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The death of all brick and mortar stores with glass windows.

So good night American brick and mortar stores with glass windows.

This is unfortunately the cold hard truth that we currently live in these days.

So even before these so called protest it was tough to fight off Amazon and Walmart as a brick and mortar store.

You still survived because of people from 40-75 years old still frequently visited and still liked to shop in person.

So young people these days under 40 are used to buy online and they will just continue to do so.

But also older people will and is learning to shop online.

This situation will unfortunately now lead to 90% of our purchases to end up with Amazon and online or from use box stores like Walmart.

Many stores that where destroyed in these so called protests will never open up again.

And here is the kicker with all of this, these stores are the once that also hire a lot of younger people out of college or high school so if you think that the unemployment numbers where bad for young people before the Covid-19 crisis and these riots, think again how bad it will be in the upcoming few years.

So nobody and we means absolutely nobody will open a new brick and mortar store ever again.

Yes this is a slight exaggeration, but besides big chains and box stores no private person will open a window based store after this mayhem that we have seen in during the last week.

So if the situation was not horrible after the COVID-19 crisis this protest crisis has killed the future of brick and mortar stores pretty much immediately.

So we are living in really sad times where there is not much law and order on our streets these days.

So why risk your financial future by opening one up, just to see it get looted or destroyed.


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