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The world economy for small businesses has changed forever!

So the bad news for small business owners that owns bars and nightclubs is that the world economy has changed forever!

Because the COVID-19 will linger and come back in different waves and there is a likelihood that we will see new strains in the next couple of years.

These are all very bad news for bars/pubs and smaller nightclubs.

Customers will not want to go out and risk getting infected by the very close contact of a full pub/bar or nightclub during this year and the next year 2021.

There will be some customers who do not care, but most people will drink at home, and keep smaller backyard gatherings rather than going out on the town.

This will unfortunately affect a lot of cities like New Orleans and New York among many others.

There might be some places outside of the big cities that might start to move closer to the old times.

But the likelihood is that 1/3 of the workforce for the hospitality industry will not get their jobs back.

This is a very sad fact, that we will see a lot of hospitality workers will not get their job back.

So for those, this is a very important time to figure out what-else they could be working with in the future.

So taking time now to reflect will be very important on what-else you could be working with in the future.

Take care,stay safe.


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