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Relationship crises because of the Covid-19 pandemic!.

Hi,Guys Maria your relationship expert here at mrlifeadvise.

So in these days a lot of couples go true a terrifying period in their relationship.

If there was anything wrong in the relationship prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, that has just been magnified by 10x.

So a lot of guys will find out that when your business goes under so will your relationship also.

There is a lot of guys in America who is involved in a sugar daddy type of relationship, but they are not really aware of that fact themselves!.

So i am gonna give you an example of a successful man in a sugar daddy relationship that he was not aware of himself until it was too late.

I will give you an example from,John a client of mine, a really nice guy that learned the hard way,about what kind of relationship he was in.

John had a semi-successful real-estate business in the LA area in the early 2005.

John was at this time 41 year of age and he used to visit a local sports bar frequently and he meet a bartender named Gina, she was 24 years of age at the time.

She started coming on to him and she was a 9 look wise, and no offense towards John, but he is 50 pounds overweight and also bald and is very normal looking.

So this whole thing felt to Johns friends very odd that she was hitting on him so aggressively.

And like a lot of men it is very difficult to defend yourself and keep your guard up when a women that is normally out of your league starts to hit on you.

This is the same issue you see on the tv-show 90 day finance that most of the American men have there have the same issues that John had that the woman was looking for something very different that LOVE!.

So John and Gina start dating and she moves in with him, and all of his friends can see what this relationship really is to Gina (John is a cash cow to her) and she spends happily 10.000 dollars a month of Johns money and he leases a BMW to her, what John does not know is that Gina has a boyfriend on the down low, on the side.

Fast forward 3 years, the subprime loan crisis hits the US real-estate market and John loses his business in less than 4 months time!.

What then happen is the same thing that happens now all over the world with the COVID-19 crisis that these sugar daddy relationships ends in matter of weeks!.

As soon as the money dries out for the man so does the honey from the woman!.

So in Johns case Gina left him inside 6 weeks and , John was left heartbroken for many years after this whole thing ended.

Gina moves in with her down low boyfriend as soon as she realizes that John can no longer support her lavish life style.

John did a calculation after the relationship ended that he has spent almost 450.000 dollars on Gina over a 3 year period.

So Gina took John for a ride and so many gold-diggers do the same world wide.

Los Angeles is known for this sugar daddy relationships where the guys are not aware of this fact.

But it happens everywhere world wide not just in LA.

So what i usually recommend guys/clients who are successful or semi-successful business owners that if a younger women starts to hit on you, you have to think long and hard if this is something that you should give in to IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I understand the allure of a hot women hitting on you, but sometimes you need to think that if you are punching over your weight class, that are there really real feelings involved or is there something-else behind this behavior from the women.

Because a lot of younger but also older ladies are very good at smelling a mark, when they see one.

And these ladies are full blown sociopaths and psychopaths make no mistake about that.

Female sociopaths and psychopaths are often more scary than the male version, since they can hide behind a very innocent look!.

So what i do recommend is that after the first few dates, if you want to continue to see this lady that you ask a PI (private investigator) to dig very deep and keep them on for awhile so you have some background information to go on.

Because money is a huge motivator for a lot of ladies and as a man you can get really hurt if you are not careful both emotionally and financially.

I know a few men that has lost their businesses in a divorce because they did not do a proper background check on the person they first dated and then fairly quickly married.

So over the next 9 months time this year 2020 a lot of guys will find out the hard way that when they lose their business, they will also lose the fake relationship they are in.

So as a relationship expert i am always horrified when i see successful men who are so sharp in the business world and so stupid almost borderline clueless with their personal relationships.

So the one recommendation i can give to smaller and medium sized business owners globally that please make sure that your relationship is actually (real) and not just a fake relationship due to you having business success.

So take care you all, and hopefully we get pass this COVID-19 pandemic in a five months period, at least the first wave of this flu.

Thank you for reading.



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