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So one of our clients had noticed that we talk a lot about gambling addiction at mrlifeadvise at the moment.

So we will explain here why we currently are pushing this topic on our site.

More people than ever are today 2020 addicted to different things than ever before in our history.

Also we have never ever seen so many gambling addicts around the world as we do today 2020.

And it is increasing in the same amounts as the opioid crisis is.

For us this is an emergency that needs to be taken seriously.

The deregulation of the gambling markets are destroying people and families like nerver before in human history.

Also the big danger with gambling is that a person that gets addicted, if it is the wife who gambles on the slot machines or the husband or sports-betting or poker or black jack.

Regardless of what people are betting on , it is absolutely crazy right now around the world.

The children’s college funds can be gambled away in a few months time or in a year.

And those kinds of things can tare a family apart completely.

And also gambling affects your work in so many different ways on the negative side.

If you lost a big bet on NFL Sunday games, you will be in a shitty mood come Monday.

And that will affect your work preformance a cross the board.

Wayne Rooney, the very famous soccer/fotboll player lost huge amounts of money when he was younger, and he said that his performance on the pitch absolutely was affected by this gambling.

There are smart managers in many different companies around the world that are starting to study what the employees do on their free time.

Because a gambler in debt or short on cash, is actually a danger to the business even as an employee.

There are a lot of CFOs from smaller and medium sized companies who have lost their job because they have borrowed money from the tilt so to speak to try and gamble back their losses, which of course never work out well!.

So we see more and more when mrlifeadvise in called in to advise on different situations in smaller and medium sized companies that gambling is a huge problem for many in the management team, but also with the floor workers.

Addiction does not discriminate, and gambling addiction is one of these things that if you lose half you salary every month to gambling it does not matter if you make 2.000 or 20.000 dollars a month.

It will affect you equally, it is just the sums of money that are different.

So do yourself a favor if you have started to gamble use NEGA our program to quit gambling , and if you have never gambled in your life, never ever start.

You can never become a winning player.

We dare the people who say that they can live on gambling, as their main source of income to proof that over a longer period of time!.

These people are very few and very far apart, that we can guarantee you.

There are of course always exceptions.

But in general 99.90% of the people who gamble are losing gamblers, and the 0.1 that are winners they would make much more money holding down a regular mid level job!.

So dont fool yourself, you are not gonna win.

And most of all you will never ever catch up with your losses.

So stop chasing you losses, the money is gone and stop flushing down more money down the toilet!.

Thank you for reading.


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