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Foreign online dating scams, and how to avoid them.

Hi,guys, Maria here your relationship adviser at mrlifeadvise.

So i have had more than 10 male clients over the past 11 years time that has been scammed by foreign online dating sites and the profiles on them.

And believe me, it is a jungle out there and a lot of people are praying on lonely men mainly from the Western world.

I have developed a very simple but advanced program for love sick lonely men that are using foreign online dating sites and what to look out for, so you dont get scammed.

This full pdf-program will be available for purchase on this site, in the end of this month.

And it will well be worth the buy, to avoid getting scammed us much as possible, nothing is ever bulletproof but my system comes very close!.

I can recommend these two tv-show for you to watch on this topic who are called 90 day finance and before the 90 days.

And these are pretty mellow shows compared to what i have seen my clients go true in the past 15 years time!.

But they give you at least a hint on the challenges you will face even if you will find that needle in the haystack.

The one thing i can tell you for sure is that on most foreign online dating sites, the girls gets paid to put up their profile and keep you interesting for as long as possible.

Now good pictures does not mean that it is a scam, because even real profiles spend some money on professional photos THESE DAYS, but if a women half your age is in (love with you after a month time!) you are getting scammed with a 99.99% probability.

A few free pointers that i can give you are these.

No1: Always make sure that you get face time or Skype time very quickly from when you start to corresponds with a woman more seriously.

So if you start to talk to more exclusively with a women, make sure she is real, there is no excuse for a women not to be able to Skype you or face time you for 5 min at least in today’s world!.

And this is a sure way to at least establish that the person you are talking to is the same as on the pictures.

If the person comes with excuses NOT to use Skype or face-time you ,then stop talking immediately to that person, because then it is for sure a scam.

But even if the person is willing to face time you or Skype with you there is no guarantee that the person has your best interest at hearth.

So there is a very lengthy process that you need to go true when trying to date on foreign dating sites.

And i can say with all certainty that more than 90% of all girls and ladies are not interested in leaving their country for love, it is a visa scam or a money grab.

So how do you find the good 10% that has the good intentions.

I will teach you all the tips and tricks in the pdf-file, but i will give you one more pointer in this blog post.

No2: There is a rule of thumb when in comes to age differences on foreign dating sites and that is that the age difference should not be more than 15-20 years at a MAX!.

And i could list them something like this, even if every person is different, and some will accept a larger age difference.

If you are a 25-35 year old male, you should opt for a partner in the age range of 20-35 years in the female.

If you are a 35-45 year old male, you should opt for a partner in the age range of 25-40 years in the female.

And if you are 50-65 old male, you should not chase 25 year old girls, it will not end well for you, under any circumstances.

So if you are an older male try and keep it smart and look for a 40+ year of age women with some education and class.

I understand that it feels good as a 50+ years old male when 23 and 24 year old girls are contacting you, but it is not anything you should pay any attention to what to ever, because thee is nothing real there for you more than ego boost that will cost you your shirt!.

So i will come back when mrlifeadvise has uploaded my pdf-file for sale at the site with more information on this topic.

But be safe out there in the foreign online dating jungle!.

Thank you for reading.

Maria, your in-house clinical psychologist and relationship therapist at mrlifeadvise.


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