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Slowing down our brain just for 48h a week, what a difference that makes to our overall health!.

So we introduced 3 months ago a recommendation to our clients to slow down your brain for 48h , and WOW what a difference that has made for so many people.

So this all started with Rick one of our top consultants at Mrlifeadvise and his meeting with a brain surgeon at a coffee shop in the hospital 4 months ago.

Rick has always been very Intune with his mind spirit and body, and the rest of us have always looked up to him in these special segments.

But we have sometimes also told him that you might take things to far.

So Rick has had this idea for the longest time that we are overworking(overloading our brains) by being online every single day of the year, or watching tv.


And the way Rick has been doing this slowing down your brain is that from 22.00 pm on Friday night to 22.00 pm on Sunday night, he does not go online and he does not watch tv for even a single minute, like just checking his emails.

He keeps his phone on and he talks on the phone if it is very important or non job related, but otherwise he tries to also stay off the phone.

The rest of us have been online all weekends and so has all of our clients also, for at least the past 10 years time, for some maybe even 20 years time.

Broadband was the game changer for being online all the time.

We who are over 40 years of age, we remember a time where you where not online more than maybe a few hours each week.

This is of course almost 20 years ago but still.

Now we and our younger members of society is online 24/7 even when we sleep our mail and social media accounts are open, and when we wake up in the morning this is the first thing we check, our online presence.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and a presidential election around the corner our brains are working overtime.

Most of us are worried about our future, regardless if is job, family or health related issues that we are worried about!.

So what Rick has done is that he has had a Saturday morning hike with his dog Rock every weekend and they have used the forest to recharge their batteries.

Dog walk.

What you might not know is that if you walk inside the forest you pick up a lot of really good oxygen for your brain and lungs.

Because the trees in the woods sends out oxygen in a way that you can not get by walking in an urban area.

So going back to Ricks meeting with the brain surgeon, he really explained to Rick for over 2h time, how the brain truly works and why we have forgotten how to really wind down on the weekends that we did in the past.

Simply put it, we have forgotten how to relax and how to unwind from horribly busy work weeks, where we have emails coming all hours long, when we are online.


So we sent out a bulk email around 3 months ago to all of our clients and asked them to join us in our slow down your brain weekends and it was really a big hit with our clients.

The most impressing thing with slowing down your brain over the weekend was that we did not feel tired in a bad way waking up on Monday morning.

We spent time with our kids and our grandkids, we spent time with our pets outside and we really just relaxed, without the need to be online or watch tv over the weekend.


So now you might ask what did we do with our down time when we spent time inside during the weekend.

We played board games like STAR OF AFRICA or MONOPOLY and many other fun board games.

Then we read some books, that we did not had the time to do in the past.

So the feedback from all of our clients have been overwhelmingly positive.

So we can really recommend this tactic to slow down your brain over the weekend, and just do not be Online, just for 48h a week.

As always this is our advice as advisors, you might have a situation that does not apply to this, and then you do you.

But our brain is so important AS A TOOLS FOR ALL OF US!, and we need to rest it more than we do these days.

Or until ELON MUSK comes up with something really clever for our brains.

Take care out there.


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