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Is UFC and professional MMA worth it financially?.

So here we go, after a debate with a client last week we will go over some numbers with you to explain why the UFC and professional MMA is not worth going pro financially at least.

MMA stretching.

So when we go over the numbers from the UFC and from Bellator and other fight promotion companies, it is dire reading for financial advisers.

But the same can be said about kick-boxing ,and even Boxing.

There is a clear cut way of looking at this from a financial standpoint for the fighter.

Only 1% makes more than 1 million dollars per year before costs and taxes.

Only 5% makes more than 300.000 dollars before costs and taxes.

So what people fail to understand when we talk about fighters is that it is a full time job, no matter about that.

It also costs a lot of money to pay for trainers and sparring partners and nutrient advisers.

And if we run down the numbers for you here you will be amazed about the take home pay, or how little the take home pay actually is in dollars for a fighter.

So let us say that you sign a UFC or a similar deal and you become semi successful and win some fights on your entry level contract that will be crap to begin with.

So you make 400.000 dollars a year on two fights, okay this sound pretty good or does it?.

Okay first you have to pay your taxes which we will put to 25%, that is 100k out the window.

Then comes the manager that will take 20% give or take a few percentages, so then it is another 80k out the window.

Now you have to pay trainers, staff and your gym and this is another 100k out the window.

So we are now left with 120k after cost for a semi-successful fighter that can bring home 200k per fight with the Reebok deal included that the UFC forced on to their fighter a few years ago.

Then this 120k that the fighter is left with, has to also cover your medical expenses, your mortgage, your 401K and living expenses.

And here you see the results why it is not financially smart to become a professional fighter, if you can do something-else.

You would really have to be something extra if you are goanna try and build a livelihood on professional MMA.

There where options in the UFC for fighters to have their own brand deals, before the Reebok deal that Dana White and the UFC signed, and many fighters could bring home as much as 100k per fight in these marketing deals.

Often a fighter could have 4-5 brands that would pay 20-25k per fight, to the fighter, and this took care of the training cost.

So unless you become Jon Jones or a Connor M, financially you should choose another career.


Boxing pretty much is the same deal as MMA you need to make it to the 1% of the top earners to be able to justify the health risk that you are putting yourself true.

YES we know that some people might not be good at anything-else than fighting and for those peopole the risk might be worth it.

But for others make sure that you understand that you will have a difficult time surviving financially in the fight game long-term wise.

We fully understand the allure or becoming a well recognized professional fighter, but make sure you have the real financial numbers in front of you, before you embark on this very risky and dangerous journey.

Many fighters only actually makes 50.000 dollars per fight and that is pretax and precost.

So most likley you would make more money in a regular 9-5 job if you put the effort in.

We do not want to talk down to MMA fighters or aspiring MMA fighters, but we would really like to see a debate on the financial aspects of making a living as a fighter regardless if it is boxing ,MMA or the UFC.

Take care out there.


It is never too late to learn.

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