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Why does addiction impact company growth!.

So some people have asked why we talk about addiction and mainly gambling addiction as a huge problem for companies, and the growth of a company.

So you have to understand that when you look at a business, it all starts with the owner/owners and then comes the CEO and CFO and then the workforce.

And if you have at the upper level people that are suffering from any kind of addiction that takes both time and money away from the business this is a huge problem.

But this matter is not very often discussed , because the workers are afraid of getting involved and getting the owner/CEO some help to beat the addiction.

This is understandable that a worker does not want to jeopardize their job by going to the boss and saying hi Jack i believe that you are suffering from a serious addiction and me and the rest of your employees would like you to seek help for your addiction.

Most of the times the workers and other management personal can spot what the addiction is that the owner or the CEO is suffering from.

But with gambling this is much more difficult to spot compered to alcohol and drugs where there is usually some psychical signs that you can see what is going on.

And the growth and well being of any business depends very much on the owner/management making sound and good decisions for the future.

And if you have a CEO/Owner who blows 300-500.000 dollars a year in VEGAS or at the OTB and today sadly enough, legal gambling is almost available in every state.

And as Warren Buffet says, there is no economic benefit for states and cities to legalize gambling, it is a cancer that eats away on the society.

There is a reason why a lot of countries did band gambling 100+ years ago and there is also a reason why in many European countries for many years it was state controlled(no longer) the European politicians sold out and gave in!.

And this is one of the most damaging things that a business owner can do is to gamble away money and funds that could be used to grow the business.

Instead they are taking the money out from the company and then gambling it away at casinos,sport-books or at the OTB.

Dont you think that if it was possible to win on sports-book and casinos LONG-TERM, that there would be some huge groups of investors doing this today?!.

We see a lot of addicted people when we are asked to look over a company in distress, regardless of which country it is located in these days.

We did not see in the past the gambling issue as clearly as we see it today in both Europe and America, but Asia is crazy also.

So if you are an employee of a company and you can see that your owner or CEO is struggling with addiction, the best thing you can do is to try and get all the workers together and then try and get outside council to see if an outside company or person can come in and start treating the addicted person.

The addicted person is not gonna be able to white knuckle the issue on their own(quit on their own) it always takes help to get an addict cleaned up.

And they will struggle for the rest of their life with the addiction, but they can with help fight the addiction and stay clean.

Doing nothing as an employee is stupid because the investments made in the company will affect you in a personal way.

And the lack of investments will also affect you in a bad way.



Because if you do this alone , there is a risk that you can get fired for overstepping if you do this on your own.

So if you dont get other workers on board then stand down.

Because addicts when getting pushed will lash out at the person trying to help them out.

This is totally normal when dealing with an addict.

Very seldom when we from mrlifeadvise get called into a company, is it the owner/Ceo him or herself asking for our outside council and assistance.

Usually it is other family members or co-workers or investors/partners who can not take this anymore.

So the person we are coming to help, will lash out at us and usually it goes something like this, yes i like to gamble and drink but i dont have a problem with it!.

Our answer usually is, okay then you will have no problem opening up your private books and the companies books so we can establish how much % wise you have spent on your vice or vices on a yearly basis!.

Because every company is different and has different turnovers and revenues so you need to count is percentage instead of the money going out.

So usually if the clients has spent more than 20% on his or her net income on gambling then it is a huge problem.

Already at 10% there are serious WARNING flags that this is an issue that needs to be solved.

Normally we see that over 50% goes towards gambling of the net income for a gambling addict that has access to funds on a regular basis.

So there is a huge advantage if you as a company employee can have a sober owner/Ceo at the top of your company.

So do not take addiction lightly and absolutely do not take gambling addiction lightly.

Based on our wast experience we would put gambling addition side by side with opioid addiction.

And for us as advisers it is scary to see how widely available the online gambling is these days.

And we know first hand many companies that went under due to the owner being an gambling addict.

And this is just so sad when you see jobs lost and local revenues going to the bookie instead of the local city/town , because the company owner never got treatment.

And this is also where the last stand usually takes place, that once the business owner has lost his company and all of his money has been lost on gambling, he will more likely than not take his own life.

Suicide is very common when it comes to gambling addicts, because it is one of the toughest if not the toughest addiction to beat.

And the reason for this is that you brains dopamine levels have been hijacked so badly by the addiction that it is insane.

If you have ever seen a cat-scan picture of a gambling addicts brain it is down right scary to look at the photo of the brain.

So sharing is caring and if you know somebody who suffers from gambling addiction or any other addiction that affect there business or your work environment, try to solve it and nip it in the but A.S.A.P because it will only go one way which is downhill from wherever the addict is at the point that you get involved with the case!.

Thanks for reading.


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So we have some really exciting news to share with you our clients and customers.

After doing a lot of writing about gambling hell/addiction for a lot of our clients that we have treated over the years, we have been able to secure the rights globally from Richard (the Swede) who developed NEGA for treatment of gambling addiction more than 15 years ago!.

We have used NEGA on our clients with a license from Richard for more than 10 years time!.

And now we have been able to acquire the global right for it to mrlifeadvise.

So we will offer it to you who wants to stop gambling or who has a relative who wants to stop gambling for ever.

Nega stands for never ever gamble again!

We will offer it to you, for the very fair price of 29.90 dollars for the program.

This program is the first of its kind, because it involves your family and friends , which quite frankly is the only way you will get truly clean and stay on the wagon in the future.

It is also a long term program 3-7 years, depending on the person getting the treatment.

But it is truly a blessing that we have been able to secure these global right to this program NEGA and that we can share it with you our clients and customers.

So be on the look for a downloadable pdf-file within the next 10-12 days on this site.

Thank you for reading.


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Live and business coaching at its best!
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Never confess to a crime without a lawyer present even if you are guilty of the crime in question!


So this is for you out there who are non criminals and who are not used to the so called (system).

And this is also for you parents out there who have young adults who are over the age of 18.

So here comes a really good advise from a former prosecutor about what to do and what not to do, when being questioned by the police or detectives.

Please understand that you have the right to have a lawyer present for all questing and you should without a doubt take them up on that.

I know that many law enforcement operators will say to a suspect (if you have nothing to hide) talk to us and we will help you out!.

This is total BS , the detectives and the police are allowed to lie to you , and they are not there to help you in any way shape or form.

The only thing you should utter to the police or the detectives if you are being detained should be ,I WANT MY LAWYER PRESENT DURING THE QUESTIONING.

And if you can not afford a lawyer , a court appointed lawyer will be issued to you.

I usually recommend that you try and get a criminal defense lawyers card and contact information and always carry that information on you, no matter where you are.

So if something happens you can ask for your lawyer to be contacted.

If your lawyer can not be reached at that time you can go with the public defender until you can get a hold of your own lawyer.

You dont need to opt for a 500 dollar an hour lawyer, a 100 dollar an hour criminal defense lawyer will be fine.

Even at this price range you will find very sharp criminal defense lawyers out there.

Also a bit older lawyers is good to use, since they have pretty much seen it all before.

There are great younger lawyers out there also, but the older once have more experience.

But please make sure that they are a criminal defense lawyer, since the law is very different between corporate, criminal defense and divorce for say.

The problem is that if you talk to a the cops and you are guilty they will get you on that, and also if you are not a harden criminal you know you did something bad and you would like to get that of your chest like so many good people would.

Here is the problem with that, you can be guilty of a crime, but there can be a hundred different reasons why you committed that crime.

And you could have been provoked or it was and accident, but it is still considered a crime.

And always take the time to consult you lawyer before answering any questions from the police.

And the only questions you should answer the police without a lawyer present is your name and social security number.

You should not be rude or scream or behave badly towards the arresting officers or the detectives, just say these words, i want my lawyer presents before i answer any questions for you.

So for you parents out there who have young adults who have turned 18, make sure you get them a criminal defense lawyers card and contact info and even maybe put a 500 dollar retainer down with the lawyer.

When i worked as a prosecutor for over 30 years time, I SAW so many people get jammed up , because they wanted to do the right thing , but they had no lawyer present for the questioning and in ended up badly for a lot of them, just due to this one fact.

The difference in what kind of (deal) or sentencing you can get, can wary from probation up to 5 -10 years in prison for the same crime.

So it is that big of a difference if you have a good criminal defense lawyer or not present during questioning.

This is not a blog post on hating or disliking the police, but they are not your friend when you have been arrested they are your enemy there and then, dont you never forget that!.

It can be as simple as you step into a car that has drugs or guns in it, without you knowing anything about that, and when the police makes a traffic stop, the two other people in the car says they the drugs and the guns belongs to you.

So now you are 18-19 years of age and risking 5-10 years of hard time, do not talk to the police on your own without a lawyer present during the questioning.

Any time you get taken down to the station it is a very serious thing, and no joke, your future is on the line, and the cops will do what ever it takes to get you to give up as much information as possible that they can use later against you i a court of law.

And they then hand it over to the prosecutor, and 98% of all cases in the US , is being pleaded out, otherwise the court system would come to a very quick halt!.

But if you are innocent you should not take a plea deal, if it is prison time on the table.

But let your lawyer advise you on what to do, based on how the evidence looks against you.

This is if you are innocent.

But if you are guilty to let us say you threw a punch outside of a bar fight protecting your girlfriend who was being harassed, depending on the injuries to the (victim) this could either be self defense or in worst case manslaughter if the person you hit, hits his head on the pavement and dies.

And it can be battery if he ends up in the hospital.

So there are so many scenarios out there that can happen, and most of them happens on Friday or Saturday night, and there is usually also alcohol involved.

So always teach your kids from a very young age, that never confess to a crime without a lawyer present.

I understand that it will feel odd, when you are asking for a lawyer, and you have to wait in jail, until the lawyers arrives.

But do not for a second doubt that this is the right thing to do, when you are starring down the barrel of a gun, that a lengthy prison sentence is.

Please also understand that the police /cops are experts in getting people to confess, there is the well known method of a good cop , bad cop , but there are an additional 10 very advanced techniques that they can use to get you to confess.

Remember they are the law, and they do this every single day.

And they will not hesitate to trip you up, and close the case.

Really good detectives will read you as a person and then decide what technique to use on you.

They will size you up inside 10 min of talking to you.

This is why you don talk to the police more than just say, i want my lawyer and here is my social security number, and i will not answer any more questions without my lawyer present in the room, respectfully.

Never ever rat on your friends even if the police offers you to walk if you do that, you will lose all credibility for life within your community if you do that!.

I mean if they are your real friends BFF, .


Thank you for Reading.


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Dear clients and readers thank you for a very productive year 2019 , we have been amazed and also very delighted that our clients have taken our advise to hearth this year.

We have mainly focused on offline clients this year 2019 and during the next year 2020 we will invest a lot of time into our online profile.

We will bring in a new product called management consulting , which is intended for managers of smaller and medium sized business who employee from 10 to 100 people.

Often the management is under a lot of stress from owners/share holders to deliver results, but on the other hand they also need to keep the workers happy.

Because when you are a smaller or a medium-sized company, every worker that quits is an issue and a problem for your business, compared to larger companies like Amazon and similar who has so many workers within the company.

So for you managers out there that is looking for affordable business and personal consulting for you to do a better job and also get a much needed second opinion from a company that will not judge you, but we just try to elevate your game as a manager.

See you again 2020.

We have donated money to 3 different animal rights organisations instead of sending Christmas cards and small gifts.

This year we have donated 8000 Usd to these causes.

Thank you for being a client and a reder to mrlifeadvise.

Live and business coaching at its best!

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Why Los Angeles is so overrated, as a move to city in 2019!.

So as a former Angeleno myself i have a lot of experience from the city of Los Angeles and i have a lot of love for a lot of hard working great Angelenos.

But as a life-coach and adviser, i need to give you the reader who might be thinking of moving to LA, a cautionary advise on what you would be moving to now in the year of 2019.

We have seen Los Angeles on the movie screen and in tv-shows for a long time now.

And a lot of people have moved to Los Angeles over the years from smaller cities and towns across the US and from around the world, based on what shows and movies they have watched.

I moved for work from Europe to Los Angeles in the 1970 s and it was a very different city compered to what it is in ,today’s 2019.

The first thing you need to understand is that LA today is very different from what it has been in the past.

And what you see in movies and tv-shows, when they show Beverly Hills or Hollywood hills or even West Hollywood in shows like Beverly hills, the Hills, for instance, is very different from what LA is actually looks like for the most parts.

Nobody can say that LA is a beautiful city, it has some beautiful areas , but as a city it is not beautiful, if you walk around in many areas and mainly the down town area.

I would say that Los Angeles has like 50+ suburbs looking for a city, if that would make sense to you.

So LA it is not like many other cities in America, where you have a nicer down town area or gathering spot.

Because of the horrendous traffic in LA , usually you will stay in the area(suburb) where you reside during evenings and weekend, compered to many other cities where you can live in on area and then visit friends in the evening in another area.

This is almost unheard of in LA.

You will drive for work one way, 1-2 h but you will not drive to see a friend in the evening.

So if you are gonna live in LA you should pick an area where you have fairly close to work and where you see yourself also be willing to spend time in , in the evenings and on the weekends.

because once again the traffic is horrendous in Los Angeles and has been so since the 1980 s.

And it has just gotten worse over the past 30 years time , when the city has grown exponentially.

But in no other city in America and maybe even in the world if we count away London who also have the same problem that LA has today on the housing market.

Which is that people are simply house poor!.

That means pretty much that people have over extended themselves financially to be able to buy a house, to the point that they have no money left after paying for their mortgage and insurance and taxes that all comes with buying a house in LA.

Many angelenos are paying over 50% of their income towards their living.

And most economics agree globally that you should only pay a maximum of 25-30% for your living, to be able to live a so called (Normal life), if there is anything that is normal to begin with.

But for arguments sake we use the word normal here.

Today you are paying 1 million dollars for a rats nest, to use some harsh language or a complete tear down to the stubbs in Los angles for a house.

At 2 million dollar you are starting to get something nicer and at 3 million dollars you get something nice, in a nicer neighborhood.

You can get a 1.3-1.8 m dollar home new construction today in LA but that will not be in a good neighborhood or in a good school district.

La sombra dr where i lived for many years is Hollywood hills east, and is considered a decent neighborhood today , will run you 1.5-2.5 m dollars for a decent house.

I would personally not consider Hollywood hills east as a good neighborhood, if we use any of the normal family standards here.

The Hollywood hills west is a better area, but usually you pay almost double for a house in that area of the same quality.

So you are pretty much as a parent forced to spend closer to the 2 million dollar mark to get your family into a better neighborhood with at least a decent school district.

And that is just insane!, there is no other word for it than insane!.

OK!, how did this happen?.

Pretty much what has happen is that there has been a huge increase of people into to the city of LA city or county, how ever you want to count on it over the past 35+ years.

And there has not been that much new construction for the working class or for the middle class.

Then you have had a lot of foreign capital that has come into the LA county over the past 15 years time, that has also effected the prices on a lot of homes and mainly homes in-between 2-4 million dollars.

And for the working class and the middle class the rent has sky rocket over the past 20 years also to an insane level.

You will pay true your nose for a 2 bed room apartment in a nicer area of LA today.

We are talking about from 4000-6000 USD.

Thant could be the take home pay for a fairly normal earner.

So my advise to you who are thinking of moving to Los Angeles in 2019 or 2020.

Is that know your challenges that lies ahead of you in finding a decent priced place to live in!.

And also pick your neighborhood based on where you believe that you will work over a longer period of time, so you can save on some of the insane commute.

What i suggest that you do is to really visit Los Angeles and stay in Airbnb around the city for 1-2 nights and then you get the feel for the neighborhood and the area that you are considering living in for a foreseeable future.

Before you get a place in an area that you might not like.

And also ask yourself how MANY YEARS you are willing to sacrifice in your life , if you are coming to wait tables and try to make it in the show business or another business that has its main base in LA.

My advise is this if you are trying to make it in LA, if you have gotten nowhere inside 3 years, then leave, and dont look back.

I know people who tried for 30 years and never made it.

And i know of people who made it inside the 3 years , that i suggest, will pretty much tell you yes or no, if you are gonna be able to make it the show biz.

There are today more projects than ever in television, more shows than ever before.

The big difference today is that many shows pays a fraction of what tv-shows paid in the past when there when 10 times less of them around.

So even if you get cast in a tv-show, it might not mean more that 50.000 dollars after taxes and agent costs.

So if your rent is 30.000 a year , it will still be a struggle to make ends meet.

What studios and companies know, is that you can pay newer actors much less and they will accept just to get the part.

Please also remember that there are people who have lived 15 min from the beach, their whole life and never been there.

So you will not go to the beach as much as you might actually think that you will.

Forget about Santa Monica, it is just crazy expensive and Venice beach is just insane, we can do a whole own post on Venice beach, what is once was, and what it actually is today!.

So i am not trying to scare anybody off here, from moving to Los Angeles, but i am a strong believer in that you should gather all the information you can before you make a huge life altering decision that a move usually is.

So the best advise i can give you as an old and a long time angeleno is that visit the city a few times and stay in different airbnb s to make sure in which area would suit you the best.

Thank you for reading.