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Joe Rogan is goanna get censored by Spotify!.

So if you remember guys in our May 22 post, we told you that Joe Rogan was goanna move over to Spotify and the deal was great for both parties, Joe made over 100 millions dollars in the deal and the Spotify stock went up by 2 billion dollars at the time.

But we also told you our opinion having some insight into Spotify over the years and knowing several of their employees political views we told you that they would try to censor The Joe Rogan show.

Now several employees have tried to push the Spotify management to censor the Joe Rogan show.

And they want to see the script ahead of time and they want to have a mandate not to upload the show on to Spotify if they feel that it is not inline with their political views at Spotify.

The CEO Daniel EK is still standing behind Joe Rogan and the freedom of speech and this is all good!.

But what you do as a viewer or a listener think is goanna happen when 500+ Spotify employees starts to protest to the management and the Joe Rogan show start to impact the whole company.

We can tell you this much, as we have seen over the past decade that when a majority of the employees starts to protest it does not take long for the management to act in favor of the protesters.

Creating mayhem and protesting in large numbers seems to be the new norm to get your point across and to force the management’s hand to act in favor of your proposal or demand.

With a few rouge employees you can part ways with them, by firing them or buying them out of their contracts but when you have the majority of the employees demanding the same thing you are quite screwed as management.

So we told you that this can go two ways, either Joe Rogan is willing to let Spotify censor his show or he is not.

If he does not want to allow Spotify to censor his show then there is only one way out and that is that Spotify and Joe Rogan part ways and he goes back to You tube.

And most likely he will keep half of his money in the contract.

So this will be a very interesting case to watch going forward.

There is an illusion out there in the world that if you sign with a multinational company and you are promised creative right to continue you work, that the global company will honor that, so far it has never worked out that way for the artist.

Dont take our word for it, ask some artist who have signed some contracts with labels or companies how much creative control they have had left after the deal has been signed, no matter what they where told prior to entering that agreement.

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