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What is a reasonable ad budget in a recession?.

So a lot of clients have asked us what a reasonable marketing/ad budget should be in a recession.

So we usually recommend that you spend 3% of your total turnover on marketing when we are in a recession.

So if you have a 500.000 dollar turnover a year business, then you should spend around 15.000 dollars of that on marketing for your company.

This 3% is a good rule of thumb in a recession and when we are in a bull market then you can raise it to 5% a year.

Because marketing is the key to attract new business, so everybody who is looking to grow the business needs to market their business one way or another.

Then some clients ask us, what are the best ad plattforms to use when you want to market your business.

So we recommend an equal four piece split for all marketing campaigns.

Number one use google ads, since google controls so much of the search engine traffic.

And with Google you should talk to someone who understands the google ad-words program, it will save you a lot of money if the keywords are targeted properly.

Second source for marketing should be Facebook ads, it is less likely to convert into business than google ad words, but it is a cheaper plattform to market with.

For your third marketing plattform you should use Youtube because the moving picture ad market are growing, and has been growing for years.

The fourth aveny for marketing should be with local influensers who can boost your business to potential customers in your town,city or region where your business is located, because you want to have local customers as much as possible even if you sell online.

So this is one way to go about marketing your company for growth purposes.

Thank you for reading and take care of yourselves .


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