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So a lot of talk has been around why people are leaving LA and NYC and cities like Chicago for small town America!.

And yes the cost of living in these cities are really high and the real estate prices are ridiculous in places like LA and NYC.

But this is not the full picture of why people are living for greener pastures.

Yes cost of housing,day care and taxes are higher in LA and in the NYC, but there is a big driver why millennial and others are moving out in masses from the Metropolitan areas , towards small town America.

And yes millennial are also moving to hot spots like Phoenix,Austin and Atlanta, but many are also moving to small town America.

And it is not just millennial who are moving out of these larger metro areas, also people in their 40s are moving out.

So now you are wondering what is the big reason for people moving away from bigger cities with all the amenities towards more rural communities and smaller towns.



The first reason why this is happening more and more right now, is due to a lot of companies having changed out the old school management that has retired in large parts and younger people in their late 40s has taken over, and they younger folks have all been around the internet boom from the earlier days so they know that not everybody has to sit and work in the same office to be productive.

Most of the old school management taught that al workers should be under one roof for getting out the most of the productivity.

The second thing is because of the big problem that most companies in America and Europe is facing in today’s world is the lack of educated and/or experienced workers to hire for corporate openings.

In today’s online world and great video meeting possibility you can sit in South Dakota and work for a New York city company.

Or you can sit in Colorado and work for a Los Angeles based company.

In most cases you need to go in to the office maybe 2 days a month, to meet face to face with your co-workers but other than that you can sit where ever you want for your job!.

There is also a great benefit for many companies allowing this, working from home thing.

And that is that is is much easier to requite highly skilled personal at a reasonable cost compared to what the cost would be to have to relocate a person cross country.

Let us say that you are a company that in certain positions do not need the employees to sit in the same building or city, then you have a much wider net to search for that very talented co-worker/employee all over America, instead of just within the city limits.

It is also easier to keep the costs down salary wise for a job if the person can sit and work from home in a much cheaper city than the LA and NYC are for instance.

So let us say that you need to pay 120.000 dollars to get a skilled person in the bigger cities for this job that you need to hire for.

If you are willing to accept a person working from home in South Dakota you might find the sale talent for 90.000 or even slightly less than 90.000 dollars.

So this is a win win for al parties, companies can recruit better and also save some on salaries.

workers/people with good skills that are living in smaller towns and cities can get work that might not be available in here region without having to move to the metro areas.

And with good internet speed, you can have video meetings or face time your colleagues a few times a day, and it will work pretty much the same as it would if you where all sitting in a conferee room together.

So this is one of the major driver for millennial and others leaving a high cost and high stress life in a big city for a more laid back life in small town America.

Lets face it, living in Los Angeles is stressfull you need to make 150K at least a year to live somewhat decent and even that is not enough.

If you are gonna live a more comfortable life in Los angles or NYC you need to make upwards to 250K .

And there is not that many 250k a year jobs to go around.

There is also on other area that is to come and that is for smaller and medium sized companies to figure out how to get access to highly skilled workers but only for part time jobs.

So let us say that you run a small factory or a company in Los Angeles ,and you are in need of a part time expert on something that you can not find in your area.

Then maybe finding a retired expert on this specific topic in Pittsburgh PA, that can offer your company 15 hours a week at a reasonable price point over video link.

So mrlifeadvise strongly believes that we have just seen the beginning of this trend where a lot of office type of work can be done online with co-workers and employees are sitting here and there.

There is also one other great benefit to having people sitting in other cities and that is that they might be able to drum up some new business for the company by being abler to represent the business in their own region/state/city.

Thank you for reading.


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