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Civil liberties also as a business owner, in jeopardy!.

There has been a lot of talk in the last two weeks about the civil liberties for Americans and that the first amendment and the second amendment is at risk these days.

When we see power hungry governors and mayors doing everything in their power to consolidate more power to themselves.

And in this blog post we are gonna talk about the civil liberties of business owners and mainly smaller and medium sized that is the bread and butter client base for mrlifeadvise business consulting.

So let us say now that the US economy kicks off again in June and then we get back to our daily routine in the end of this year 2020.

What happens when the second wave of the COVID-10 will surface , and what about the third wave?.

The thing that is very difficult for a lot of people to take in is that many politicians has never ran their own business of any sorts.

They do not understand that you can not open and close a business like you do with a normal door, open-close-open-close.

This destroys all types of business,regardless of size, because the supply chain will go nuts.

So what if we keep open two months, and then closed two months and then we repeat this for a few years, what then.

It is totally insane to believe that any economy the world will survive this type of crazy behaviour.

But most of our politicians do not understand this, at all!.

So here comes a rhetorical question, how do you plan to open up a new business (start up) if you dont know if the government and the state will shut you down anytime soon.

So the gut feeling as business advisers is that we strongly believe that many Americans who wants to open their own business will not do so in the next 24 months time.

They will ride this pandemic out to see what happens, and then they will re-visit the topic of starting up a new business later on.

This will mean that a lot of new companies will not open up in the next 24 months time, that normally would have opened up otherwise.

The second investment problem for new jobs are that the company that has one or several locations will not open up any new ones in the next 24 months time, where most experts believe that the Covid-19 has disappeared from our society, by heard immunity and vaccine.

So this America will have double digits in unemployment, just as Europe will have for the next two years time.

Sometimes around 2022 we will see the unemployment to start going down again.

But there is no doubt that a lot of the middle class that was not wiped out during the last rescission will be wiped out this time around.

There was a lot of hope around the 1990 s that more of the working class was gonna become more mainstream middle class.

And it looked liked that for awhile, but the subprime mortgage crisis and all the cheap loans that where available made consumers go nuts.

And after the 2008-2011 financial crisis, many jobs where obsolete.

We could see that 1/3 of all Office jobs disappeared in the crisis, and basically every one that was left standing in a job had to do more work per person compared to the working situation prior to 2008 meltdown.

There will be a huge emotional roller coaster for most smaller and medium sized business owners during the upcoming two year period.

What will be very important for all smaller and medium sized business is to get your community behind you, buy local as much as possible and support the town business as much as you can.

So take care and stay safe.


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