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Why people in the US, horded guns for a months time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic!.

A lot of people where surprised why others kept hoarding guns and ammunition during the beginning Covid-19 pandemic.

It is actually very simple folks, the depression that we are now entering full speed a head into, is gonna change the landscape completely in the US for the next 10 years to come.

We will see unemployment at a 20% rate meaning that millions of formerly employed Americans will go without a J.O.B.

This is the main reason so many millions of Americans want to get back to their job, becuase they need to put food on their kids table and a roof over their kids home.

This is something that many politicians that are multimillionaires should really take to heart and , show more compassion for in these difficult days.

And a lot of people will get desperate and turn into crime for their survival.

Also there will be a lot of budget cuts in local law enforcement in many towns across the US in the upcoming years.

Most of these crimes will be of burglary /theft type and maybe you dont need a gun, but you might also see more home invasion type of crimes in the upcoming years.

So having guns might save you and your families life.

It is very easy to point fingers at a person buying multiple guns , when you live in an city apartment and they live in a house on the country side where it might be up to 20 min response time from law enforcement.

We are living in sad times, and we need to try and get true them as safe and hole as we can.

There is a good reason why the founding fathers invented the second amendment a very long time ago!.

Stay safe and take care.


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