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The evil in guardianship!

We have in America a huge problem today with guardianship and how elderly people get bleed dry by lawyers and corrupt judges and senior leaving management.

So this problem is not contained to only America but it is very bad in America.

You have so many people benefiting from putting well of elderly people with or without relatives to look after them.

There is around 1.4 million people under guardianship in the US in 2019.

Many of these are being well taken care off by family members or relatives/friends.

It is usually the wealthy ones without family that gets targeted.

Because poor people dont pay lawyer bills, because there are no assets to benefit from.

There is an estimate that more than 900 billion dollars in America is under guardianship from elderly citizens.

For a country like America that has so many federal laws(if you ever seen a federal criminal code book you know what we are talking about!),it is strange that they dont regulate the state guardianship problem.

The biggest issue is that it is very easy to sign up to become an guardian, and you need to sign up and basically go in front of a local judge to get approved.

And this is just ridiculous, considering that you need a degree for so many other jobs out there, but not this one, where you can get access to the funds of a multimillionaire that you dont even know.

So let us give you an example a person of the age of 75 years old, has a stroke or other illness.

He recovers but the state issue a guardian to handle his finances anyway.

The person has no relatives or they are not involved in the persons life.

So here often people figure out that there is a few million dollars in assets and it in these cases where you see how the wheels starts to spin faster and faster.

Lawyers can bill up to 50.000 dollars easily and the guardian can in many states get 5% of all the assets that are sold off.

There can also be one guardian to take care of the private part and then one guardian who handles the financial aspects of the person under guardianship.

Both these guardians gets paid anywhere from 2000 to 4000 dollars a month.

And if there is assets like property what you often can see is that this can be sold off to (friends of the lawyers or the guardians) for a way below market value.

So the name of the game is to empty out all the assets of the person who are under guardianship.

There is also a lot of other aspects involved here in being able to control the person who under guardianship.

Often this involves over medicating the person, or moving the person from there home to be able to sell the home and benefit from this personally.

When you look at the cases that has been prosecuted over the years it is very clear that there is a large number of people involved in these cases.

And it can be the judge, a lawyer sometimes even 3 lawyers, a doctor, and then one or two Guardians, and on top of that a nursing home manager that is also involved.

And everybody is making money from the wealthy person under guardianship.

So usually they can slowly drain the bank accounts and sell of assets over a few years until the person has no assets left what so ever.

And then they move on to the next elderly victim.

Let us just say that there is only a few bad apples out there in each state, but these do a lot of damage to a lot of people.

So you work hard all of your life and then you get railroaded at an old age, it is just horrendous that this can go on year after year.

By the way at least in Texas you can have up to as much as 32 people under one guardianship on the personal side at least.

So do the math here yourself that if you can earn around 2000 dollars a month and you have as much as over 30 people under your guardianship you can earn 60.000 dollars a month or 720.000 dollars a year!.

So this is a problem that the federal government has to fix A.S.A.P since the states do not seem to be able to police themselves and fix this issue.

It is always important to a society that we take care of our children and elderly people who often have no voice in the community.

So for a person without children today, or a person who has children but no contact, for you what you need to do is to find a good and trustworthy lawyer and a good and trustworthy accountant.

And preferable find people who are 15-20 years younger than you are.

So if you get issues when you are 75 year of age they are 55-60 in age and can protect you in many ways going forward.

So getting a good lawyer and a good accountant when you are younger can save you from the gates of hell that the forced guardianship can be on you as a person!.

Thank you for reading.


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