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Solving the homeless crisis in America in 2021!.

So the homeless crisis is out of hand in America in 2020.

And for us to wait for politicians to come up with proper solutions to this problem, is waiting for something that will never happen.

We have to solve this crisis on our own, we can expect to help from the government or state government.

Almost every idea they come up with , ends up in a disaster.

There is a lot of really good people out there on the streets that should not be out there.

Homeless angels taking care of street pets.

Many people that are living on the streets are kind and good hearted people, some have developed a drug or an alcohol addiction problem while being out on the streets.

So we need to start classifying the homeless population in America by looking at the people that do not have mental issues and can be re-housed quickly again.

And then the people that needs to get treatment against addiction and then can be re-housed.

And then we have the difficult situation with people with serious mental illnesses who needs institutional care.

Having worked with many homeless people over the years we can say with certantity that many people end up homeless way to easy.

You lose your job, you lose your home because you can not pay the rent, it is difficult to get new housing and find a long-term job when you are out on the streets trying to survive.

Homeless guy taking care of his dogs on the street!.

So there is a way to fix the homeless problem, and we just need politicians to wake up and support private initiatives from private citizens and private businesses.

So in every city and town across America people have spare rooms, or an unused garage or room out back to put up a tiny home on the lot.

Let the government pay every home owner who rents out a room with board to a homeless person and their pets a sum of around 1500-1900 dollars a month in compensation, depending on the location in the country.

Rooms empty in many US households.

The win-win-win here is enormous for everybody involved.

The government will save huge amounts of money on lowering crime rates and lowering emergency care costs and what ever-else you can think off that the homelessness actually costs the government and states.

The person that is homeless can get a room and board to get their life back on track, and having a place to stay and food, gives the person a possibility to get back into the workforce and maybe inside 1-3 years have their own place again.

The renter gets help with the mortgage by renting out a room to a person and their pets, and can keep their house in the process.

Of course the only people who will rent out a room or a garage, lot space will be people who needs the money, and that is fine!.

Of course the landlord has the right to ask that the tenent in this case stays way from drugs and alchol while living there.

So many homeless tenants will need 60 days of addiction treatment before going into a room and board situation.

So this is as good solution as anythig-else that we have ever heard of.

Trying to build apartments for every homeless person or family will never work.

We have seen Los Angeles trying to build apartments over the past years, and that has ended up costing over 700.000 dollars per apartment for the homeless, which is just insane in itself.

But we have empty rooms in many homes around America that could be used to get people back up on their feet.

There is no perfect solution to this problem , but we will never have the perfect solution to offer the homeless, but we need to start fixing this problem now, and not kick the can further down the road.

2021 is the year when we need to start addressing the homeless problem for real in America.

Take care.


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