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So we are now in a full blown global panic with the pandemic of the COVID-19 the so called Corona virus.

And business owners are calling and emailing us non stop on what to do?, with their business and employees.

So let us from a medical perspective run down what this virus does and how dangerous it actually is to you.

So this is a virus that is airborne and that means that when somebody sneezes or you come in to close contact with them you can get infected if they are infected themselves.

It can also infect by drip(fluid) so if somebody that has this infection is using a chair or gym machine or whatever you can catch it.

But if the sweat has dried the risk is much lower to catch it!.

So basically you can say that for a normally healthy person this COVID-19 corona virus is not any more dangerous than the normal flu.

There is people saying that you can get long-term problems even if you recover from the COVID-19 , but we still dont know that for sure.

What we can say for sure is that the normal flu can also cause some serious long-term side affects in a small number of patients.

So this is something that we need to determine later on in the future when we actually have some real data supporting one way or another, if there is long-term side affects involved or not.

So if you like visiting the gym, some gyms are closed some are open.

We would suggest that you train with long sleeves and also use gloves, and make sure that you have cleaning products with you to clean weights and machines , if the gym does not provide that already.

So this is everybody’s own choice if you should visit the gym or not!.

Most of us at mrlifeadvise consulting are still visiting gyms and we live our lives like we have done in the past before the COVID-19 BREAK OUT.

Of course if any one of us catches it, we will isolate ourselves very quickly for a 7-10 days time period, to avoid spreading it to others, who are not as healthy as we are.

So dont be selfish even if you are healthy yourself and you catch the virus.

Because you can spread it to people that are not healthy and you can actually kill them by infecting them.

So isolate yourself if you get infected with the virus.

The big issue with COVID-19 is that if you have any underlying diseases like diabetes, cancer, asthma or any lung issues or what ever else serious that we would call underlying diseases, you need to be more vigilant than normal.

But this is the same advice that you would need to follow during the normal flu season.

And also if you are over 65 years of age , you need to use caution with this COVID-19 BREAK OUT.

And for all you grandchildren out there you should not visit your grandparents during this time period or if you are gonna visit you use a medical face-mask and dont kiss or hug your elderly grandparents at this time.

So one thing to remember is that in America more than 36.000 people dies on an average from the normal flu each year.

And in the year 1990 more than 90.000 died that year from the flu in America.

So the most important thing is to remember that the panic and the chaos is actually much more dangerous than the COVID-19 actually is for the world today.

What we have advised our corporate clients is that if the office work can be done remotely by the employees , then that is a good idea.

For the production workers this is not an option , but as a business owner you can make sure that you screen your workers so if somebody has even a normal cold that they dont come in to work.

And also bring in an extra cleaning crew that comes twice a day to clean door knobs and all common areas with strong determent products(cleaning products)of the medical antibacterial type.

One other option can be that if you only work one shift in the production you could turn that into three shifts, to avoid having the full crew of workers in at once.

There still is very little that says with the COVID-19 that you need to close your production or company in general at this point.

But we will keep monitoring the COVID-19 Corona outbreak and keep in touch with all of you our clients.

And our clients you all know that you can contact us 24/7 true email if you have any questions for us about your business, and somebody will get back to you A.S.A.P.

So for now, we dont recommend any companies to close down their operations because of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

The H1N1 (Swine flu) was much worse as a disease in 2009 so around 10 years ago and we recovered from that!.

So in general as it is always the people that are sensitive to infections and have a lot of other illnesses and underlying diseases should be very careful with every pandemic that comes our way, and the same goes for the yearly normal flu season for those who are in the so called risk groups.

What we have seen so far is that mostly elderly people have died so far.

But there have been younger healthy people also that have passed away, in China for instance the doctor that first reported the CONVID -19 in Wuhan died from this.

So there is no guarantee that younger people can not also get serious issues from the Corona virus.

So use common sense and use cleaning gel ,antiseptic gel and be smart out there.

We will keep you updated, if something new breaks.

As many of our clients now is that we have a lot of contacts with the bio-hacking community and also with a lot of medical doctors in different fields.

So we get a lot of information from non official channels at mrlifeadvise, that we can then give to you our dear and much valued clients.

Thank you for reading.


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