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Management consulting on a high global level for a fraction of the competitors prices!.

Welcome as a client to mrlifeadvise.



This is a product that is aimed towards leders of companies.

Can be owners or a CEO/CFO or even the HR department.

This is a consulting service where we will talk at least once a week and we can look at your problems/issues and try and advise you the best we can based on our long experience in the global field.

So what we can advise on is import/export and producing and companies that are selling or offering a service.

What we wont do with this management package is to advise financial advisers investment companies and IT based companies.

So we will stick to our strong suit which is buying and selling and producing good/products world wide.

We have as you know if you have read our page on who we are created more than 10.000 lasting jobs in the past 50 years time.

And we will of course offer you our references and if you are not happy with our experience you will get a full refund before we start our second week of consulting.

As a leader you will be isolated and forced to make very difficult decisions on a weekly basis.

Having a second opinion and a ear that will listen to you ,but not judge you like your co-workers and friends always will.

And quite frankly as a CEO or a business owner there are certain matters that you do not want to ask a second opinion on or talk to with your family or co-workers/employees.

So this is when this consulting service comes into play for you.

And it is well worth the money to have experienced people giving you advise and also listening to you.

Welcome as a client to mrlifeadvise.



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