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Gamestop stock!

So we have been following the saga of the gamestop stock for just about a month now.

And holy shit!, what a mess it has been to follow from the sidelines.

As a business consulting company who also gives advice on investing for companies and company owners we would never recommend anybody to put their money on the casino floor that this stock has showed out to be.

Stock market

So we want to start by congratulating those small investors who made a buck on the gamestop stock, we take our hat off to you!.

Also our deep condolences to you guys who where/are Robinhood investors, that got seriously burned when you could not trade in a normal way.

This situation clearly sheds the light on why you should not trade true a plattform like Robinhood but rather open up a proper brokerage account, even if you have to pay some fees to have access to that type of trading.

For us who have been in the business advice game and in the inversting game for a long time we have always known that many companies who offers themselves as a great solution for you to save money, often have some ulterior motives when it comes to making money on you as a customers.

So selling the customers information to another company has been going on online since around 1999.

So for an example a company gathered an email lists of people wanting to lose-weight, and then sold that list to a supplement company selling fat burner supplements for instance.

Wall street.

So the Robinhood plattform was selling your client information to Wall street and making money on that.

Then when a few overleveraged hedge funds has shit the bed, they cried out for help from their supplier of information and this is such market manipulation that we have never seen anything like this ever before.

What really upsets us are that these hedge funds can crush companies by shorting them and making billions of dollars and destroying small pension funds Net Worths for city workers for instance and nobody cares.

But as soon as these hedge fund cry babies get a bit wet they cry to mommy for a towel.

We have had the opportunity to meet a few hedge fund managers over the past two decades and there are some smart people among them who have some kind of understanding about why greed is not always good.

We can clearly remember a meeting in 2009 in NYC when we where sitting in on a meeting with our client who had an offer for a really large investment from a hedge fund into their smaller publicly traded company on the Stockholm stock exchange.

And they wanted our client to sell his shares to them so they could take control of the company.

And we advised our client that evening after our meeting that these people will not care for your business or your employees at all they are just there to make a quick buck no matter what they tell you.

He ended up not accepting their offer and they moved on to destroy other peoples lives, and he is still to this day grateful to us as advisers, that we adviced against selling there and then.


So the point we want to get across to our smaller and medium sized business owners and readers are that make sure that you have your own (proper) brokerage account if you are goanna invest, do not put your financial future in the hands of plattforms like the Robinhood for instance.

Because Barstool Dave can afford to lose 750.000 dollars, but as a small business owner if you lose 75.000 dollars because you can not trade properly on a plattform that can be your companies future investments possibilities on the line.

So you can always reach out to us for business advice because we are business advisers, and we love to see smaller businesses thrive and stay in business for a long time.

Because the small businesses are the once who really keep the jobs flowing and the economy going.

Also we have a cooperation with Lose-weightcheap , So check these guys out if you feel that you need to lose some weight in a cheaper manner.

You fin them on true this link here below.

Take care guys and stay safe out there.


It is never too late to learn.

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