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9/11 memory.

So one of the things we remember when 9/11 came and went this year again, is that memories fade, we know that for a fact.

World trade centers 1 and 2.

So i was in New York in late August of 2001, and i was visiting one company in tower 1 just 2 weeks prior to the attacks.

So it really shock me, and the person i had a meeting with worked on the top floors and did not make it out.

The kindness we saw from people towards each other after the attacks for a period 3 months time give or take a few weeks, is a lesson well worth remembering.

So we will touch on a subject that you can use in your everyday life and that is that when you loose a relative or a friend, dont forget their family!.

So what do we mean by saying do not forget the family of your friend or relative?.

So usually in the first year you have some contact with the survivors and then slowly it gets less and less for each year that goes by.

This is very normal and happens in 99% of the cases.

But there is something that you can do to really honor and remember your friend or relative and that is to stay in touch with the family and specially if there is children involved that loses a parent.

And it is specially important if it is the father that passes away, that there is a male figure involved in the children life.

So we do not care if you disagree with this statement, it is a fact that children who grows up without a father figure and specially a good father figure has a an incarceration rate of 15 times compered to a child that has a father figure to look up to in the developing years.


So can you give one or two Saturdays or Sundays a month to children that has lost a parent and specially children that was lost a father.

So giving your time is so important and this is a great way of honoring your lost friend or relative by caring for their family.

And we know of several people who gives 2 Saturdays a month of their own busy schedule to bring passed away friends children to soccer games or Hockey games or other activities for a 5-6 h day.

And this makes all the difference in these children’s life.

There are some families who have a great social network of relatives who can step in and fill this role, but there is equal amount of families where for instance a single mother of two children does not have parents or siblings that can come and help out emotionally with the kids, and she is on her own to raise them.

So the advice here is that when you lose a good friend or relative, check in on the family and stay in touch and give of your time.

Because even if you have children of your own, there is always room to care for your lost friends Child/children also time wise, bring them with to your families activities and if you do not have children of your own you have even more time on your hands.

And dont say you dont have the time ,you do, it is just about time management on your part.

Stay in touch, care for others, this is the message you should take away from this article.

Take care.


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