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Moving to New York city in 2020?.

So we have talked about the NYC real estate market in the past, but what does the current situation mean for people looking to move to the city in 2020/2021?.

Because we have talked about the almost 20.000 empty apartments and people leaving in droves from New York to other cities around the US and out to the suburbs.

So we will now tell you what you should expect if you are looking at moving to Manhattan or to New York city as a whole.

We will start with the good news for you as a renter looking to move to the city, it has never been a better time than in the end of 2020 to sign a 1-2 year lease on an apartment.

We will advice you, yes (not advise) but actually advice you to offer half of what landlords are asking for apartments for rent in 2020.

So if the landlord is asking for 5000 dollars offer 2500 and accept nothing more than the 2500 dollars.

Also remember that there are a lot of really nice apartments in Brooklyn and even in Manhattan if you will be willing to live around 100th street and upwards.

We do suggest that you find one or two room mates if you are single, because safety will be counted in numbers in the upcoming 1-3 years time in the city.

Here is the reason why?, we will see the empty apartments increase to 40.000 in the next 18 months time.

Now you ask why is it gonna be this many empty apartments in the end of 2021.

So there is a 9 billion dollar deficit in the budget of the city in the upcoming two years time.

There has already been talks abut laying off 25.000 city employees and there is a 1 billion dollar cut in the police funding.

On top of all this the plain clothes division is closed down, do you remember 21 jump street with Johnny deep from 1987?.

That was undercover work(plain clothes division type of work).

So we will see a huge spike in crimes and violent crimes like rapes and robberies , carjackings you name it.

And 2020 modern city will take giant leap backwards 35-40 years and it will not be safe or nice in the city for many years to come.

And with this many tax payers leaving and homeless people moving in instead,you will see the same type of homeless problem as we have seen in San Francisco and Los Angeles over the past 10 years time.

Any time there is revolving doors from you being arrested until you get released back out on to the street and with very good social programs homeless people will flock to these cities,and with that comes high crime rates to fund a drug habit.


So we are not blaming the homeless here in this article, but it is just the brutal reality of the current and upcoming situation.

So more and more taxpayers will leave and most likely 50% of all restaurants and brick and mortar stores will not re-open again.

And when there is not that added value to got a high tax rate(city surge charge) like fancy restaurants and Broadway shows, the wealthier people will continue to leave while the crime rates keeps going up each month.

So the lower paying jobs will not come back, but there is a lot of higher paying companies who still wants to maintain their businesses in the city.

And these companies will have to replace many of the workers that have families and will not come back to the city no matter what.

So if you are well educated and willing to move to the city you are in luck.

But remember this will be a very dysfunctional city and you need to be very careful visiting central park and other parks during evenings and during the night time.

And there will be less cops that can protect you.

The really unfortunate situation is that the subway system have now been taken over by the homeless in every cart, so there is a big risk of disease being spread in the subway system more now than in the past 30 years time.

The game changer is that now you can use LYFT and UBER , that you could not use in the 80s and 90s if taxis where to expensive for you.

Also employers will start to accept to pay for the employees to and from work by car services like LYFT and UBER.

So if you are single or a couple and you don’t have children and you wanted to live in New York once in your life time, this could be a cheaper time than ever before to give it a go!.

Because rent will be half price for a few years to come.

And to you guys saying that New York will always bounce back, we are not saying you are wrong, but the question is to which year will it bounce back to 1985 or 2015?.

This is such a different situation than we have ever seen in the NYC so nobody can say for sure, more than that the city will have to make huge savings in the upcoming 5 years time and this will affect the live quality of all New Yorkers rich or poor!.

Take care out there.


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Texas is the big winner in this BLM chaos.

So folks, if you believe that this BLM and defund the Police stuff is not gonna hurt NYC ,Minneapolis and California, you are very wrong.

More and more tax payers are seeing where this is headed, and this is the reason why people are choosing to leave and take their businesses with them.

So we have to congratulate Texas for being the big winner in all of this chaos.

You will get more tax payers coming in to your state but also more jobs since many businesses are packing up for good from California, Minneapolis and NYC.

So because the real estate is at a decent level in Texas compared to California and NYC that is just straight up nuts, these days.

So when you want to keep your family safe, and be able to live in an open carry state then you choose Texas for you and your family, make no mistake about that folks, Texas is the big winner here as a move to state for the next upcoming 5 years at least.

Everybody with eyes and a working brain understands why the gun sales is true the roof these days.

So you can expect a massive amount of hard working Americans and also hard working business owners saying enough is enough.

I want my store or business and my family to be safe so i choose to make an active move and leave my not so safe state, and mu nutty politicians behind.


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Why people in the US, horded guns for a months time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic!.

A lot of people where surprised why others kept hoarding guns and ammunition during the beginning Covid-19 pandemic.

It is actually very simple folks, the depression that we are now entering full speed a head into, is gonna change the landscape completely in the US for the next 10 years to come.

We will see unemployment at a 20% rate meaning that millions of formerly employed Americans will go without a J.O.B.

This is the main reason so many millions of Americans want to get back to their job, becuase they need to put food on their kids table and a roof over their kids home.

This is something that many politicians that are multimillionaires should really take to heart and , show more compassion for in these difficult days.

And a lot of people will get desperate and turn into crime for their survival.

Also there will be a lot of budget cuts in local law enforcement in many towns across the US in the upcoming years.

Most of these crimes will be of burglary /theft type and maybe you dont need a gun, but you might also see more home invasion type of crimes in the upcoming years.

So having guns might save you and your families life.

It is very easy to point fingers at a person buying multiple guns , when you live in an city apartment and they live in a house on the country side where it might be up to 20 min response time from law enforcement.

We are living in sad times, and we need to try and get true them as safe and hole as we can.

There is a good reason why the founding fathers invented the second amendment a very long time ago!.

Stay safe and take care.


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So we are now in a full blown global panic with the pandemic of the COVID-19 the so called Corona virus.

And business owners are calling and emailing us non stop on what to do?, with their business and employees.

So let us from a medical perspective run down what this virus does and how dangerous it actually is to you.

So this is a virus that is airborne and that means that when somebody sneezes or you come in to close contact with them you can get infected if they are infected themselves.

It can also infect by drip(fluid) so if somebody that has this infection is using a chair or gym machine or whatever you can catch it.

But if the sweat has dried the risk is much lower to catch it!.

So basically you can say that for a normally healthy person this COVID-19 corona virus is not any more dangerous than the normal flu.

There is people saying that you can get long-term problems even if you recover from the COVID-19 , but we still dont know that for sure.

What we can say for sure is that the normal flu can also cause some serious long-term side affects in a small number of patients.

So this is something that we need to determine later on in the future when we actually have some real data supporting one way or another, if there is long-term side affects involved or not.

So if you like visiting the gym, some gyms are closed some are open.

We would suggest that you train with long sleeves and also use gloves, and make sure that you have cleaning products with you to clean weights and machines , if the gym does not provide that already.

So this is everybody’s own choice if you should visit the gym or not!.

Most of us at mrlifeadvise consulting are still visiting gyms and we live our lives like we have done in the past before the COVID-19 BREAK OUT.

Of course if any one of us catches it, we will isolate ourselves very quickly for a 7-10 days time period, to avoid spreading it to others, who are not as healthy as we are.

So dont be selfish even if you are healthy yourself and you catch the virus.

Because you can spread it to people that are not healthy and you can actually kill them by infecting them.

So isolate yourself if you get infected with the virus.

The big issue with COVID-19 is that if you have any underlying diseases like diabetes, cancer, asthma or any lung issues or what ever else serious that we would call underlying diseases, you need to be more vigilant than normal.

But this is the same advice that you would need to follow during the normal flu season.

And also if you are over 65 years of age , you need to use caution with this COVID-19 BREAK OUT.

And for all you grandchildren out there you should not visit your grandparents during this time period or if you are gonna visit you use a medical face-mask and dont kiss or hug your elderly grandparents at this time.

So one thing to remember is that in America more than 36.000 people dies on an average from the normal flu each year.

And in the year 1990 more than 90.000 died that year from the flu in America.

So the most important thing is to remember that the panic and the chaos is actually much more dangerous than the COVID-19 actually is for the world today.

What we have advised our corporate clients is that if the office work can be done remotely by the employees , then that is a good idea.

For the production workers this is not an option , but as a business owner you can make sure that you screen your workers so if somebody has even a normal cold that they dont come in to work.

And also bring in an extra cleaning crew that comes twice a day to clean door knobs and all common areas with strong determent products(cleaning products)of the medical antibacterial type.

One other option can be that if you only work one shift in the production you could turn that into three shifts, to avoid having the full crew of workers in at once.

There still is very little that says with the COVID-19 that you need to close your production or company in general at this point.

But we will keep monitoring the COVID-19 Corona outbreak and keep in touch with all of you our clients.

And our clients you all know that you can contact us 24/7 true email if you have any questions for us about your business, and somebody will get back to you A.S.A.P.

So for now, we dont recommend any companies to close down their operations because of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

The H1N1 (Swine flu) was much worse as a disease in 2009 so around 10 years ago and we recovered from that!.

So in general as it is always the people that are sensitive to infections and have a lot of other illnesses and underlying diseases should be very careful with every pandemic that comes our way, and the same goes for the yearly normal flu season for those who are in the so called risk groups.

What we have seen so far is that mostly elderly people have died so far.

But there have been younger healthy people also that have passed away, in China for instance the doctor that first reported the CONVID -19 in Wuhan died from this.

So there is no guarantee that younger people can not also get serious issues from the Corona virus.

So use common sense and use cleaning gel ,antiseptic gel and be smart out there.

We will keep you updated, if something new breaks.

As many of our clients now is that we have a lot of contacts with the bio-hacking community and also with a lot of medical doctors in different fields.

So we get a lot of information from non official channels at mrlifeadvise, that we can then give to you our dear and much valued clients.

Thank you for reading.


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Life and business coaching at its best!

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Single parents without family Unite!.

This is gonna be a very important post and it is meant for you single parents out there without a family to lean on, and no way of giving guardianship of your kid/kids to your family if you pass away while your child/children are underage!.

So mrlifeadvise has come up with a solution for single parents can try to avoid their children ending up in the system as we all know is horribly broken by to much demand.



So usually if you dont smoke, you can get a 500.000 dollars life insurance policy for under 40 dollars a month.

If you are more of a risk it might double, but you still need to have that.

Leaving a life insurance policy to your kids is a huge advantage for them in their future life if you have an untimely passing.

So this is the ground rule that you have the life insurance policy in place.

And everybody can afford the policy it is just about cutting out alcohol,tobacco and fast food, and the amounts will start to add up in saving for you, regardless if you have a normal salary or if you are working for minimum wage.

So about single parents teaming up to help each other, but to also play the roll of guardians in case something god forbid happens to you, so your kid/kids gets left behind without any parents or relatives what so ever!.

So today with social media and facebook you should start in your area a closed group of single parents lacking family in the area or family ties what so ever.

Usually the right play here is to keep the group to between 10-15 single parents .

If you widen the group to much it does not get as personal as this stuff needs to get, to make it work.

In smaller areas 5-8 parents in a group is okay also.

The thing you need to understand here is that this group is not for dating , this group is for trying to help each other out on a weekly basis, with the so called parenthood!.

So a few ground rules for a parent group like this is as follows:

Nr1: It does not matter if you are a republican or a democrat or an independent, this has no baring what so ever in this group.

Nr2: Religion and race is more sensitive, because you need to at least have the same core values, so here every group has to set its own terms.

Nr3: This is not a group that you should look up or look down on people, based on salary or job title.

You should also generally in your life judge people based on how they treat you and others around them rather than how much they earn or what they do for a living.

Nr4: Try and have one meet up every week, and we recommend from mrlifeadvise that you schedule it for SUNDAY!.

Here you can have a weekly meet up in the park for instance.

Try to make it from like 12.00 a clock to 17.00 a clock so you get a full 5 h in, with each other, on a weekly basis.

It is important for the parents to meet up , but also for the children to get to know each other.

Because the plan here is to have close nit group within a years time.

Nr5: Within this single parents group everybody needs to really tone down their own personally, and make friends with all other members of the group.

Remember one of these parents is suppose to be a possible guardian for your child/children in case something happens to you, while they are under aged.

Nr6: Within this parents group the idea is also to be able to help each other out with simpler chores to save money.

I scratch your back and you scratch my back, this is the idea also.

So every parent can do something and every parent is good at something.

So help each other out, as much as you can.

The golden rule here is that this is a thin line that you are balancing on, so dont use anybody, if you ask for a favor, do one in return A.S.A.P.

Nr7: Try and make this group work, so if there becomes issues, which it almost always does within the group, have one person who is voted by the members as the mediator, somebody with some authority and some experience is problem solving from the military or the business world.

Somebody who is used to lead soldiers or team members.

A few final thoughts on a group like this, based on our experience within the few groups that we have put together over the years, the golden rule is that this group is a support group and it is intended for your own peace of mind to know that if something happens to you god forbid, while your kid/kids are under aged, that somebody will be there for them so they dont end up in the broken system that the foster care and group homes are these days.

Dont get us wrong, there are fantastic people running foster care and group homes, but they are 1/10.

And in 6/10 they dont care, they just do it for the money, and in 3/10 they are just horrible places for children to be at, with unstable foster parents, or borderline unsafe and unhealthy group homes.!.

Also you need to understand that ones your kids turn 18 ,they age out from the system, and basically they will be on the street the same day.

All alone without family and nobody to call or go home to, and this is a horrible situation.

Then there are a few other things that you can do as a single parent in your neighborhood, and that is to befriend lonely elderly people who have nothing but time on their hands.

And a lot of them have raised children themselves and the have a lot to learn to a child, and a lot of them would jump at the opportunity to have more meaningful days.

Being a lonely elderly person with limited social security checks is not such an eventfull life to live.

So dont be afraid to befriend people in your neighborhood,and as every single parent has to use your gut when in comes to people.

It is quite easy to befriend elderly people , ask them if they want to come over for a cup of coffee for instance to begin with and then take it from there.

So here you single parents have a great idea to secure the future for your kids , if the worst case scenario happens.

But these groups are also a great support system for helping each other out with something that is very difficult like parenthood is, and particularly single parenting.

Thank you for reading.


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