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The panic has crashed the world economy into bits and Pisces!.

Hi,Guys, Maria your in-house relationship expert here at mrlifeadvise.

So the panic and fear that we see around the world has crashed the world economy into bits and Pisces.

So let me just start by saying that i dont really underestimate the COVID-19 pandemic.

But i together with a lot of other people in the world , questions how long are we gonna crush the world economy for a death rate of 0.6%.

What about the other 94.4%.

So let me give you an example that we had this week at mrlifeadvise, a long time client who owns one 40 room hotel and two family restaurants.

And he has been building these business for the past 30 years time, and he has put in sweat blood and tears into his businesses.

By law he has been forced to shut down all 3 businesses and also to lay of 50 people in the process.

He was used his saving to pay all employees two months wages from his own savings.

But he is out of cash in around 14 days.

So the summer season is the busiest for the hotel and the restaurants so this will be really a make or break year for him.

What is saving him is that , he owns all three properties where the restaurants and the hotel is located.

But he is questioning opening up one of the two restaurants since it has been only breaking even for the past 10 years time!.

The thing that he is struggling with is laying off 12 employees by closing this one restaurant.

He is one of the lucky ones, because he has been smart enough but also lucky enough that he has been able to acquire the properties along these 30 years that he has been operating.

He says that maybe he can employ 3 out of the 12 people that will be laid off for good if he closes one of the restaurants.

But what about the other nine employees,

This is what keeps him and i am sure millions of other employee up all nights, thinking about what to do and if they will ever open up their business again.

Or does it make more business sense to not re-open a break even establishment.

Most people outside of the resturant industgry do not now that the profit margin is often 2-3% after taxes.

So there are a lot of companies that survive on pretty much the break even concept.

And many do not think about the situation that many of the business that where around prior to the finanical crisis of 2008-2009 never came back.

There is a risk that we can lose more than 200 million jobs world wide for every month that the world is closed down or in a lock down.

At some point we need to start living again , because the cost for the society will be huge when in comes to suicide and alcohol and mental health issues.

It really saddens me that i have to write this upcoming text, but i am pretty sure that America will have the highest unemployment percentage wise since the great depression or even higher inside the next 6 months time.

And there is a pretty good chance that the unemployment level will be two digits for the next 2-3 years time at least.

And this is really bad news for the US.

So President Trump saying that he will have to make the biggest decision in his life in the upcoming weeks, is no joke!.

He needs to make the decision to either save 99% of the populations future or to save 1% or less of the population , and sacrifice the other 99% in the process.

We simply have to understand that life is fragile and it always had been.

And we can not keep the economy locked down for much longer, if we are gonna be able to climb back inside 5 years to where we where before the lock down.

I do not believe that the medical community understands the mental problems that this lock down creates for business owners world wide.

It is sad to see life come crashing down in front of our eyes, but this is what we are witnessing right now.

It is time to get back to the new normal inside the next two weeks time.

The absolutely latest day based on all data at we have gathered at mrlifeadvise is 1 Th of May, and if we do not open up the world again our grandchildren will suffer financially for our fear, that many feel right now.

It is so important to understand that we need to live our lives without fear.

Fearing things are often 10 times worse that actually living true the things that you fear.

So we understand the fear and panic many feel about the COVID-19 virus, but what about the fear of the unemployed people and their fears about putting a roof over their children heads and also putting food on the table for the same children.

So please be safe, but try and accept that life is fragile and it always has been!.



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