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So here comes an update 2020-07-03, there has been today a new study realized that shows that if this drug that has been around for over 70 years time, within 48 from when a patient is hospitalize this drug really work well.

So what do you say about that Dr.Fauci?.

President Trump was right all along, will you accept that Dr.Fauci or will you run and hide, and ask another lock down to be issued.

So once again folks you see that these so called (experts) are more wrong than they are right.

So this is really good news.

So a lot of people have been asking US this week about the hydroxychloroquine and if they should take it as a precaution , to protect against CATCHING the COVID-19, and we dont suggest you taking it in advance since it has several side Effect that are less than nice to get.

So for medical staff that gets a lot of aerosols in the air they breath when treating COVID-19 patients, yes we would use it if it was us treating these people, since you can see that several doctors and nurses has passed away from long-term exposure of the COVID-19 corona virus.

But for a normal person there are side Effect to this malaria drug, and we have one member of our team who has used this for lupus and malaria over the years, in the 1970s and for sure you can lose your hair (go bald) and you can get a lot of other side Effects, and it can affect your immune system.

So there is a risk here involved, do you take it as a safety measure to hope that you dont catch COVID-19, or do you NOT use it unless you actually catch the COVID-19.

So to all of our clients and readers, we can only tell you what we would do in this case.

DISCLAIMER: Everybody is responsible for their own health.

If we would work with COVID-19 patients we would use this drug as a safety measure.

If we dont work with CODIV-19 patients we would not use this drug unless we catch the virus, then we would use it!.

Also be very careful with fake drugs , now when people starts buying this online.

Be safe and be smart.

Thank you for reading.


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