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So a lot of people have become unemployed world wide during the past 7 months time starting in March 2020.

We feel the pain everyday as a business consulting firm who works with small to medium size cooperation’s and who also does management consulting.

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We can see that a large numbers of office workers have been laid off and this also includes a lot of mid level managers.

For many companies the fall has been the big laying off season, many companies kept the staff on during the spring and over the summer, because any half decent manager knows that people is your biggest asset in whatever business you are involved in.

So letting people go is always dangerous because it will always require in the future to hire new staff that is not familiar with your business and that is always a big cost to train people.

But these lock downs have created such a snowball affect that we have never even seen before.

The bad news is that 2021 will be one of the toughest financial years in many peoples life’s.

And we will not start to see the light at the end of the tunnel until maybe early 2022 or even later than that.

Some businesses will handle this crisis that we are living in better than others, but we are living true harsh times right now.

We know that a lot of our clients will lose their homes and cars, there is no doubt about that, these are the times we are living in right now.

The problem is that many companies are not hiring right now if we look away from Amazon and Walmart type of businesses.

Because most companies are trying to wait this crisis out.

So for many former employed people , now is the time to start your own business if you can not find employment inside 3 months from being let go.

Now here comes the kicker in this article!, you do not own your former employer any loyalty what so ever.

You sold your time for money to your employer, (this is what employment is).

And bigger cooperation’s does not care about you as an employee at all.

Your are always expandable to them.

So let us give you an example here so you understand what we are talking about, when we talk about starting your own business and not feeling any loyalty to your former employer.

You where employed in an office selling something as inside sales.

You know the margins the company had on these products.

If you can find a similar product and source it yourself and sell to companies for a lower price, then here you have a vital business to support yourself and your family.

But BE VERY CLEAR ON THIS!, you will have to work very hard maybe even 90h a week to launch this new business, so do not do it unless you feel 100% sure that you are ready willing and able to do it!.


Depression usually starts to set in with many people that are unemployed longer than 3 monnths at a time.

You are looking for jobs, but no luck!, and then the self doubt comes into play.

One way to fight off depression is to keep your body moving on a daily basis.

Get a paper route, or whatever even if it only pays 10 dollars an hour, just so you do something while you are either getting your own company off the ground, or you get re-hired by your former employer or you simply find a new job.

Because sitting in front of your computer or watching tv all days is not goanna help you out with feeling depressed.

One mistake many families often do, is to try and hold on to property and cars for too long.

You are deeply into debt and you are unemployed borrowing money to stay a float for another 6months can come back and bite you hard!.

Usually giving up possessions is usually a good way to downsize in your life at the earlier stage.

We have a major problemen in our way of living today, and that is access to easy credit and we are spending to much money and not saving enough from our paychecks.

In the past you saved up for a year to buy something in cash, now you are buying on credit and sometimes paying 23% a year in interest on that purchase.

Pride is a very big word, and it is something that you should always have, but sometimes you need to swallow your pride and even if you where an engineer in your past job, you might have to take on another type of job for a a few years or so.

The thing you never give up on is your family and your pets.

Even if you have to live in a camper with 2 dogs , 2 cats, and 3 kids , you make it work, you stick together and everybody pitches in.

Children and pets are more resilient then you might think, so stay together fight together as a family, one unit.


So take care of each other out there, and hopefully we get past this next 14-18 months together as a united world.

We are so integrated as a world business wise, that we really need to get the wheels rolling again everywhere and rather sooner than later.


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