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Business consulting for small and medium sized business owners, subscription plan.

So we are now done with how we will offer our business consulting services online.

And it will be true a monthly subscription plan.

We are gonna start with a 299 USD dollar plan per month, which will allow one email per week from a business owner, with different questions, we will try and limit that to maximum one A4 page with questions.

Our expertise is from the production industry globally, this means that we have produced many different items globally, in many companies from scratch.

We have hired people from the first employee, we have built the business from scratch and we understand all the different dilemmas that all business owners comes across.

So we have created around 10000+ jobs globally that are still there, and for every business owner that will opt for our consulting subscription, you will get a full refund if you dont like our references on what we have done and created over the past 55 years time globally.

In most cities and towns in the world we can say to you, get in your car, and drive around and we will tell you where you can find a product that we have developed and is accessible in your town or city.

So we can help you as a business owner to grow where ever you are sitting in the world, with good advise on what to look for when you want to grow your business and hopefully help you avoid some of the mistakes that we did in the past.

That can save you a lot of hearth ache and pain!.

So we have also a global network if you are a producer and you produce something.

So the reason why we are a bit cryptic with our references is that we want to keep this between you as the client and us a service provider.


We will never sell your email adress or contact info, and all information that you provide us is only between us, unless you as the client specify it otherwise to us!.

So look for our subscription package to come up very soon!.

The major benefit for you as a business owner is that, where can you get low cost business advise on a monthly basis, from people who have been in your shoes.

We have built companies , large ones, we have lost companies large ones, we have built new ones, and so on.

And this is why we are in a great place to help you and your company out on a monthly basis with business advise.

Later on we will also offer a management subscription that is intended for people in a management position at a smaller or medium sized company.

Here we will offer a daily email, possibility.

Welcome as a client to mrlifeadvise business consulting.

Live coaching at its best!

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