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Working from home good or bad?.

So during the past 22 months time a lot of people have started working from home and it seems that it just keep growing for every month that goes by!.

Working from home good or bad?

Working from home.

If we start with the good stuff then working from home saves you the big Elephant in the room which is the commute time!.

For most people the commute time can be up to 1h each way per day.

If you live and work in a small town that might not be an issue.

But if you live in New York or Los Angeles you know what we are talking about.

So just by not having to commute gives you that extra 2 hours a day.

If you like to sleep and extra hour and then go out and take a walk for the other hour, your body and mind will feel more uplifted along the way.

The second really nice thing with working from home is that if you do not like all of your co-workers you do not have to see them in person every day, other that true a video chat.

The third thing that is really nice is that very often if you have kids you can structure your day so it fits better with their needs if you are working from home!, compared to you having to sit in that office all day.

Are there any big cons working from home?.


Some people can feel a bit sad by working on their own from the comforts of their home.

This usually affects people who are very social to begin with.

You know the type who always like to chat with you in person at work.

They seek you up to talk to you, which very often can be nice to also know your co-workers on a personal level, even if you are not friends.

The second thing that can be really difficult when working from home is that you do not have a real separation between your work space and your home space.

One way to solve that is to create a work space for you, where you only work and then once the work day ends, you do not touch that space for the rest of the day.

High calorie intake.
High calorie intake.

One of the things many people notice is that they gain a lot of weight when they are working from home.

And the easy access to food and drinks will create large problems for people who struggle with their weight to begin with.

Or even people who never struggled in the past, are now finding out how easy access to food and drinks is dangerous to your weight.

Then we had the pro when it comes to having more time for your children, it can also be a big challenge working from home and constantly being interrupted with your child’s questions or their need for attention.

Then one other big con with working from home is that if you love to work in the city and have that puls around you, you will miss that a lot, working from home.

The feeling we have as business consultants are that we are moving towards at least in the office space work force more to a work from home enviroment.

And many employees will not accept to go back to a physical office and work form there.

Every employer have their own way of dealing with this.

Many of our clients have down sized their office spaces to really small offices for the few people that would like to work from the office.

The one thing we have seen is that many workers that are over 50+ do not really like to work from home.

They have in their work DNA that they want to work from the corporate offices and they choose that option when it is available for them.


So for many companies the big challenges are coming up during the next few years time with how are you goanna structure you companies business when it comes to different work environment options.

For high end workers they will always have the options to choose from where they work.

For midlevel employees it will depend on the company and many companies want that control that they have when they have all office staff in one place at once!.

We foresee from Mrlifeadvise side that the way we work and where we work has just started, and the true revolution is yet to come.

If we look at the changes that has come about in the last 18 months time, we strongly believe that give it another 5 years and the structure will look way different than it did in 2019 for instance.

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Take care out there.



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