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The 2022 housing market crash!.

So here we are in August 2022 and the real-estate crash is here.

We have been warning about this for over 2 years time, we did not count on the fed to start printing money they way the did in 2020 and in 2021.

But for our clients and readers this is no surprise, what so ever.

We knew this day was coming and here it is!.

Overpriced homes

The interest rates in August 2022 is now at a 5.5% level, we believe they will end up closer to 9% by the end of 2023.

The last time we had this kind of superinflation was under Jimmy Carter and the rates where as high as 17%.

That will not happen this time around.

But for a home owner with a mortgage that will increase to 9% from maybe 4.5% in 2020 that is a big deal!.

The foreclosure rates where 700% higher in July 2022 than they where in July 2021.

And we think that the housing crash of 2007-2009 was nothing to write home about, compare that we will see in 2023.

This will go fast and it will kick off for real in October of 2022.

We call it the perfect storm because everything is going to hell in a bucket and it is going so fast and so wide.


We warned our clients and readers about the crypto and NFT crash already in January of 2022, it was the right read of the market.

Usually when you grandmother is buying crypto you should sell, because the edge is gone.

And this is exactly what happened, to many suckers bought the bitcoin at 60K$ and it dropped down to 20K$.

The second big issue is that salaries have gone up around 3% and the inflation is closer to 15%.

It is not 9%, look at energy and gas, not to mention food and shipping , so the 15% is closer to the reality.

What also worries a lot is that in July of 2022 we have started to see a lot of layoffs in better paying companies.

This will then trickle down to not so well paying companies in September when the middle class will no longer use a lot of services.

Deal of a lifetime.

In 2023 and in 2024 you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to buy your dream home for 40-55% off the current market listing price.

You will see 900.000 dollar homes drop to 450.000 dollars in many areas when there will be 30% foreclosures in one area.

You have to also understand that many properties have gone up 40% in price in the past 5 years time.

So this is a market correction that is coming, and if you are some what liquid and can afford to put down 30% and negotiate a mortgage rate of 6%, you are good as gold.

But you need a strong credit score if you are goanna pull this off.

Credit card

Pay off your credit cards and build your credit score even more than ever during 2022 and 2023, there will be a lot of good deals out there in 2023 and in 2024 for those who have access to cash or loans!.


We have seen several watch brokers offer 40% off on watches in July of 2022 compare to April 2022.

And this goes hand in hand with the crypto and Nft:s crash not to mention stock market taking a nose dive in 2022.

There is no lose money in peoples pockets anymore after all these market corrections that came about in 2022.

For our small business owners we have told them from the beginning of this year to stay as liquid as possible.

Small business owners will get trouble getting business loans starting now in August 2022.

And making sure you dont offer to much credit to your customers is a good rule of thumb at the moment.

You will se companies that you believe is liquid today go under in 2023.

There are way to many companies that are living on cheap credit and getting investors to offer more cheap cash to stay afloat.

KLARNA is a good example of a company who has lost 80% of its valuation in less than one year!.

And they are offering a (cheap) credit option for people wanting to to buy products on invoice(credit) even if your credit score is not so high to begin with.

So even big companies will face the music this year.

Our advise to you looking to buy a home right now is to wait a year and then see how much you can save by holding off for one year.

If you have already bought a home make sure you can pay your mortgage, let your cars go and everything-else but hang on to your home.

Even if you have to get your mother in law to live with you and your cousin who rents somewhere at the moment, he can now rent a room or two from you.

Privacy is a luxury you can not afford if your mortgage doubles in 1 years time.

A lot of our clients are contacting us asking what to do both with their business and with their personal finances.

Our advice is to stay as liquid as possible, count that the stock market will go down 20% more this year.

Count with several of your customers defaulting on their invoices and several others paying very late.

Make no large investments into your business this year or the next.

Unless you have a lot of cash at hand, then you can make some really good deals by buying up troubled companies and turning them around.

And most of all , keep your cool!, we will get true this perfect storm also, but unfortunately many people will lose everything in the process, and those storys are always really sad.

There will be as always personal tragedy’s in these market corrections.

We personally feel that many billionaires like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk has pumped crypto and NFTs way to freely towards first time investors during the past 3 years time.

And many first time investors are now wiped out.

We are always here for you as small to medium sizes business owners, and we have a global network that we can assist you with many different things.

You find some of our packages in our shop in the link here below.

If you are struggling with weight-loss, we can recommend one of our clients blueprint weight-loss programs.

You find them in the link here below.

Take care.



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