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Why we do not talk about the suicide rate among business owners during Covid-19.

So there is very sad situation going on in the world today among business owners when it comes to the suicide rate.

We have seen that there has been an enormous spike in suicides during 2020 and 2021 in the small business owner communities around the world.


So let us look at why this is and why we do not hear about it from the main stream media.

The number one problem with the lock-downs during the worst part of the Covid-19 pandemic was that small business owners had almost no income coming in for a very long period.

And in far away places like Asia the suicide rate is even higher than it has been the US or in Europe.

Because people pretty much lost everything in the tourist sector and other sectors.

In America and in Europe there has been certain rescue packages in place to support the workers mainly, and very few rescue packages have been offered direct to small business owners.

We have all heard about the extra 600 dollars a week in the US to workers and that is why the media keeps talking about a worker shortage at the moment in low paying jobs all across the US.

Free money

But for the small business owner community this has not been the case, very few dollars if any have arrived in aid packages to this community.

Many smaller business owners where struggling to stay open or just breaking even for the past few years.

So when a pandemic like this hits the world, and no money is coming in , but the bills need to be paid it is not easy.

The cold hard truth is that mos business owners had to borrow even more money than ever before and use all credit cards that could be found to stay afloat.

Credit card

And the thing with credit cards and loans is that the bills have to be paid at some point with usually a pretty high interest to go with it!.

So when you get into financial trouble as a business owner the first thing you do is to borrow money to try and stay open.

And this is exactly what small business owners did in 2020 and during this year 2021.

But for many business owners the cold hard fact today is that they can not borrow anymore money at the moment they are so called Maxed out.

And what happens next is that they will lose their business and most likely also their home that has been put up as collateral for the loans and credits, taken out during this period and in the past.

So then we have arrived at the ugly truth and that is that many small business owners do not see any other way out from this mess than to commit suicide as an end result.

There are a few aspects that drives small business owners to commit suicide.


Sadness is a big driver in this and because you see everything that you have worked so hard for crumble in front of your eyes.

And in many cases to no fault of your own, in the sense that the pandemic and the draconian lock Downs where not anything you could foresee.

Then sadness turns into depression, and the feeling of hopelessness fighting all these big windmills at once.

When you have lost everything financially and you are on the brink of homelessness then comes the feeling of shame, you have nowhere to go and no one can help you.

So now we are dealing with sadness and depression and on top of all severe financial problem’s you deal with.

If we now also add some self medicating into the mix we have a perfect storm brewing.

There has been certain rescue packages from the federal governments side to states ear marked for small business owners and land lords.

But many of them have gotten stuck in a bureaucratic nightmare of fund distribution.

So for most companies it is already too little to late.

Have you ever wondered what happen to that shop or store owner on the high street that is now gone.

For some business owners it is just a closing and a bankruptcy but there is light at the end of the tunnel for them.

But for a few % there is no light at the end of the tunnel and there is no hail Mary pass to throw that someone will catch.

It will be all over, no business no home and sometimes no family after a financial disaster.


Here is where you have to lean on support organisations that are out there for you, you have to actively look for them and also lean on the emotional support of a cat or a dog.

We see this all the time when people go under financially, that the next few steps are so important to take to make sure that you can at some point get back up again from being knocked down.

Here is the blueprint to how to survive a financial meltdown.

If you have been a business owner you have many skils for the labor market, take as many jobs as you can get so you get out the house if you have one left!, and out from your own head space.

Staying busy helps a lot with your mental stability.

The second thing to do is to call up everybody you ever did a favor for, and if possible go meet them in person and be brutally honest with them about your current situation.

So for instance if you done someone a lot of favors over the years and you know they have a bigger house with a lot of rooms or an attached annex on the property ask to live there for free for a years until you get back up again.

And really press if they are in doubt that i did you a lot of favors now i am in need of one, so tell them to show some compassion for you.

But now is the time to collect on all those debts owed to you over the years when you are down for count.

And yes having to ask someone to stay there for free for awhile is not the most pleasant thing to do, but you have to do it, this will keep you moving forward.

So know if you have landed a few jobs 12h+ a day 6 days a week and a place to stay then we do recommend that you attend church on Sundays.

This will give you some strength from being in the lords house and you can make some valuable contacts along the way.

Even if you do not feel that you are super religious this is something we do recommend our clients to do on their road to a better place in life.

These 3 things done in a combination will help you move forward and avoid those suicidal thought that many people do get after a financial meltdown.

We are also very upset that still in 2021 the main stream media does not want to cover the real life and hardships of small business owners world wide, because it does not fit their narrative, they believe all business owners gets checks with direct deposit into the business account from the government.

As business consultants we often come in vey late in a process to help struggling business owners and many times there is not much we can do from a financial standpoint to help the client out, we are quite frankly brought in one or two years to late to the process of turning a business around.

So what we do in those cases when we are taken into late to advice ,is that we give these struggling business owners that we know will fail this 3 step blueprint rescue plan for their upcoming life.

So new jobs, a new place to stay, attend church on Sundays and get emotional strength from the love of a pet.

And one more very important thing is to stay healthy by no self medicating what so ever.

As always try and find help for your business before it is too late.

So if you take in a proper business consultant before you take on big loans and investments it is usually the best way to go.

We offer several well priced packages from Mrlifeadvise in our shop see the link in here below.

And if you are trying to save money and lose-weight in the process we do recommend this E-book on Amazon it is well worth picking up from these guys.


Take care out there.

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