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So today is the biggest game of the year, it is the Superbowl.

Please do yourself a favor as a business owner and do not place a bet on the game.

For a lot business owners the Superbowl bets are the first really big bets they have ever placed in their lives and, that has usually been the spark towards a downward spiral.

The worst thing for a business owner is to place 5000 or even 10.000 dollars on a Superbowl bet that goes in, and then the taste and the allure of easy money gets triggered in your brain!.

And before you know it you are betting on NBA,NHL,MLS,MLB AND NFL on a weekly basis with thousands of dollars on each bet!.

Often if the first big bet is on the Superbowl and you lose it, then more often that not there is no positive trigger, to place more bets.

So we can not tell you how many small and medium sized business owners has placed their first big bet on a Superbowl game and after that they started to rack up losses on hundreds of thousands of dollars after a few years of betting.

In some cases we have seen that a bigger placed bet on the Superbowl that goes in has made small and medium sized business owners to lose millions over the next upcoming years.

Also the Superbowl is known to be very difficult to predict, and the reason is quite simple, it is one game, and both teams are really good and that is why they are participating in the Superbowl.

So one or two interceptions or fumble mistakes can do that one team wins or loses the game!.

So today everybody believes that the Kansas city chiefs lead by the offensive powerhouse QB Patrick Mahomes , should win this game against the SF 49ers.

But the 49ers have a better running game and a better defense.

So just enjoy the game without any money on the line.

If you want to bet on the game, bet with your friends about a dinner, so the loser pays for a great evening out!.

If you stick to that then you never run the risk of getting addicted to gambling.

The reason many smaller and medium sized business owners gets addicted to gambling is because they are willing to take risks.

Every business owners needs to be willing to take and face risks.

So stay safe and do not ever start and gamble on anything in your life!.

So this might sound boring not to ever bet, but take it from people who have cleaned up more than our far-share of addicted business owners, that the risk of losing your business is never worth it!.

Easy come and easy go!.

Thank you for reading.


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