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Vaccine mandates will affect businesses for years to come!.

So here we are in September 2021 and we have basically a world wide Covid-19 vaccine mandate in place as we speak.


So here is our take on the mandated vaccine campaigns that are being promoted by almost all government world wide at the moment.

The issue with the Covid-19 Vaccine is that it is designed to help out with the virus that surfaced in January 2020.

Now we have Delta and other types of strains that are hitting hard.

So we see people that are fully vaccinated ending up back in the hospitals with the Corona virus.

And it is very clear when we study the reach that you need two shots each year and maybe even three shots to battled the virus.

There is clear science behind this statment that the first Covid-19 vaccines will not be very affiant after 4-6 months from your last shot.

So forcing people to vaccinate when we know that your immune system will be much better off if you catch Covid and your immune system fights it off, by its own.

You are 10 times better off if you catch Covid and your immune system battles true.

Battling Covid stress.

So to avoid a battle in our company we have made it optional for everybody who wants to take the vaccine and we do not look down on the others who have opted to trust their own immune system going forward.

Joe Rogan is a good example of a person who fought off the virus by not taking the vaccine.

You can hear Joe Rogan talking about this in his own podcast on YouTube or on Spotify.

In our offices everybody with a weight problem or an underlying health condition or who are over 60+ in age, has taken the shots.

Among our younger workers we have had half that has been vaccinated and half are choosing to trust their own immune system.

We are goanna have to live with this flu virus, corona is a flu virus for a long time and it will be seasonal as all other flu viruses has been for the past 100 years time.

The bigger problem is when governments are basically like Italy forcing all people that wants to work to get vaccinated.


These mandates will cause depression and sadness in many people who understand that we have passed George Orwells 1984 by thousands of miles already during the past 18 months time.

Nobody would have believed in these lock-downs 2 years ago.

In our opinion most people regardless if they want the vaccine or not will have to take it to be able to live somewhat of a normal life in 2022.

We can see the line being pushed forward every single week.

Soon you will not be able to do anything outside your own home if you are not fully vaccinated.

The one thing we as business owners and people who consult hundreds of businesses globally every week, feel is that do not force vaccine on your employees, let them make up their own mind about it!.

If you do that as an employer you will hang on to all of your workers, rather than having 25% leave for this exact reason.

And that my friend will cause mayhem in your business.

No business can afford to lose 25% of its workforce within a few months time and still make money.

So the easy way around the mandate to vaccine people of the company has more than 100 employees is to start new LLC companies and re-hire them true that business instead.

So we would tell everybody who pushes these vaccine mandates on to people to take a chill pill!.

Let people make up their own mind about if they want to get on board with taking 2-3 shots each year for the forseeable future.

Take care out there all of our clients and readers.

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In the link below you can read up on how Joe Rogan has decided to deal with the Covid issue.

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