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Silicon valley bank?.

The bank crash of the Silicon valley bank and Signature bank has to be an upset to all banking customers in the US.

These banks where run so poorly that a monkey would have done a better job than the managements of these two banks.

We are big believers in regional banks for farmers and small to medium size business owners, but avoid these type of WOKE banks.

A bank needs to focus on banking and not on side projects.

When we look at these two banks there are almost no banking being made, but a ton of woke workshops.

There is a truth to the slogan go woke go broke!.

And SVB and the Signature bank has put a real face on to this issue that once you go woke as a business you also go broke!.

We will never understand why the boards and regulators time after time lets these things get out of hand.

We understand that a lot of people are very corrupt, but at some point we need to find people with at least some type of morale to serve as board members and oversight.

There should be NO bailout of these two failed banks, deposits under 250.000$ should be protected the rest should be lost for over.

If there is a bailout from the government of these two banks nothing will ever change, bankers will take huge risks and reward themselves and if things go wrong they are standing hat in hand asking the taxpayers to bail them out, by pointing out the slogan to big to fail!


We need as taxpayers once and for all, say NO to bailing out banks in the US.

And we have to make sure that the oversight becomes much better than it is right now.

After looking at several of these banks own videos and online content, we dont know if these are bankers or retards that we are looking at!.

This is a huge shame that the regulatory is not working at all.

We know that Goldman Sachs already in November of 2022 warned about these banks.

And when you see the management pay themselves bonuses 1 week prior to going under it is impossible not to ask for criminal charges for all board members and the banks management.


Banking is a huge backbone in our society and should not be taken lightly.

Unfortunately people do not pay enough attention to their banking.

Our advise is always to use a smaller farm bank and get to know the management on these meet and greets and get a feel for what kind of people are managing your money.

You simply need to know who you are dealing with.

So moving forward these two banks has to be the last banks that are allowed to go woke and then broke.

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