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So we have some really exciting news to share with you our clients and customers.

After doing a lot of writing about gambling hell/addiction for a lot of our clients that we have treated over the years, we have been able to secure the rights globally from Richard (the Swede) who developed NEGA for treatment of gambling addiction more than 15 years ago!.

We have used NEGA on our clients with a license from Richard for more than 10 years time!.

And now we have been able to acquire the global right for it to mrlifeadvise.

So we will offer it to you who wants to stop gambling or who has a relative who wants to stop gambling for ever.

Nega stands for never ever gamble again!

We will offer it to you, for the very fair price of 29.90 dollars for the program.

This program is the first of its kind, because it involves your family and friends , which quite frankly is the only way you will get truly clean and stay on the wagon in the future.

It is also a long term program 3-7 years, depending on the person getting the treatment.

But it is truly a blessing that we have been able to secure these global right to this program NEGA and that we can share it with you our clients and customers.

So be on the look for a downloadable pdf-file within the next 10-12 days on this site.

Thank you for reading.


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