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Texas is the big winner in this BLM chaos.

So folks, if you believe that this BLM and defund the Police stuff is not gonna hurt NYC ,Minneapolis and California, you are very wrong.

More and more tax payers are seeing where this is headed, and this is the reason why people are choosing to leave and take their businesses with them.

So we have to congratulate Texas for being the big winner in all of this chaos.

You will get more tax payers coming in to your state but also more jobs since many businesses are packing up for good from California, Minneapolis and NYC.

So because the real estate is at a decent level in Texas compared to California and NYC that is just straight up nuts, these days.

So when you want to keep your family safe, and be able to live in an open carry state then you choose Texas for you and your family, make no mistake about that folks, Texas is the big winner here as a move to state for the next upcoming 5 years at least.

Everybody with eyes and a working brain understands why the gun sales is true the roof these days.

So you can expect a massive amount of hard working Americans and also hard working business owners saying enough is enough.

I want my store or business and my family to be safe so i choose to make an active move and leave my not so safe state, and mu nutty politicians behind.


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