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I am Maria, welcome to take my advice or not!.

Dear,readers, my name is Maria and i am in my late 50s and i am a clinical psychologist and relationship therapist by trade and these are my profession.

I started my work life almost 40 years ago as a young model from Sweden.

I worked as a model for more than 15 years, i did runways and catalogue and you name it!.

I never became a famous model, but i was able to work for a long time (yes 15 years is a long time for a model) even in the 80s and during the 90s.

I was fortunate enough to have a good agency when i started my career and they did a really good job in protecting me and my young colleagues from a lot of the dark side of teenage and young adults modeling globally.

This does not mean that i was not put into situation as a young adult 18-23 , where i was not 100% comfortable with being in at the time!.

At the age of 26 i went to school to get my degree and i started to do a lot of company modeling (catalogs) for different companies on the side to pay for my education.

I spent 9 years in total getting my degrees and working on the side to put me true school.

I was then recruited to my first job at a privately held company with over 300 workers that believed in mental health benefits for all workers.

And i can tell you that a lot of workers that would have been out on sick leave for mental issues never got that far because we caught them in time!.

I meet all workers one day a year to evaluate their mental health status, and around 20% of the work force needed additional help during a year.

And around 10% of the workers i saw each week for at least on hour.

This was my first job and i gave it my all.

Then the company got sold 8 years later to a global corporation and i was laid off pretty much on the spot.

Because they closed down the mental health program within the company on the spot.

So then i open up my own practice where i mainly focused on small and medium sized business owners and their families, and this way i got familiar to the mrlifeadvise company, even if the mrlifeadvise is not the company name, but rather the brand for these different consulting companies.

One of my specialties is to do couples counseling but also to help single men figure out what they are really looking for in their next relationship!.

So by identifying the things you are looking for in a partner , before putting yourself out there on the singles market, is a very good idea to avoid getting burned and wasting your time dating people that you will have no logical future with.

So if you are a male and a small or medium sized business owner, and you are looking for a women who will understand the life that you are living and breathing your business 24/7, 365 days a year, you will have an uphill battle in-front of you.

Because the reality is that as a small or medium sized business owner you need to work 24/7 and also 365 days a year.

This is of course a truth with some modification, but lets me honest and say that you can not let your business go for a 30 day period and go on vacation, unless you have a great team in your company that can run everything while you are gone.

So i have developed some very special tools that will help you as a male small or medium sized business owner to screen potential life partners .

And i will share them with you going forward.

I have promised mrlifeadvise to post one blog posts each week on relationships.

And this will mainly be based on my experience as a clinical psychologist and relationship therapist for the past 20 years time working with a broad range of different type of clients.

So you will get a lot of really interesting pointers from me what to look out for and what to look for to find a good partner, that will understand and accept your lifestyle as a small or medium sized business owners.

One final and very important note, is that if i talk about a client then that client has given me the right to share his or her story with you the reader.

So there is no breach of confidentiality on my part,towards my current or former clients.

Yours sincerely.



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