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Do not abandon your pets in the next recession!.

So we are gonna start off our relationship section with a very sensitive matter!, abandon pets!.

So we know from our wast experience that the next recession will start for real in 2020.

There is no doubt in our minds that the real estate bubbel will burst and then everything will come crashing down after that!.

The difference this time compered to the 2008 recession is that there is not a lot of financial tools that the governments around the world can use to boost the economies like they have done since 2009.

We see in Europe a minus interest on bank deposits to fuel the economy and mainly stock market and the real estate market.

So in the last recession we saw a lot of families panic and give away their pets to shelters and even some did the most stupid things you can think of, which in our mind is a mortal sin, they just left their loved pet behind!.

PANIC!, is usually the first emotion and it makes people do stupid things.

Studies have showed that people and families who stayed together and kept their pets, had a much easier time to get back on their feet when there was no guilt or shame for leaving your loved pet/pets behind.

We as experienced life coaches understand the gut reaction, when you get foreclosed on and you are unemployed to say i need to feed my kids and my pets has to go!.

You should really think twice about that gut reaction to give up your beloved families pets.

When you look at what you need when you fall on hard times, the one thing that is really important for your family and your kids is the soft fur of their loved pets, when everything is chaos around them.

The emotional love that a pet gives to a family in crisis is heavily underrated.

Second, one of the more overlooked option is that you can ask your kids if they want to work 1-2 h a day, to keep their pets with the family.

Kids can do a lot of different jobs like paper routes, cut grass, leave blowing, all kinds of small jobs that can pay from 3-5 dollars an hour.

And these jobs will still be around even in a serious recession, for young people/kids who will work 1-2 h a day and make enough to keep your pet/pets with you.

Normally also a cat cost less than a dollar a day to feed , with some good quality hard food and 1/2 can of cat food of better quality.

A dog usually cost 2 dollars a day to feed for a medium sized dog and around 3-4 dollar for a large one.

So dont we afraid to put your kids to work to hold on to your families loved pets even in hard times!.

And let them be part of the solution to keep your family together.

There is also the possibility that you yourself if your kids are really small , do an 1-2h a day of extra work to keep your kids happy with their pets.

Dont be afraid to go around looking for that extra work, in neighborhoods with elderly people and please also make sure that they are a where that you are looking for extra work to feed your pets and keep the family together.

Usually there is a lot of people with heart that will give you the 5 dollars an hour, to help you out with your pets.

And one other thing that you should always think about when you have pets and you live paycheck to paycheck , is that you can always take from every paycheck and buy two months worth of pet- food that has a lasting period of 2-3 years.

And if you dont need to use it, then you take from that stash down to one year, and then you re-stock again.

Also always in good times when you are working take your pet to the vet and make sure that have their vaccines and that they are neutered and everything is good shape.

And of course you should always chip mark your pets and keep the information up to date!.

A beloved pet that is left at a shelter does not normally do that well!.

And even if there are a some no kill shelters, most shelters will put your beloved pet to sleep when they get overcrowded and your pet is not able to find a new home!.

So more likely than not, if you leave your pet at a shelter it will be put down to sleep.

So this is something you really need to think about , before acting in panic, when you lose your job and get foreclosed on.

There are also animal rescues and other organisation that can help you from time to time with food, if you run out!.

Also people seem to be willing to help pets more often that not.

So just do what you can to keep your pets with you.

Because we can guarantee , to you that you will regret giving up your pets in a brief moment of panic.

Try and keep a cool leveled head even in crisis mode.

If you absolutely can not take the pet with you, do not under any circumstances just leave it behind.

That is a mortal sin and , it is the worst thing you can do to your beloved animal.

They will not do well alone on the streets or in the woods.

So what you do then is that you call everybody you know that still has a decent paying job and ask if they can temporarily take in your pet/pets and you will take them back as soon as you and your family land back on your feet

And if that does not work out for you, call an animal rescue, and ask for a voluntarily surrender.

One more thing to also keep in mind is that if you know that you are going somewhere, bring the pet with you even if you know that you have to surrender it for the time being, the closer you are to the surrendered pet the more likely you are to be able to take it back.

For some people things might turn around in a another state and another job, but if you left your pet at a shelter half way across the country the likelihood of you going back for it, is much smaller than if you surrendered the pet in your new city.

But we are 100% sure that you will be able to keep your pets, if you put your kids to work and we are talking about 1-2h a day of labor to keep your family together including your pets!.

So this is something you should really think true and use your brain and your hearth.

Because pets/animals are gods gift to us, and they are so very valuable to us humans, and we really dont recognize that as much as we should!.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you took away something good from this post.


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