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Living paycheck to paycheck!.

In 2023 over 62% of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and that totals over 200 million Americans that do not have 500$ saved up for an emergency.

These numbers are actually staggering when you dig deep into them as we have done during the year of 2023 from Mrlifeadvise.

American dream

The American dream has already died for the middle class Americans over the past two decades.

There are a few very important factors that we need to consider when talking about the middle class struggling in a way never ever seen before in the US.

Gasoline is a key cost for most Americans.

The cost of gas is something that all families struggle with these days and when you live in a state where public transportation is lacking and you need to drive a lot from and too your place of work you have to drive.

Having two adults working with two cars and both having to drive 30-90 minutes to get to work has a huge affect on the household income.

Groceries and the cost of groceries is a second big factor in most families life.

You have to buy food to survive and when the inflation has been what it has been in 2023 there is no way that you can not feel the pinch as working and middle class Americans are doing in these days.


Mortgage rates are the third big factor in many families lives and a big reason why people live paycheck to paycheck.

When we see mortgage rates hovering around 8% we know that there is goanna be very few sellers and buyers meeting each other on the real-estate market.

Because of the high mortgage rates the house prices have come down a bit in 2023 but there is still very little inventory out there on the market.

Why sell your home if you dont have too, when prices are down a bit.

And why buy a home when mortgage rates are at around 8%?.

The huge problem with the inflation that the Fed can not really master at the moment is that the purchasing power is disappearing from the market.

You are not goanna buy a new tv or a new phone when you live paycheck to paycheck.

You are not goanna go to expensive sporting events or even buy clothes when you are living paycheck to paycheck.

Credit card

When most American working and middle class families have filled up their gas tanks and bought groceries and also paid the monthly mortgage and heating costs there is only a few hundred dollars left until they get paid again.

So the way they survive between paychecks is to put it all on the credit card.

And this is why the credit card debt has skyrocketed in 2023 all across America.

There is no real light at the end of the tunnel right now either.

We are goanna see a deep recession coming our way starting in the year 2024 and we are goanna see the peak of that it 2026 and around 2030 we are goanna come out of it!.


What is the answer for most families struggling?.

Pretty much what most families are already doing today, which is to work a second and third job and making sure that even the teenagers that can work picks up 25h+ our shifts each week.

So making sure that you maximize your income by working more hours and everybody chips in.

There is no room for spending on things you dont really need.


Sitting down with a financial planner is also a good idea for the families who dont know how to balance a budget and having some tough conversations with your teenagers where the stop playing PS5 and picks up a 25h McDonald’s job each week instead.

Also avoiding excess amounts of alcohol is a good idea, it does not really solve anything for you.

From Mrlifeadvise we do budget planning for families for a fair price so you can always reach out to us and we will help you balance your families budget.

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Take care guys.


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