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So a lot of news reporters from the leftwing channels likes to tell people to stay home, which is very easy to do when you can work from home and you make millions each year, and still they are outside without protective masks and get into altercations with civilians.

For normal people not so easy to do!.

If you work in a hospitality business like a cafe,restaurant,nightclub,hotel etc you have no income today from work since there is no job.

And the same can be said about the construction industry also.

So Mrlifeadvise has lost two wonderful long-term clients this week due to suicide!.

And we have spoken to both families with our condolences, and we have been told by their family member that the financial stress in the hotel and construction businesses , made them take that fatal choice to end their own life.

What politicians needs to be careful about is listening too much to the medical community, because the medical community wants to have a lock-down until a vaccine is available on the open market.

Not all doctors are financially stupid, that the dont understand the financial consequences of a world wide long-term lock-down.

But most doctors that now take part in the debate work for the government or state or a university.

They have never been forced to make payroll for 10+ employees each month, ever in their lifetime.

And herein lies the problem when talking about the coronavirus.

Anybody who has ever ran a business knows that you need to make payroll, which means that you need to do business on a weekly basis.

Most companies can survive a shutdown of 1-2 months time, but that is then all of their savings from the business and many time even there own cash at hand.

But there are also companies that had a tough time with their business finances even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

And those companies only had 2 weeks worth of money at hand to stay shut down.

A lot of people will die from the COVID-19, but a lot of people die every year from suicide and cancer.

And when it comes to suicide not much is done about that, and there is almost never any state or government funds available to increase the assistance to the suicide prevention programs.


And why does poor people turn to addiction?, the answer is simple, when you are poor and unemployed and have no real life prospects, people try and find escape in drugs and alcohol.

And then comes the horrible tragedy for kids and young adults/ teenagers who has to deal with family drama on a daily basis due to unemployment.

So when we say that we need to save American lives then we also need to take this X factor into our equation.

It is easy to sit at home as a millionaire politician eating 12 dollars ice cream pints telling people to stay at home.

So there is a serious disconnect between the left-wing media and left wing politicians trying to lecture hard working paycheck to paycheck living in Americans, it is just downright wrong, and borderline shameful.

We understand that 0.5% can die from the Covid-19 virus.

But the question is to everybody do we lose 4% to addiction and suicides and cardiovascular diseases because of unemployment and poverty along the way!.

So a more sober view on the lock-down has to be made, and the reality is that the early data on the COVID-19 was almost all wrong.

In combination with left-wing media fear mongering the corona virus epidemic along the way has created a 3 trillion dollar bill that we tax payers have to pay sooner or later.

America is built on trade and doing business, it is not made to be closed down for longer periods of time.

We can clearly see that SWEDEN has chosen not to close down the country and it is working well for them.

Yes they have banned sports and they have a gathering maximum up to 500 people at once, and the economy is suffering in Sweden a lot also.

But their economy will remain much stronger for years to come, by not doing a full shut down.

Life is fragile and it always has been.

We seem to forget that when you have not fought a in a war yourself, and you drive in your newer car with bluetooth and a great AC system, to your office and you have all kinds of services provided to you, as most overpaid left wing politicians are these days.

We have know for the past 10 years time that a pandemic like the Covid-19 will surface but it has not been broadly talked about among normal citizens and the media.

So for that reason many people was taken by surprise in February when this virus started to spread around the world.

We will be forced to live with this virus for years to come.

This is just the simple truth, but 90% of the American workers wants to go back to work.

Unfortunately a lot o jobs have been lost for along time around the world and they are not coming back, at least anytime soon!.

So every hardworking upstanding American deserves to get a chance at least to get their life functioning again somewhat normally.

So a lot of the left-wing media wants to portray the people protesting in an in a open carry state as villans.

They are not villans, they are hard working financially suffering fed up Americans tax payers, who the politicians actually work for.

Then there are millions at home who sympathize with them , but who have not hit the streets yet.

So we are long overdue with opening up America again, and yes the virus will start to spread again, when America is opening up again.

But hey, this is life , we live and die like this i dare you to fight for it!.

We had a conversation with a sheriff yesterday and he told us that he has 6 times more distress calls from loved ones, who where worried about unemployed family members and relatives in these stressful times.

So if you have ever wondered what if feels like to do time, this is then a luxury version of that, staying in home quarantine.

Because at home you have access to spending time with your loved ones, you beloved pets, and also you dont have messed up cell mates and other inmates trying to get one over on you all the time, and you also get proper food and you avoid the horrible smell that most prisons and jails suffer from.

So the next time you offer your opinion on somebody smoking pot, and wishing they go to jail/prison for a year or two, remember this time when you are going nuts at staying at home for a month or two.

So to avoid left-wing radical politicians taking away even more of your human/civil rights and stomping on the constitution even more than many of them already are doing, it is time for people to ask for their civil rights back once and for all!.

Also remember that violence is not the answer here, protest peacefully and exercise your constitutional rights as tax paying Americans to get your voice heard, and rest a sure that your opinion matters.

Take care and stay safe.

Thank you for reading.


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