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So a lot of news reporters from the leftwing channels likes to tell people to stay home, which is very easy to do when you can work from home and you make millions each year, and still they are outside without protective masks and get into altercations with civilians.

For normal people not so easy to do!.

If you work in a hospitality business like a cafe,restaurant,nightclub,hotel etc you have no income today from work since there is no job.

And the same can be said about the construction industry also.

So Mrlifeadvise has lost two wonderful long-term clients this week due to suicide!.

And we have spoken to both families with our condolences, and we have been told by their family member that the financial stress in the hotel and construction businesses , made them take that fatal choice to end their own life.

What politicians needs to be careful about is listening too much to the medical community, because the medical community wants to have a lock-down until a vaccine is available on the open market.

Not all doctors are financially stupid, that the dont understand the financial consequences of a world wide long-term lock-down.

But most doctors that now take part in the debate work for the government or state or a university.

They have never been forced to make payroll for 10+ employees each month, ever in their lifetime.

And herein lies the problem when talking about the coronavirus.

Anybody who has ever ran a business knows that you need to make payroll, which means that you need to do business on a weekly basis.

Most companies can survive a shutdown of 1-2 months time, but that is then all of their savings from the business and many time even there own cash at hand.

But there are also companies that had a tough time with their business finances even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

And those companies only had 2 weeks worth of money at hand to stay shut down.

A lot of people will die from the COVID-19, but a lot of people die every year from suicide and cancer.

And when it comes to suicide not much is done about that, and there is almost never any state or government funds available to increase the assistance to the suicide prevention programs.


And why does poor people turn to addiction?, the answer is simple, when you are poor and unemployed and have no real life prospects, people try and find escape in drugs and alcohol.

And then comes the horrible tragedy for kids and young adults/ teenagers who has to deal with family drama on a daily basis due to unemployment.

So when we say that we need to save American lives then we also need to take this X factor into our equation.

It is easy to sit at home as a millionaire politician eating 12 dollars ice cream pints telling people to stay at home.

So there is a serious disconnect between the left-wing media and left wing politicians trying to lecture hard working paycheck to paycheck living in Americans, it is just downright wrong, and borderline shameful.

We understand that 0.5% can die from the Covid-19 virus.

But the question is to everybody do we lose 4% to addiction and suicides and cardiovascular diseases because of unemployment and poverty along the way!.

So a more sober view on the lock-down has to be made, and the reality is that the early data on the COVID-19 was almost all wrong.

In combination with left-wing media fear mongering the corona virus epidemic along the way has created a 3 trillion dollar bill that we tax payers have to pay sooner or later.

America is built on trade and doing business, it is not made to be closed down for longer periods of time.

We can clearly see that SWEDEN has chosen not to close down the country and it is working well for them.

Yes they have banned sports and they have a gathering maximum up to 500 people at once, and the economy is suffering in Sweden a lot also.

But their economy will remain much stronger for years to come, by not doing a full shut down.

Life is fragile and it always has been.

We seem to forget that when you have not fought a in a war yourself, and you drive in your newer car with bluetooth and a great AC system, to your office and you have all kinds of services provided to you, as most overpaid left wing politicians are these days.

We have know for the past 10 years time that a pandemic like the Covid-19 will surface but it has not been broadly talked about among normal citizens and the media.

So for that reason many people was taken by surprise in February when this virus started to spread around the world.

We will be forced to live with this virus for years to come.

This is just the simple truth, but 90% of the American workers wants to go back to work.

Unfortunately a lot o jobs have been lost for along time around the world and they are not coming back, at least anytime soon!.

So every hardworking upstanding American deserves to get a chance at least to get their life functioning again somewhat normally.

So a lot of the left-wing media wants to portray the people protesting in an in a open carry state as villans.

They are not villans, they are hard working financially suffering fed up Americans tax payers, who the politicians actually work for.

Then there are millions at home who sympathize with them , but who have not hit the streets yet.

So we are long overdue with opening up America again, and yes the virus will start to spread again, when America is opening up again.

But hey, this is life , we live and die like this i dare you to fight for it!.

We had a conversation with a sheriff yesterday and he told us that he has 6 times more distress calls from loved ones, who where worried about unemployed family members and relatives in these stressful times.

So if you have ever wondered what if feels like to do time, this is then a luxury version of that, staying in home quarantine.

Because at home you have access to spending time with your loved ones, you beloved pets, and also you dont have messed up cell mates and other inmates trying to get one over on you all the time, and you also get proper food and you avoid the horrible smell that most prisons and jails suffer from.

So the next time you offer your opinion on somebody smoking pot, and wishing they go to jail/prison for a year or two, remember this time when you are going nuts at staying at home for a month or two.

So to avoid left-wing radical politicians taking away even more of your human/civil rights and stomping on the constitution even more than many of them already are doing, it is time for people to ask for their civil rights back once and for all!.

Also remember that violence is not the answer here, protest peacefully and exercise your constitutional rights as tax paying Americans to get your voice heard, and rest a sure that your opinion matters.

Take care and stay safe.

Thank you for reading.


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