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Life is very hard for most people!.

So life is very hard for most people, and this is something that we need to recognize.

We had an interesting conversation with one of our clients this week who runs a subcontracting business for the metal industry.

Life is hard for most people, what to we mean by that?.

So what we really mean by this is that most people are not born into a good country, some are but most are not.

So then the conversation start that if you are growing up in Africa or in Afghanistan, you do not have the same opportunities like you have growing up in Western Europe or in the US.

Start of life

If we are lucky we grow up in a stable family environment, and we get the possibility to educate ourselves along the way towards a good life as an adult.

But many of us do not get that luxury and we are not born into a well off and a stable family.

What our client mentioned this week was that he grew up in a family that was very unstable with a father who suffered from alcoholism and a mother who had mental issues.

He has one sister one year older than him, and they both left home at the age of 16, when they where old enough to both work jobs, while still attending high-school.

Our client started working in factories and at the age 26 he started his first company who did very well in the 1980s and he lost that business in the early 90s crisis.

Family business

Then he started over in 1995 together with his young son and they where doing very well 10 years later so in around 2005 they where thriving and making good money at the time.

Then 3 years later in 2008-2009 they lost their subcontract business due to the financial melt down of September 2008 to September 2009.

Now in 2010 he started up again and built a good solid business that was once again thriving in the years 2016-2020, then he got hit with Covid-19 and all the jobs dried up.

So now for the third time in 30 years he has lost his business due to outside circumstances that is completely out of his control.

Here we see the fact that life is really hard for most people, and it is really difficult to plan your life, and the best laid plans can get derailed by an ever changing world.


So he has maid the very hard decision not to build up a business for the 4th time, he has accepted a position as a factory floor manager for a 500+ size company.

And he told us that he can not take another hit to a new company, 3 hits are enough for him.

So when we talk about life being hard, then we also have to recognize that life is even harder for small and medium sized business owners.

We can also clearly see when we look back 50 years in time, that business owners that are making less than 10% net profit in the good years, have a 10x bigger chance of losing their business in a down year or in a global event that affects there business.

So if you are a business owner be very clear that you need to make sure that your net profit EBITDA is over 10% in those good years, to offset those bad years that will show up sooner or later.

We are clear on that life is hard for most people and we need to recognize that, and stop just believing that all the people window dressing on Instagram and Facebook that this is more often than not the reality.

Specially now in these high inflation times, your salary is the same as before, but all prices have gone up around 20%.

Always make sure that you use a good business adviser when you are starting up a company, or when you are finding yourself struggling with your existing business.

We are here for you if you need assistance.

Life is very hard for most people!.

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Take care out there.


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