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Gambling to fix other financial difficulties!.

This one is a thing we have seen a lot of in the past where people turn to gambling to try and solve other financial difficulties.

And in short 99 % of these tries fail.

Many of you might now that FEDX was saved by Fred Smith founder and CEO at the time by turning 5.000 dollars into 27.000 dollars over a weekend in Las Vegas to pay for fuel for another week!.

And without this win, the company might not we a billion dollar business today, you never know.

But this is one of those 1% things that almost never happens in real life!.

Maybe some of you can remember the Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore and Robert Redford movie indecent proposal from 1993.

The plot of the movie is that Woody and Demi is about to lose their dream home in the recession that they have built, so they take their last 5.000 dollars and head from LA to Vegas to try and win money to keep their home.

They of course lose it all, which is the case in 99.99% of the times, but they catch the eye of a billionaire played by Robert, who offers them a whooping 1 million dollars for a night with Demi.

And they do accept this indecent offer, to be able save their dream home in LA.

This is a good story to use as a Waring to people thinking of using their last five or ten thousand dollars to fix a bigger financial problem.

What happens to you and your family if you lose, which you by all statistics will do in the end!.

A better plan would be to buy stuff at garage sales and flee markets and put them up for sale at AMAZON for instance.

The chances of making money on this is much greater than on risking it all gambling.

And if you buy smart stuff at garage sales like older toys or Disney products, you can double your money in a month time or so, up to a certain amount of course.

But dont try this option of trying to double or even quadruple your money by gambling!.

It will only lead to a bigger financial strain on you and your family.

Thank you for reading.


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