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2020-2030 new age of life!

So we can pretty much say that the world has changed a lot in the past 60 days.

And there is no going back to the life we had prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now most of us, who have been around for awhile have been waiting for a corona virus outbreak for some time.

And we know that several other strains will hit us in the next 15 years to come.

But of course when it happens it is not fun to go around and say to people i told you so!.

And we are not doing that at all!.

So we have made some models of how life will look like in the next decade to come from 2020-2030.

And here is a few things that we have come up with.

No1: Air travel both for pleasure/vacation and business will go down more than 50% from the the year 2019 levels.

No2: More people will use Microsoft teams and similar video conference tools to connect with customers, suppliers and co-workers.

No3: More people will leave the big cities like New York to live in smaller less dense cities and towns across America.

No4: The economy will be in a recession for the next decade to come.

There can be some spikes here and there, but in general the middle class that was not wiped out in the 2008-2010 financial crisis will be almost ex-stint with this first convid-19 outbreak.

What will happen is that more and more companies will automate as much as possible since robots do not get sick!.

Basically every other desk in an office will disappear.

And there is two ways an employer can do this, the first is that the person that gets to keep his or her job will have to do two peoples jobs with the same pay as before.

and this will mean that the person will have to work also on the weekend but from home to be able to keep up with the added workload!.

And the second is that everybody gets to leave the office and then half of the staff will get rehired at basically half the salary and perks.

This will of course affect the GDP spending from private consumers a lot in the next decade.

No5: The bond market has lost 6 trillions in less than 30 days and will lose another 6 trillions in the next 60 days, and this will be the beginning of the end for cheap consumer credits in Europe but most likely also in the US.

No6: The real-estate market will look much different in 10 years compared to how it looks today.

Meaning that most markets will see a drop and more families will live together in generation living.

So you will see that there will be the working parents the grandparents and the youth and the children all in one home.

Because this will be the most cost effective way of living when the middle class turns into working class.

No7: Many companies will not have a physical location like today in one place.

You will see co-workers scatter around the country and the world.

And this will be the end for a lot of commercial real-estate globally, why have an super expensive office building when you can work on video-link and similar added products.

There is a reason why Carl Icahn, has shorted the commercial real-estate market heavily these days!.

No8: Large parts of the professional sports and concerts will not be with live crowds, but they will be televised as we see many new corona virus outbreaks with different strains than the COVID-19, that we see today.

No9: Colleges and higher education will be shifted from on-sight campuses to online school.

And this will be the beginning of the end for the over priced universities.

The ivy league schools will still have on sight classes but these schools will be closed in, and the students will have to return after breaks into isolation for 2 weeks, after returning from leave.

This will end the student loan crisis for new students , when education will be 1/10 of the normal cost today when it will be online instead of on campus.

I hope that i will be around for the next decade to see all this for myself.

But i can say that this is a changed world, and it will be a changed world out there for many years to come.

So be very prepared that the life that you know has changed for good, and it is not coming back.

Take care of each other.

Thank you for reading.


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