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There will be no efficient COVID-19 vaccine on the open market for at least another 5 years!.

So let us explain this in detail for you so you understand what we are saying about a possible vaccin for Covid-19 is at least five years away for mass use.

So let us look at some other virus diseases out there in the big bad world.

So we still do not have a vaccine for Hepatitis C, which is a serious infectious disease,(Blood disease).

Where your liver is highly affected in a negative way if you catch it.

And there is no vaccine for the HIV virus either.

And we have been researching these two viruses for over 30 years time.

And we are still not close to a vaccine for any of these two viruses.

And every researcher knows that you will get the nobel prize in medicin if you come up with a vaccine for any of these two viruses.

So the PM:Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom /UK/England, has told people that we have to start to re-open, because we dont know when a vaccine can be ready, and maybe it will never to market!.

Yes there are over 100 labs looking at creating a global vaccine against the COVID-19 virus.

But it does not means that the more the merrier in this case.

Of course researchers working together globally is great, but this is nothing new, the same thing can be said about the HIV vaccine.

An interesting fact is that our best flu vaccines today in the world are only 40% efficient.

So probably a Covid-19 vaccine would be ball park the same,but one could hope that it could be at least 70% efficient.

Of course we all hope that we can create a safe and cheap vaccine to make sure that we do not lose any more people to the Covid-19 virus.

But we also have to separate our hopes from the reality that we live in today.

And there is very little that speaks to us being able to come up with an vaccine inside the next 12-24 months time.

And we are pretty sure that we will hear for many years to come that we are on the brink of a solution, the same way we have heard about the HIV vaccine for the past 20 years time.

So do not hold your breath and do not plan your life sitting at home for a period of 12 to 18 months in the wait for a vaccine that might never come , or maybe can be ready with a lot of luck in five years time for global mass use.

As a company who do global consulting in many businesses, we have a good insight into the medical community, and nobody we talk to on a high level believes that we can solve this issue in under five years, 5 years is a reasonable time frame for a vaccine if we are lucky.

But let us hope and pray that we get blessed with a vaccine inside 24 months time.

But we have to start living again, even without an efficient vaccine out there.

Thank you for reading.


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