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So let us start by sending all of our thoughts to our client Mr.Marcus two adult sons in Boston and Dallas.

Mr.Marcus decided to end his life on Friday night.

This was the third one of our clients that ended there own lives in the Covid-19 pandemic.

We do not want to go into deep with this matter, but it was COVID-19 related and he was a long time client of ours who had a really nice boutique hotel with 52 rooms and a stellar restaurant and piano bar.

Marcus was 67 years old and had two adults sons that lives in Dallas and in Boston.

His wife pasted away 5 years ago due to Brest cancer, and his dog went also in cancer 5 month ago.

In the letter that was sent to us at mrlifeavise thanking us for being his partners in business by helping him out with many consulting matters over the past decade.

So here are a few lines that we writes prior to ending his own life.

I have lived a full life and i have two adult sons that lives there own life, they dont need me.

I put everything into buying this wonderful hotel and i am leverage up to my ears.

When the Covid-19 hit we had money for March, but not April or May.

The bank has already told me that they want to take over the notes,debt in the end of June(taking my hotel).

I am to old to start over in my life, i do not have the energy to do so.

And i do not want to be a burden on my sons who have there own lives to live.

I tried to double up the money we had to save our company on a risky investment and it did not pan out, so i feel that i am out of options today.

So i am taking a last stand on my own terms, and i am raising my glas to all of my workers who will hopefully be given their jobs back under new management.

I wish my sons and their loved ones the best of luck in this post corona world.

But i am to old to start over again.

And as my wife passed away 5 years ago and my beloved dog Juno left me 5 months ago also in cancer, i do not see a reason to go on any longer.

And i also wish all of my friends the best of luck with their ventures and with there families.

I do not want you to morn me or pity me, i had in general terms speaking a good life.

But the hotel and my wonderful staff, was last thing that i had to hold on to.

Take care Marcus.

Mrlifeadvise response:

So there are many reasons why Mr.Marcus took his own life, but here we see the clear cut of mental health issues for small and mediums sized business owners with by the Covid-19 LOCK-DOWNS who are about to lose all that they have worked for in their lives, or at least in the past 10 years time.

So when politicians and medical expertise says that stay home, they do not understand what this lock down does to our economy and all the small and medium sized business owners in the process.

So we will be sad to not be able to visit Mr.Marcus for a lunch in his great hotel-restaurant and sit and chat with him about different things.

You where a great client to us for many years and we really appreciated your business.

Rest in peace our dear friend.


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