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Joe Rogan and the CNN conflict!

Joe Rogan and the CNN conflict!.

So many of you have probably followed the huge beef between the popular podcaster Joe Rogan and the CNN news network.


This conflict starts much earlier between Joe Rogan and Brian Stelter, and Brian thinking he can take on Joe Rogan and win, which is just a ridiculous thought to begin with.

Then from there is all escalates into CNN blaming Joe Rogan for endorsing horse dewormer.

Why would CNN do this?.

So we are seeing a battle between the most popular podcaster in the world, who does not back down from a fight with anyone.

And a dying TV network who have lied about Trump for the past 5 years time to the American viewers.

The problem for CNN is that they took on a guy who will throw down with them, and then they lost.

What was really interesting to see on the podcast with Joe Rogan when CNN:s medical expert Sanjay Gupta and Mr.Gupta had no excuse for why CNN lied about Joe Rogans treatment.


What is the takeaway for a small business owner from this conflict?.

It is actually quite simple, never take on an competitor by lying about there products or services if you know that you are lying.

And if you have a powerful competitor try and act as civil and diplomatic as possible so they do not come after you, and you having to defend your actions towards the market.

So in business less is more, when it comes to talking bad about your competition.

If you know that you are right and you can back it up with evidence then by all means you can use those facts to your advantage, but never lie about your competition.

It will come back to bite you later on, almost always.

We all understand that CNN has been able to get away with so much in the past 5 years time that was not true to begin with.

So they started to believe that nobody could touch them in the first place.

We call this believing in your own hype.

And boy did Joe Rogan show them and the hat of to Sanjay Gupta for actually sitting down with Joe Rogan for 3h.

Now hindsite is always 20/20, but Sanjay would never have sat down with Joe Rogan if we would have understood that he would be representing the whole CNN group in that podcast.

And this is the issue when Sanjay has had nothing but praise for the past 18 months time from the networks for whatever he has said and done.

Now when the glass house is coming down there are no where for CNN to run and hide, they get caught with their pants down every single week.

And it is very clear that the American viewers are fed up with lies and spins on every news article that comes out.

This is a big reason why Greg Gutfeld with Gutfeld has the best viewer rating of all late night shows on TV, and FOX is really kicking CNN:s ASS every day.

So to CNN we can say that you can run on for a long time, run on for a long time but sooner or later god is goanna cut you down!.

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Joe Rogan.

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Take care out there.

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